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Alas, superiority of "mammoths" of the enterprise remains invariable, but history not about it. The first month of work I went on offices and accustomed, in a word - joined an operating schedule. It was pleasant to me legal I otet most, not because I always wanted to become the lawyer but because there beautiful and at the same time unforgettable girl chief юр department of a name Victoria worked. She is a stunning girl, at least, I such find her. The high, slender brunette with a breast of the 3rd size. For that time, she put on strictly. A skirt a pencil, blouses without deep cut, and it is possible to tell in general without cut, a shoe on a high heel. In appearance – the strict, ground for work lawyer. The bybyla seemed Friday and here the contract in the original was necessary for me. And by rules, all originals have to be stored in legal department. I entered the room and I see that my girl Victoria sits all sad. Though she was also a chief юр department, but owing to a small age difference I named her Vika or just Vick. - Vick, you what stick?, - a vigorous voice I asked. - There is a lot of work … and nobody wants to help me – she mumbled. - To help with what? With work perhaps? - Yes what work!? I have parents on following weeks return to themselves. And before departure asked me to pokleit it wall-paper. And there zero full and nobody doesn't want to help me! - Wall-paper? эм … well, I have a little experience in their bonding, so, that if you want, I can help you with a pokleyka, you are so? - I agree! - Ok, then on the termination of the working day call me and we together to you will eat. Quicker pokley, we will quicker finish! And here we leave from the enterprise, we get to me into the car and we eat. On the road we communicate on repair someone as lived prior to work, etc. Parked, we leave. Rose on necessary to us the floor. Vika opens the apartment … and what I see? More than just zero! The horse also didn't roll! - Viiiika … - a lingering voice said I. Yes here week needs to be glued! She bashfully looked at me and kept silent. We passed to the room. It is necessary to change clothes, I told. Do you have something for me? Now I will look from things of the father and I ran away into the room. It wasn't about seven minutes, and I approached to the door for which she disappeared. Having silently opened a door, I saw that she begins to change clothes in working clothes. She slowly took off a blouse and started removal twist skirts in a floor. I still stood behind and didn't make a uniform sound, being afraid to frighten off her. Heart beat more and stronger. Tension increased also with growth of tension, also my dick accrued. She unzipped, being behind a skirt. I pushed two thumbs under a skirt and slowly but surely I dragged it down. My God, on it there was tremendous underwear! Her slender and clean-shaven legs were dressed in stockings of black color which came to an end with lace. Her daddy was covered besides, by black and lacy thongs. Which and wanted to be removed! She is beautiful, about myself I thought. My trousers were so strained that else slightly, and I would terminate directly in them. Vika got hands for a back to take off a bra. - To help? – with dryness in a voice I said. She was frightened and tried to be covered, but was already late. She sat down on hunkers somehow to cover the nakedness. - What you do here!? She exclaimed. I … you had to be there! - What do you hesitate of? You have very sexual body! Here she reddened and ceased to shout at me. She looked down and everything tried to hide the nakedness. Slow steps I approached her. Get up! By a command voice I said. Becoming flustered a little, Vika obeyed me. Slowly I got up and I turned to me a back. Polozha of a hand on shoulders, I led palms down. Down to its appetizing to the daddy. I kissed her neck and at the same time I caressed her gentle body. Vika spoke, what are you doing? But I couldn't stop. I continued to caress her velvety skin, to kiss her neck, to bite her lobe of an ear. Vika, tried to dissuade me verbally, but her body wanted me entirely. Soon her speech stopped being legible and distinct. She deeply breathed and her legs gave away. Without stopping, I led the hands to her panties. Having hooked them, the easy movement of both hands, I threw off panties on a floor. Victoria flew somewhere highly and continued to breathe deeply. I rumpled her daddy, sweet and gentle the daddy. Victoria was, holy Christ as I am sexy! The right hand I got into her madly warm and wet pussy. It flowed as a stream in the spring. Juice which flowed a stream wetted the right palm of my hand completely. I caressed her pussy, slowly, quickly. One hand I thrust fingers into her bosom, and another rumpled her buttocks. Having played enough completely, I pushed her slightly forward. Having grown weak, she leaned on the box standing ahead. Her legs were divorced in the parties. Stockings were wet from her juice. Having sat down on hunkers, and having put both palms on her daddy, I became gently, but in too time to greedy rumple rolls. Having brought the person to her pussy, I put out tongue and put it on a clitoris of "poor" Victoria. From what she weakened completely, legs didn't stand her and she failed on knees. Having smiled, I continued progress by language from her clitoris, to her rozovenky asterisk. I licked her pussy so as if I was that person who had no woman long time. Having enjoyed much, I translated attention to buttocks. I licked her asterisk and I tried to get a uvula inside I and slightly managed that. In volume time under Vika there was the whole pool. She groaned, shouted, panted, and – made upward movement the most important the daddy in a rhythm, towards to my movements. At the same time I undid trousers, vzdrochnut few times and the dick put to her pussy. He with ease and without any resistance just flew! I fucked Victoria with a force. With each push I tried to thrust the dick further and further and more deeply. Under her shouts and groans, slaps on her bum were carried. One minute later it terminated, with lingering groan and having curved as a cat. Having slowed down the movements, I enjoyed the moment. Having put a thumb of the right hand, I kneaded a ringlet of her anus. - Give, fuck me in an ass! Loudly and distinctly I said Vick. Fuck me as the last bitch. Make me the whore! - she said louder and louder each time. Having moved apart legs is even wider, I took out a dick and put to her ringlet. Having slightly pressed, the buttocks revealed as Lotus flower. Her ringlet clasped a dickhead very densely, but is sure. Having drilled a tunnel and having a little waited, I began movements in her bum. Victoria shouted as if the last prostitute. I slapped on her ass each time in increasing frequency. Speed increased also desire to terminate too. - Give fuck me the nevjebenny dick! Fuck me, ebiiiiiya …!!! Such situation, didn't keep me waiting long. I feel that I cum. - Where to terminate? – I asked. - In an ass, cum to me in an ass. I want to feel your cum! As your dick will pulse in me, throwing up cum streams! She didn't manage to finish speaking as I began to cum. I cumed violently and long. Having filled in her hole completely. I was in the 9th sky! She was even higher. How many times she terminated, I even don't remember. Everything was as in fog. With the dick in buttocks, Vika staid until he didn't drop out. Being kneeling, she turned to me and on her look I understood one – she was happy. We began to kiss. I still remember taste of her sweet lips. From it my dick began to gain steam. Having seen it, Vika stretched the gentle and moist mouth to the dick. She sucked as the vacuum cleaner sucks in dust. Deeply and gently. Quickly, slowly. Being kneeling, I moved on a meeting to her mouth, thereby вгоняв the dick is deeper and farther. After a while, I fucked her mouth just in open. Having undertaken both hands her magnificent hair, I stuck her on the dick quicker and quicker. - Give, the bitch, it is a little more and I will terminate directly in a mouth. Give suck, suck! Don't stop! - I shouted. As a matter of fact, Victoria didn't intend to stop. Later time I began to cum. It was divine!!! Having collected everything a cum to a drop, she swallowed it. We were happy! And someone worried about wall-paper, in vain – we pokleit them. And then more and more had sex where I filled her holes with the cum.