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I didn't keep, and from lips the silent groan flew, yet nobody and ever so frankly enjoyed my body, caressed so surely and with pleasure, on a body the heat spreads. — the Good fellow — praises the man obviously happy with my reaction to the actions. I can't hide how nipples from such caress strongly bulked up. — Go syudaon pushes me to a big sofa. While I do these several steps, it rustles with the trousers. When I turn, it already got rid of trousers and linen, but the shirt almost covers his male nakedness. At me the thought flashed again to run away, but the man in several fast steps appears nearby and, pushing me on a sofa, pulled hard from above. His lips rigidly rumple mine, forcing to submit, adapt, respond to skillful and impudent contacts. The male hand squeezes my breast, a nipple, a second already managed to undo jeans. Male fingers slipped in close space, and pulling out from me loud groan covered the most intimate, through fabric of panties. — the Little whore — whispers Igor, breaking off a kiss for that to be discharged and two hands having undertaken jeans to pull down jeans together with panties. — Still also I broke, an itself already you flow, the bitch! In his voice complacency and an anticipation. — No Please, I still nepytayus to murmur I, understanding what between legs appears, not only hot, but and is damp. My words cause only his smile, and I am covered again by a male body, but on this time, having slipped a hand on my hip, the man forces to part legs widely. I am pierced by fear, I am afraid of pain which o speak. — Ne be afraid, the whore, so and at first I will be akkuratneeya wanted to be indignant, with the fact that I am called again, but hot lips cover mine in an exacting kiss, I feel sliding of what-to firm and hot on the damp pussy. When I was fond of a kiss, and my uvula slipped on male lips, repeating the movement of the man, he made the sharp deep movement in me and stood. Moe the body was pierced by pain, a shriek flew directly to male lips. Several moments it just allowed me to come to itself(himself), an of his lip covered then mine again, fingers squeezed a nipple. I felt pain, but already not so sharply, felt in myself male power, he allowed me several minutes to get used, a began to move then. The first movements caused shrieks of pain, but it obviously didn't disturb Igor. He moved widely, roughly as if driving me in a sofa. I sharply felt each movement. My hard very narrow pussy too densely squeezed enormous, for my body, men's body. A it obviously got pleasure, being interested in my feelings a little. — the Very narrow whore — the voice is impregnated with pleasure and it seems even a praise. His lips were displaced on my neck and tormented with ee kisses, the hand rumpled a breast nipples, an of the movement became more furiously and quicker. When began to seem to me that pain left for good, the man I made especially deep movement and, growling to me in a neck, I began to tremble, I felt an as in my depth that-to, shoots. Soon the man as if became soft and slid a little on one side. The smile played on his lips. — you Can descend in a shower so far. Somehow strange he grinned to me, having waved a hand in the party of a corridor. I looked for a shower mechanically, yet without understanding completely what occurred. I managed to grab from a floor only a jacket and now was covered with it, an on a hip lasted a path lipkovatoy the mix flowing from my pussy. The huge light bathing room, a big angular bathtub, and I really got into her, having included hot water and allowing her to carry away traces of my first time. Didn't allow to be forgotten in shower to me. — Where you there? Go here or I will come to you — the voice sounded from far away, and was derisive. Probably, the owner of the apartment also didn't go anywhere. I had to get out of a shower and to be wrapped in a towel. To pull the only available subject of clothes it was silly. Therefore left in a towel and holding a jacket in hands. He collapsed on a sofa, already completely naked, on the room so and our things rolled. I unconsciously slipped a look on his figure, noting that for the age it looks not bad and a beer tummy not so and strongly spoils him. A here his dick was not such impressive as it seemed to me when he got into me. — What stood, the bitch? Go here! Derisive notes quickly were replaced mandative, and I really approached. He sharply pulled me a hand, seating to himself on knees and easily disentangling from a towel. His hands slipped on a body and nipples foully bulked up, from it it didn't take cover, and he grinned enough, a his fingers slipped on a stomach down and began to caress a pussy which from it was quickly humidified. — Hot, the whore, well give a you will work rotikommenya lowered from knees on a floor, I in embarrassment lifted a look, a he, having seized me by hair, sharply attracted my person to the dick, so that I was almost stuck into him with a nose, having scaredly peeped. Igor took the dick and began shlkpat with it on my person, cheeks to lips, I moved to be discharged, but he dnrzhal is strong, a his dick began to grow. — Ne twitch the bitch! An evil hail and a slap a head directly on lips. — Open a mouth! Also don't dare to show teeth! I slightly open sponges and the big head gets into my mouth. Sponges stretched at once, a seemed to me that fills all mouth. I moved again, trying to be discharged, feeling as he to become just enormous directly in my mouth, but me only pulled on a dick more rigidly. With such force that the vast object struck in a throat, I have a fit of coughing also to me, even allowed to release it, from my lips the saliva thread reached for a head. — Ne you want so, work! Suck, and I can not I will begin have yours gorlogolos derisive, but rigid and the head gets into a mouth again. Na this time I begin to suck it, and the grasp on a nape weakens. He doesn't release my hair, but doesn't squeeze, a just holds. I suck, studying a vast object which obviously grew and became firmer. He slightly pushes to take a dick more deeply. — work the Uvula, soskalenivo he prompts, obviously enjoying my inept attempt where that minutes 10 similar caress and sponges slightly ache from friction, the trunk shines from my saliva, the man removes my sponges so a trunk. — Give, learn to work a uvula! He shouted and pressed my mouth to the huge balls. I uncertainly licked, and to his floor the groan filled the room. The uvula begins to slide on spheres, I feel how the trunk touches my face. — Akh of Blyadmenya sharply pull hair and again stick sponges on a dick, only o independent posasyvanii there is no also speech any more. He rigidly is enough my head with two hands and begins to stick roughly rigidly ee on a dick. He hits in a throat again, but don't allow to clear the throat to me, saliva flows down on a chin, an its speed only amplifies, I try to escape, but the man pulls so strongly that on cheeks tears begin to flow. I lack air, and I feel how in a throat the stream strikes, me sharply draw aside for hair and my face is covered by hot drops. — You still to learn the Juicy mouth and will leave excellent blyadmuzhchina smiles enough and the dick smears a cum on my person. — Give pochist egokomanduyet with a grin. I put out a uvula and I pinch a cum which soiled the dick. — Clever, the nipple — grins the man. He bends and reaches fingers for my pussy. — And itself you get pleasure! For the whore it is very important to relish from blowjob the Good girl! It is worth continuing?