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Having embraced for shoulders and having kissed on a temple, I asked that so me and whether I got sick, and o my cheek continued to rub the nose. Having raised eyes, I met an evil look of Artur. The husband embraced me for shoulders even more strong and gently looked to me in eyes. I told that I was simply tired and to me bothered to go. Artur sharply came off the place and, having muttered, "I to smoke" left a compartment. The husband with astonishment looked to him following, probably, too was tired. Having squeezed me for shoulders stronger, I touched with other hand my breast and I began to caress them and to squeeze. I curved a back, and my right breast conveniently laid down in his palm. The feeling of fault and pleasure from touch of his hands caused not usual and pleasant excitement. I put a hand in the area of a groin here and having groped already his hardening dick began to stroke him and to squeeze slightly. The husband, having left my breast, I climbed under a skirt and having removed a strip of panties between legs, a finger I moved apart my lips and I began to tickle and pull there, then having groped a clitoris I pressed a finger and sharply I released, then having again touched I began to mass it on a circle. I, having risen a little, I buried in a neck of the husband and with pleasure I moaned. Here Artur entered a compartment, having seen what at us occurs, he squeezed fists and his beautiful eyes darkened. I defiantly took away a hand from a groin of the husband, a he quickly corrected on me a skirt and confusedly coughed in a fist. Suddenly at the husband phone rang out, having talked on him, he told that it is necessary to leave on work at the nearest station, an I will go further and he will meet me on final. Artur wanted to leave with him, but the husband insisted on that he made to me the company. Here the thin girl similar to the beautiful boy - the teenager entered a compartment and it was presented — Ilona. My spouse joyfully told me here you and the pleasant women's company, a looking at Artur, ambiguously winked at him showing to eyes on the girl. Artur attentively looked at him, hemmed and turned away to a window. So we continued our way. In a compartment the silence hung. Ilona poyersaw and having had a look at us, I got a two-liter large bottle of home-made fruit liqueur and having shown ee to us I suggested to drink for acquaintance. We were shorter in an hour all drunk cheerful and liberated. Artur, as for fun, having seized me by a hand, I put to myself on knees. I a hip felt as everything was reared and hardened at it between legs, having nestled stronger, I touched it with the grudyyuartur a hand having lifted up me an undershirt began to caress a wet finger my nipples, a lips nestled on a neck. I, having moaned, I began to pull down from him a t-shirt. Na an instant, having come off me, it quickly threw off from itself(himself) clothes and so instantly pulled together from me a T-shirt. Having nestled to each other, we began to kiss and caress the friend's friend. Ilona, looking at us drunk and absolutely happy eyes, suddenly I began to caress my legs and to kiss knees. I having turned away from Artur, with astonishment I looked at her, but Artur impatiently seized me and put on a regiment, itself got up and having got a dick from trousers brought to my lips. Still having estimated time and having admired his advantage, strong I squeezed him in a hand and I began to lick so all the parties, without touching a head. Artur began to wheeze, and the dick in my hand began to pulse strongly. Having clasped a head with lips and having a little bit sucked ee, his dick began to swallow, squeezing lips, weakening a grasp. Artur already just snuffled and shivered all body. Here tiny Ilona got between his legs and ee playful fingers got to me into panties, I having involuntarily shuddered the dick bit and let out him from a mouth. Artur having come to itself with astonishment I looked down and having seen the girl, I grabbed with ee by a neck and as if I threw a kitten on the neighboring shelf, having told that she dared ko to me even to touch. Then I kneeled before me and accurately I took off from me a skirt and panties, having gently stroked me on hips and a tummy, I put on a regiment and I turned on a back. I laid down on me, having enclosed thus to me under a tummy a pillow, having raised a basin and very slowly and carefully I entered the penis into my vagina. Having begun to move in me very slowly, taking out the dick almost completely and coming smoothly back, we shook as as if by the boat, without hurrying, falling into a trance. I feeling on the back his heat and weight I got huge pleasure. It seemed to me that I slide on the hill and slowly I fall in what that very warm and soft, the hot wave began to shroud me from legs to the head and I having lingeringly moaned I plunged into such unusual and sweet orgasm. Artur left me and streams of a cum began to irrigate my buttocks and hips, then rose it is necessary me, I quickly turned on a back and the last streams of a cum fell to my pubis and a bottom of a stomach. Then he laid down on me and we just lay and enjoyed proximity the friend's friend. Having begun to choke under its weight, I asked him to leave, he got down from me here kissed on lips and sat down on the opposite shelf. Ilona watching us eyes full of tears beggarly looked at him, at me. Artur wearily waved a hand and it having whisked ko to me began to caress the bright uvula my hips and the pussy, pinching a cum. For me such caress was new and having relaxed I observed and got pleasure from ee of movements. Soon it terminated and having been curtailed kalachikom at me in legs calmed down. Carefully, trying not to wake ee, I got over to Artur, we drank up the remains of fruit liqueur and having nestled to each other just fell asleep on one shelf. In the morning we had very shabby and tired look and if not a two-liter large bottle from under fruit liqueurs I don't know that my husband, a so a usual hangover would think. We went out of the car, said goodbye to Ilona, then got into cars, we in the, Artur in the taxi and the last time having looked the friend on the friend parted on houses. So my surprising and so pleasant history ended.