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Rock the Time Car group, from early works.1. This gloomy cloudy evening I as usually sat at a window and looked afar. Before me the wide plain through which the road lay stretched, nearby from which there was my house, and left afar for the horizon. It was silent and began to get dark. I was going to light candles and to prepare ko to a dream as the figure of the lonely rider in the distance seemed. I clung to a window, peering at evening twilight. The rider slowly came nearer. I lit a lamp and, having thrown a cape, came to the road. I lived on otshibe the village belonging to the County of West Yorkshire year as in loneliness. Parents died from plague six years ago. And I lived one. In life I wasn't lucky and so it developed that I was childless. I was sprayed sacred water, read prayers and gave different medicines. I put candles to all Saint wonder-workers, but nothing helped. All my coevals already had on two and three children, I couldn't conceive the child. Three times took me in wives and in one or one and a half years after the wedding my husbands died of a mysterious disease, so and without having managed me obryukhatit. People so all settlement jumped aside from me, calling not differently as the witch, threw into me stones, the local pastor didn't even let in arrival. It is clear, what to ask in marriage ko to me nobody went any more, yes and only one blessed rural fool by a nickname John fico communicated so me. On our road more than twenty years almost nobody went, only collectors of taxes, beggars leprous, yes lonely wanderers. And here now one of them came nearer ko to me. At last the rider approached and jumped off from a horse. On clothes it was not the dealer, but and not the military though the sword, a behind a back onions and a quiver so arrows sideways hung. He suited ko to me and I lifted a lamp. Na I was watched by the female person and I involuntarily started back. — Ne be afraid of me, I won't cause you harm — the woman in broken English language spoke — allow to be warmed at your center and to spend the night at you, I won't be in debt. I silently led her to the stable and the woman tied the horse. I bosila to him oats also led strannitsu to the house. — Enter — I invited. — Thanks to you — the woman answered and entered my dwelling. Having taken off a cap and gloves she went to the center and stretched hands to fire. — Someone you are? — I asked. — I am the former citizen of the duke Lerua — she told and sat down closer by the center. I brought meat and wine and spread out everything before her on a table. — you Eat and drink — I told and we will lay down — I will prepare for you a bed in the neighboring room, there freely and year nobody lives. You can settle down there as you want. — Unless you are lonely? By a look — there is no husband, a parents where? I told it the history and she sighed: — I wander eight years, after that as ran away from the house. My father wanted to give me in wives for the easy rider and the player when to me it was executed hardly fourteen therefore that I am illegitimate. He wanted to get rid of me and not to be spent for my contents, but I ran away and he especially didn't pursue me. Two years I wandered together with vagrant circus, but when circus actors wanted to expand to me a mouth to ears with the help of the razor and to expose for a laughing-stock of all crowd, I ran away also from them. I appeared in cheap brothel. The hostess it scoffed it is necessary me and sold for pennies to each easy rider, an in the nights itself raped me. I gnawed through ropes and I managed to run away. I was picked up by the elderly wandering monk from the East when I died with hunger on the street. And I began to accompany him everywhere. He trained me in everything that is necessary in a far campaign and daily life and it was the first person for all my life to whom I am grateful. With his wise philosophy and vital force I learned to survive in any conditions and to understand people. Now he went to other world and I under his will buried him on a slope of the big mountain behind far hills. I come back and my way lies on the East to the great solar country where I intend to continue the improvement. You, I see kind soul though I am lonely. erotic stories of sexytales