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I am a high, slender blonde, the lawyer, I spend 5 hours a week in the gym, I have almost no complexes - it concerns intimate life, I can be ready to do anything if only to satisfy my man. But all the same this crud decided to change me, with my girlfriend. Reminiscence of it just haunted me. I cried, and on a speedometer was nearly 200 and time was already later. My speed couldn't leave a post of traffic police indifferent. I precisely saw that in the car, it probably there was Lanos, only one inspector sat down. He couldn't overtake me in any way, and the flasher and his zobny voice concerning a car stop, only provoked me. My mood considerably improved. I so estimated that if at the following intersection I turn, then I will come to the road through the wood and there it will be possible to persuade the inspector not to deprive me the rights. On turn I dumped speed, I wanted that the car overtook mine, and kind of barred the way. Everything left a hook as I wanted. Very serious man, such handsome man went out of the car, the lovely sight is simple. I began to look for the rights and an insurance. He knocked twist a striped stick on glass. I lowered glass and lovely smiled. - Hello. Chief of traffic police on Kamsinsky district of Monarchs Vladislav Aleksandrovich. Your documents, - he severely told. - Hello. Here. Oh and can you to me you will get into the car, pours in buckets. - I at execution. I think you hardly in this thicket someone will see. You sit down, we will communicate, - smiling I spoke, trying somehow to force him to soften a voice. He smoothly bypassed the car and sat down on passenger sitting. - The girl how many at you on a speedometer was? - 210.-You it seems the adequate girl where you so drove? The mood is awful, the guy changed, - I so fondly began to tell. I noticed that I attract interest of the inspector. He softened a few voice. And what to do to us with this incident now. You probably understand that deprivation of the rights isn't passed. Yes, I understand. But can we somehow in a different way we will consider this situation. Money doesn't interest me Valeria Andreevna, - somehow the inspector too maliciously said it. Something I went nuts a little. I didn't expect that he will be such not compliant. It is time to pass to plan B. The man like young, very nice, looks for about 30 years, we will tempt. I omitted the sitting to a lying state, caved in as a kitty, and reached the handbag. I think inspectors it shocked, on me there were such small shorts. - Something in your car so hot. Maybe we will pass in mine for drawing up the protocol? - Yes, isn't present that you. I will turn on the conditioner now. The inspector severely undid a uniform jacket and put a staff on the panel, and began to finger convulsively my rights in the hand. I think to Monarkhov became hot from my position. I got a mirror from a handbag, and very erotically carried out by language on lips and exposed a breast a little forward. Yes. pupils of the inspector extended. Vladislav Aleksandrovich, can after all in a money equivalent we will pay off. I didn't receive for 2 not one penalties. I am a diligent girl, just today I have very difficult day and weather awful, - at this moment my hand smoothly slipped on the inspector's hip, and touched his men's advantage a little. Probably plan B works. As the inspector seemed to me it was made horney. To admit honestly I too. He is such brutal man, I just couldn't constrain myself. He not herds to take away my hand. I put my rights and the jacket, and I threw it on back seat. His open white T-shirt, showed his torso in all beauty. It pulled a hand my person to itself(himself). His lips touched mine. He was able to do a hook and surely I operated language in my mouth. His hands but all managed but to my body. The brassiere on me wasn't, and the breast very strongly gave a condition of strong excitement. One his hand got under a T-shirt, and strongly squeezed the left breast. - You are such sweet, - he whispered to me on an ear. My hand undid a belt, a fly and here I felt as a palm what powerful device, which was hidden also by trousers. The new wave of excitement gushed over me. I, having pressed a button, I omitted sitting of the inspector, and I began to pull down with him an undershirt. He pulled together mine. I transferred the body to it to knees, bent to his lips, and stuck a kiss. What sweet got to me the instructor. I smoothly went down on knees and it appeared opposite to his body. My language concerned a head of his dick. Vlad made a big exhalation. I the Cross tie to drive language on a head and a trunk. The man closed eyes from pleasure! His hands stretched to my head, and sent a dick to a mouth. He began to set speed. His body touched my throat. Blowjob was quite deep, Vlad made istomny sounds, it so brought me his dick was just fantastic, I madly wanted to feel him at myself inside Vlad pulled me to himself on knees, began to kiss me. His kiss so strongly made horney me. I wanted to send a dick to myself, but it didn't allow, having slapped a palm to me on a pubis. He is begun to kiss my breast and to drive fingers on a clitoris. Biting my horney nipple, he shipped in me 2 fingers and began to move them in me in accelerated. It was so cool, his fingers caressed me inside so skillfully and quickly. I shook me are tremendous also an orgasm. Then it conducted in me the body, the small shiver passed on my body. I began to move, the dick came into me deeply. Vlad hands quite strongly squeezed my breast, then transferred hands to a waist and forced me to increase speed. I almost shouted from a high and numerous orgasms. My inspector didn't constrain himself too, and asked me not to stop. In a minute the dick took out, and asked to take me him in a mouth. He moved him at me in a mouth as wanted, itself setting speed. He terminated very violently, the stream of a cum struck in a throat, he took out body and squeezed out several drops to me on lips, I slowly erotically licked them. Vlad pulled me to himself and kissed. He closed eyes and obviously was in a high from what was between us just. I thought of what such smart sex I should with someone.