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I was young — slightly for twenty — and by the moment of our meeting knew not only the theory of a sexual relationship, but and - a pack passed her elements through a stub. All that moved and smelled of the woman, caused in me a resistant erection, and at impossibility of a regular discharge I devoutly pricked firewood. Anjelica arrived together with mother from Tashkent to our country to come to Higher education institution. Na the rights of acquaintances they stopped at us — on my happiness and my death. When I saw Anjelica for the first time, at me everything missed a bit, than I was awarded by the nature. My reaction brushed away to the Irish dance, and I leaned against a wall that I wasn't accepted for shizanutogo though in the first half an hour. Anjelica wasn't simply good — she was dazzling. Slender, tightened, with a blond mane of the magnificent hair, dense waves falling to strong buttocks with the coquettish curls which are playfully shading the beautiful person and with expressive green eyes in which magic lapped. A when she noticed me standing in a shaking the letter "zyu", trying to hide the not to the place the sticking-out tail — smiled such shining smile that I thoughtfully left the hall through the closed door. I not how many don't exaggerate: she really was stunningly beautiful. Then I wasn't the cynical dumbass with a cunning squint looking at the next sterlet in a skirt yet: I in Anjelica liked everything. Now, probably, I would tell that ee strong breasts could be posisyastee, lips — pomyasistee, ankle a — postroynee. No only seventeen years were it, and the breast for certain grew then by pair of the sizes — if to judge by ee to mummy. The feeling of a goat in a kitchen garden so inspired me that I in the first evening Pegasus jumped on an appointment with fish of the dream. I showed the city, and Anjelica delightfully was all eyes on the parties without noticing me at all. At last I brought ee to what-to slums on which background I looked quite presentably and sexually. We got to talking, and I with a regret learned how it belongs to sex. — Once I peeped as parents watched a porn the cartridge — zagovorcheski she told, looking back on the parties — it was awful! "Fiasco" — I thought in despair picking a stick kakoye-to a hollow a tree on which we sat down for a talk on souls. A when I found out that it is still a virgin, quickly I turned sour and started to hurry home. Anjelica had one line which podbeshivala me: she was pathologically false. Angie lied not with benefit what-to purpose for herself, an is simple so, automatically and as the rule, always. I couldn't understand in what business and it sometimes seriously upset me. No our rapprochement was inevitable: we were in one apartment a lion's share of time, and the physiology took top, more our mothers all was in advance predetermined that. We already secretly kissed Anjelica, and I choked each time with her kisses: in them so much genuine passion to Me is hidden it seemed that Angie herself doesn't understand what weapon she owns. To a regret, our furious petting didn't come to an end with anything, and I in bow-legs crept away then to the bathroom, like a sick tarantula where again furiously I pricked firewood. Anjelica in one of four rooms and in the mornings when all relatives dumped from the apartment — someone for work someone where — I turned with her door nearby as a cat around sour cream slept. Having got from trousers podzornuyu a pipe, I attentively peered at a door chink, hoping to see and die. Once Angie woke up before usual and nichtozhe sumnyashesya proshlepav barefoot to my room, got ko to me into a bed. She embraced me under a blanket and that-to told, an I lay is alive dead, without understanding at all what comes — as Dafna from the comedy "In Jazz Only Girls". Knowing Anjelica's disgust for sex, I even couldn't present to myself, chtono here her hand stretched to my flesh and began to play her, directly through pants. I lay the dolt and went nuts. I couldn't even pretend to be sleeping: my head gave me with the head. And here Anjelica rejected a blanket and slipped to my legs. Then I pulled together pants from my stiffened legs, and I felt damp heat of her kisses on the dick. A then I didn't see anything because of her hair of color of wheat, a dense shock lying on my hips, but I remember these feelings till this time. Till this moment with such love and ecstasy me never sucked! Pleasure was short: less, than in a minute I terminated it in a mouth with such force that it seemed to me that the sound of the flying stream is heard. Anjelica swallowed all, the dick licked and, getting out of a bed, kissed me on lips. Then I tried taste of own cum the first time. — I will go I will prepare a breakfast — she unperturbably told and added — I adore your dick! — also I left the room. I lay in a bed with a smile of Guimplena and glass eyes looked at the dried-up spider on a wall. In the head questions on which I didn't find the answer crowded, and I mentally spat them. Through some time I trudged on kitchen to make sure that it didn't dream me. Angie had already breakfast, even without having waited for me from a shower. How you think what she made? Anjelica sucked away to me still time, even without having got up from a stool, having only interrupted the meal for a minute. I departed on the sky again and understood that I fell in love. Our relationship passed to ultraboundary level: I never had such blowjob any more. Anjelica sucked to me everywhere where it was only possible: houses, on a balcony, on the street, in shop, at movie theater the Favourite word at it became "give!", on which I developed a conditional reflex pochishche Pavlov's dogs. Costed to her, standing at cash desk in shop somewhere, to bend ko to me and, touching an ear with lips, to whisper a magic word as I here the reflex shifted all turn forward. Our day began the next image: as only adults left this monastery of a sin and defect, I was blown up here and, having passed through the bathroom, went to rooms of the Queen Mineta. I inserted to the sleeping girl into a mouth the store, and she sucked away to me in a light slumber. Then I went to wash and visited ee still time. By youth I had a lot of information and I generously shared it at each convenient case. Anjelica loved a fellation truly and did it so