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Really, future fate of the officer was so that in this far, godforsaken a "bear" corner where Moskalenko served and five years I went in inveterate bachelors, once again confirmed his eccentricity. When many of his friends, having left former wives whom they foolishly got on the first courses of study in military colleges, slowly pulled together panties from the following future candidates to this difficult, but honourable position of the wife of the naval officer, their loyal friend Vivatik didn't "stick together" also the first yet. Many explained it with the fact that at Moskalenko between legs eternally sleeping "banana" hung. But, as then it appeared in fact, all of them just were mistaken. Single Vivatik had "banana" that it is necessary: whole twenty five thick centimeters. He was always ready to jump with playfulness of a tiger on the most restless woman about what many of them it is unrealizable dreamed to have in a bed of such good fellow instead of sleeping, the tired men snoring, smelling of vodka at whom already by the beginning of night their mighty "Bananas" for some reason turned into the small, wrinkled peppers which weren't demanded by their wives any more. Therefore garrison "ladies" weren't tired to dream of mighty "Banana" of our hero, and their husbands, having caught sight of Moskalenko in a garrison sauna, blackened with envy. - With such wealth and unmarried, - some were perplexed. - Such "Device" it would be possible to peredrat the most high-ranking elite Moscow whores long ago and to sport on checks of the fleet in suite of the Commander-in-chief, - others were distressed, dreaming of career in White stone. But Moskalenko, appear, didn't notice these malicious hints, continuing to ignore defiantly a fine half of mankind until I appeared in garrison as if the come star from a silver platter, Tatyana Kvasha. She settled the waitress in the officer dining room, having Dzhakonda's face and the back size about an aircraft carrier stern. - Right twelve fists, - estimated some when the waitress stood to them the back. - Ha! There true all twenty. – grinning, others echoed them. However none of people around dared to confirm theoretical estimations of the sizes of this part of a female body with practice. One, for certain sung along, nevertheless somehow managed to touch this interesting place of the mighty woman, but right there flew away meters on five, having spat out the beaten-out tooth. The waitress's husband, probably, didn't transfer such abundance and once ran away directly from a matrimonial bed, having right there jumped in a bed to lean as a pole, the brigade commander's wife. That went on the submarine to the sea, but didn't return, as well as all others which with it were. It sang imperishable memory in local churchlet, threw a wreath into the sea on that place where the submarine plunged, strong got drunk on a commemoration and soon forgot. It was so led in Russia that widows marry not soon. Men for some reason bypass them. No, they don't mind to krutnut love with these women, but also only. But Moskalenko appeared other opinion and all thanks to the eccentricity. Somehow in one of evenings our Vivatik was clumsily trampled down at a door of a newly appeared holostyachka, hiding some parcel behind the back. - It is possible? – uncertainly the gentleman when the door before him suddenly opened asked. - You enter, - the woman who wasn't expecting a visit of the uninvited guest quietly answered. … He sat at a table in kitchen, smoking in a ceiling, and it fried potato on fat, continually wiping hands about an apron on abrupt hips. Three children of the hostess, it is small - it is small less, lay a herd, snuffling, on her bed, and mother who was obviously not finding room with them probably settled down on a small sofa where it was already laid. - To tea you don't want? – the hostess asked after they drank up a bottle of vodka and ate up the last potato. - It is possible also for tea, - the guest indulgently nodded. They had tea and continued to study each other."Well what he found in me?!" - the woman was tormented with doubts. "And what wood goblin brought me here?" - he marveled. When hours punched three after midnight, they regained consciousness from mutual contemplation. - I will lay on a floor, - she offered. - Yes, - he threw, going to a toilet.