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And now I stand in doors of the bedroom and as in fog I look how sticks my darling on the dick what man, she throws out the buttocks towards to his dick, sucks his big finger and with pleasure groans. Events change as in keleydoskope, here she swallows his dick, costing to buttocks ko to me and I see ee raztrakhanuyu and such native girl. I want to beat, destroy everything, to break, tear to parts. I can't believe that it is not a dream that she, such beautiful, such native, stroynenkaya, with a figure as at the girl, nesmotrya on the 30, with small breasts with sharp nipples that she so groans and small shivers, whines from the run orgasm. In what — that the moment fog dissipates, I look down and I see a knife in the shivering hand, I can't remember how he appeared there. I understand that I need to leave, otherwise it is terrible to me to think what can occur further. Silently I leave, I take away the thrown bag, I close a door. Na elevator down. I am met by cool summer evening, after hot day. Booth. Pack of cigarettes and lighter. A shop under trees. Hands everything still shiver. I get a light and I deeply involve smoke in lungs. I cough. My lungs weaned from smoke for 7 with a half of years. I smoke one for another. I look at light from my window. Where now she. And she now not so me. I try not to descend from mind. I recover from a sound opening doors. a porn stories Now he in clothes. Ordinary man of years 30, anything such. A message sound to it on phone, he stops, reads, smiles, writes to the answer. I guess to someone, and with work I constrain myself not to smear his happy ugly face on asphalt. It is necessary to calm down, I surely will make it, but not now. I am too angry, it will be difficult for me to stop if I begin. He gets into the car and leaves. I sit looking in emptiness. I smoke. In about twenty minutes it is ringing. She. I don't want to talk to her now. Phone calls and ceases. I need time. I need to think, after that as there will pass emotions, it is necessary to accept the decision. No it is necessary to answer her. Five minutes. Again it is ringing. — Hello, darling. — Hello, loved, at you is everything in an order? — Yes I was just very tired and fell asleep, let's talk tomorrow, I fall asleep. — I so missed you, darling, I was already tired to wait for you, come skoree, I will arrange you a holiday, I will tasty feed you, a then zatrakhayu you, I very much want you. Only you and I, the daughter at the dacha parents, at us will have wonderful days off. — I want you too, I will be tomorrow. So far, darling. I fall asleep. — So far darling. I love you. — And I you. I sat and listened to beeps, and didn't believe in what occurred. Ee a voice forced my hands to shiver again. Again a cigarette behind a cigarette. Having finished smoking a pack, I went to the car. I went on the night city. In a night lamp I bought a bottle of whisky. There was a wish where that to go. Also not o is simple to go than not to think. There was a wish to flee this city, to run in yesterday's day, to run in last life. To run from itself, from it, given to other man on our bed, from ee of groans in my head. There was a wish to run to her former, to that that I fell in love with ee 10 years ago. To that that loved me. Only me. What happened to us? What happened to her? Whether I love ee now? Several hours ago I didn't even doubt that I love ee, all so as and 10 years ago. No now I want to run, I don't want to see and hear ee. I want to go on this country road all night. I went in the forest which brought me to the small river. I very much loved this place. We very much loved this place. We had often a rest with friends here. Bathed, saw, sang, enjoyed this summer wood and the fast clean river. Many times ми spent the night here together with her. There was our tent, a here she gracefully danced, for me, pyanenkaya at a fire. Then ми it is passionate trakhalisi, she all shivered in my hands, groaned, asked, still. Then we bathed golyshem lay having embraced and looked at the sky. To us it was good that we are the friend at the friend, to us it was good that in the closest tens of kilometers there is nobody. I began to drink from a throat. Alcohol pleasantly burned from within. After polbutylki it became much more best. I bathed in night reke under light of the moon, rowed to exhaustion, didn't leave water tired so yet that at once I failed in a dream as only my head touched a car seat. Continuation follows. Your responses are interesting.