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Well that, it be presented to our radio listeners. — All good evening! I am called Snezhana and I am a prostitute! — It is quite unusual of course though we have such heading, to invite unpopular people. We will continue then how many to you years and as long ago you are engaged in "it". — Yes, I am 25 years old. In 18 years I began to be engaged in sex for money. Of course I didn't dream of it and didn't think even that-whether everything turned out somehow itself. — it is interesting and how it left? — Yes classical situation. The little girl came in the big city to come to medical on the druggist. At first I arrived on the budgetary place. No after a hot first course it was transferred to paid training. Of course the family couldn't pull it. Too asked for a training semester much. — A if not a secret, then how many you paid for a semester? — Then costed 80 thousand a year, now probably it is even more. With accounting of the fact that I have only mother and the younger little sister, I had small choice. To go to the remote place and to come to school or to find work in the city to pay training. — So there were also no other options except how to choose the most ancient profession? — Probyvala. I worked as the waitress and the seller. Paid well, but to me there was a little. — And how you decided on it? — Some of our girls at institute were engaged and engaged in it, however as also I. Therefore only desire not to be afraid to be engaged in it was necessary. Kto-to boitsya to take the dick in a mouth or even to show the anus to the favourite person. A I didn't feel shame when looked at me in sex time. Can moral already I was it is ready to it. — Yes there are such girls, in sense which "always" hesitate. I had such, met even half of year. And here, I at last finished the favourite modest woman on a blowjob and what you think? She jerked off to me in a kerchief therefore that she hesitated to take a dick in naked hands. But I was the first to someone she sucked, after all not in vain I was active her language. — Yes, you were lucky with her. And I so understand you left? — I told that ee isn't worthy. After all I more open in the plan of sex and of course want it from the girl. — I Understand. — All right, let's continue. A here the first sex how it was? — The first sex was not akhti. I am inexperienced, it is such. Everything was so awkward and uncomfortable. There was a feeling that we are busy not by what it is necessary. On classics in a missionary pose. — Leaves to you it wasn't pleasant? — It was pleasant, but there was a feeling of deception. Ne that of course that write in novels and show in a porn. The orgasm was, but somehow a zilch. — A then? — A then I understood that should be more courageous and not to be afraid to be told as you want. And already the second time was more best, the third is even more best. A in chetverny time I decided on the first blowjob. — And how? — I terminated from what sucked and the devil take as it was unusually and abruptly. Voobshchem, sex is mine! — Abruptly! — Yes and we began to experiment with my beloved. From a blowjob on the cam, before sex of MZhM. Voobshchem, I was happy, a my orgasms became more brightly and longer on time. How to be told, the more loudly the girl shouts at night — the less she shouts in the afternoon. Men wind on a mustache or where there still. — Then you left? — Yes, I caught him with another and it enraged me. I gave him everything in sex what wasn't enough for him? Offer sex with two girls, I would agree. No here he just crushed me morally. I it didn't forgive him. — So it when was already? — Under the end of the first course. Then I was already told that the 2nd course will be for me paid. After all I passed in the plan of study much. — But in the plan of sex I made up. — Yes, it at me turned out well, even passed examination in sex automatically. — Tell further, it is interesting to our listeners. — I considered everything for summer vacation and solved. I will do that I am able and to earn from it. — As also a half of girls, probably. At once I will tell that there are also others, a will begin to write that to me what I am bad. — But now I cost 20 thousand night and 2 thousand hour. — Oho, there are you the elite prostitute? — No, elitka receive more. I that-to an average between the house-keeper and the highest class. — A than Elite will be more best than you? — It can be just appearance. For example the 5th size of a breast and model image. Or for example just black girls. — Black will be more expensive? — Yes, we have still it in a novelty and everyone wants to try in the plan of sex "Friday". And therefore the price will be higher standard, a can exceed ee by two times. — So, we will return back. How did you get to such profession? — As I already spoke, some girls were engaged in it. Here I contacted them and they dragged me to mummy. Mummy is my boss if simply it is direct to tell. Mummy examined me, set questions and accepted me. It is visible I to her it was pleasant, time me was taken at once. — A the price, told you how many you will cost? — Yes, I cost only 500 rubles an hour and for the night didn't act. I can give in any holes, except an anus. And of course all in an elastic band. — By the way wanted to ask about hygiene as it everything is. — Once a week we with girls went to hospital, to hand over analyses and on reception to the gynecologist. It here it is direct every Monday went, so health here everything is strict. We not what-to shalavki which on the route can suck away for a pack of cigarettes at drivers. There it is really possible to pick up everything that is necessary. — Very interestingly. So, well an is farther as everything is? — Well we had no brothel. After all it isn't lawful at us in the country. A so as we studenki, and the area wasn't. We came to clients, on the apartment, a sauna or even in the car were engaged in it.