easy and with pleasure that the suction for me ceased to be what-to exotic entertainment. So we also got busted. Somehow in the evening Anjelica sat in my room at a table and prepared for introductory examinations. I, in the favourite dressing gown which carried on a naked body, somewhere jumped aside on the apartment when I suddenly thought: whether an is time? Also I went to it. I got up so a table nearby and even began to penetrate into a subject of her preparation as all quickly returned on circles the: Anjelica told: "Give!", and having seized me under uzdets, I began to suck with pleasure, loudly smacking the lips and playing the fool as if she in hands had a favourite toy. So also my father who glanced to the room with so and unexpressed question found us. Under the loud champing sounds the father attentively examined walls and a ceiling, and silently left the room. erotic stories I hardened for horror, an Anjelica didn't even notice that we already departed to depths of hell: when she sucked, the surrounding world for her just didn't exist. I heard then as the father uttered to our mummies: "A what you want from the guy when you enclosed the woman under him?!" The result was natural: Anjelica was moved at first to the rental apartment, a then when she came on RGF — to halls at the university which in the people were called TsPH: central pizdokhranilishche. This event became nachalomkontsa our relationship. I began to visit Anjelica the hostel. Three more maidens lived in the room with it, however ee it didn't confuse at all: when it wanted to suck, it did it on anybody without turning attention. The truth, for the first time when it occurred at all, I conducted myself so moronically that ee of the girlfriend, probably, doubted my adequacy. We sat three together on a bed and watched on the TV what-to comedy. Two little girls settled down on a floor in our legs. It was sometimes ridiculous and we laughed, can be more loudly usual: the effect of crowd affected. Anjelica sat so me nearby and suddenly whispered me on an ear starting team: "Give!". In a brain the red bulb and a warhead started blinking here got up on the fighting mode. I hasty covered a groin with a small pillow which rolled on all bed. The provoker put the head to me on hips, was covered with a pillow and was engaged in favourite business. I lost interest in the comedy at once and stood with a silly smile on a face. Even Anjelica sprinkled in a cam which the dick, because of the ridiculous gags sounding on the TV set held. I sat boiled as a dumpling, silly staring an unseeing view of the screen. Girls at first didn't notice the created disgrace, but Anjelica so was fond that the pillow moved down from her head and here already I sit in a maiden flower bed, red as I cancer, and persistently watch the comedy in the Tsarevna Nesmeyana mode. Through some time of the girl ceased to laugh too and, looking askance at the occurring indecency, sat stone idols from the island of Easter, being afraid to turn the heads on the squelching sounds. So we also sat some time: four morons hesitating the friend's friend from all forces representing unprecedented interest to long ago to the ended film.Kto-nibud tried to terminate publicly, especially, when to it it isn't ready at all? When absolutely secured and to restrain there were no forces any more, I in a disgusting way moaned, bashfully looking at a grungy curtain, and terminated on eyes at ee of girlfriends. Little girls sighed with relief, began to move and crept away someone where as as if surely it was necessary to wait for this enchanting final, not to dump a from the room much earlier. Then Anjelica often practiced a public suction and in some degree spoiled me: I ceased to hesitate and I don't do it till this time in what exotic place I wouldn't be found by spontaneous sex. Her classmates got used to Anghie's eccentricities too and almost didn't turn on us attention who are eternally somersaulting on a bed. Once, when we were some in the room, Anjelica suddenly drew near ko to me, and told simply: — Take menyano it is absolutely other history, a was farther here that. *** much later, in one of days I took a word from Anjelica that she will sit down for lessons, and, natrakhavshis, went from halls home. Chto-to forced me to return with poldorogi and when I entered ee the room, I found only the frightened girlfriends: Anjelica in the room wasn't. The little girl told that she went behind abstracts and will return soon. With heavy heart I left and found Anghie only the next day. She met me in someone else's men's sweater. At me all broke inside. For me the men's sweater which is put on by the woman a naked body on all life remained a treason symbol. Anjelica, that-to murmured in justification, but I remembered ee weakness: patalogicheskuyu lie. I listened to it in a floor of an ear, a heart heart-rendingly cried out in boobies: How?! Why?! For what?! With what-to masochistic frenzy I extorted from her how many times as and where she was fucked, then to the room became hollow what-to lanky guy and I began me to prove that they with Anghie love the friend of the friend and are going to get married. I threw out him from the room and locked a door. Anjelica rolled at me in legs, sobbed and asked forgiveness. I shouted that loves me still, and all will remain between us as was earlier, and I quietly asked her: — A sex? — I with you will be engaged in sex — having hesitated, she told. — Then lay down! — I bellowed and she obeyed. Vo to me rage and rage bubbled, and I didn't feel own got down. The dick stood as stone, I was ready to break off her.Angie pulled together a fucking sweater through the head and laid down on a bed: the naked, shivering, sobbing little girl, she with a fright stretched me what-to tape, having got her from under a pillow. I through a damp veil made out not at once that it: condoms. Mechanically I took them, I turned in a hand, a threw then it directly in a face. The blood stream which ran from the cut lip made sober me. Anjelica lay, looking in a ceiling and silently cried. I unlocked a door and started to the room of the owner of a sweater, with whom, of course, at Anjelica nothing turned out Now, Anghie shines in mass media in one of the European countries and, probably, doesn't even remember me. A I till this time when I hear the The Rolling Stones "Angie" song plachunavzrydyanvar 2017