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Probably, she me any more will never tell it However to me precisely clear that all events of "M. "won't forget and with dying down of heart will remember similar experience. Still yesterday we laid down in a bed and strong held hands. I felt her heartbeat and knew that she felt precisely that most. Usual sex, usual caress, usual measured life and anything more. We got pleasure from the every second spent the friend with the friend. For someone-to a similar relationship is real happiness, the highest point in life, just the fairy tale. I considered precisely so and in the principle, precisely so I count up also to this time. "M "I was solidary so me therefore that since the beginning of our relationship we never put sex above spiritual proximity. A sexual relationship in our life played a role of a pleasant bonus to cordial and confidential relations of our usual daily life. No together with it, they were for us an outlet, way to be forgotten, to relax and distract from pressing household problems. * * * we with "M. "got This bright and invaluable sexual experience in warm spring day when we were going to go to the nature to the companies of my father and my cousin brother. At all, similar actions on fresh air never caused in me a special reason for joy Especially if it was a sit-round gathering with dicks of my family. On mine, it was very tiresome and I didn't want in next to listen to baizes of the father together with foolish jokes of the brother. No then, circumstances played so me and "M. "a mean joke. Unlucky working days literally forced me to accept the proposal of my father who complained of blockages from the chief too. Yes and so the cousin brother for that moment I didn't see each other already long ago. Then all us were united by burdens at work, fatigue from house life and insuperable desire to spend though one hour on fresh air. The company was not a so priority detail here and each of us perfectly understood it. When we with "M. "reached the house of my parents, found my father in a garage. There he stopped bringing the car into a suitable state and already collected all bags. It seems, shish kebabs were outlined and from a type of sharp skewers I slightly got hungry. There was also slightly later my brother who a little than changed from our the last with him meetings. In total such high, slightly puny guy continuing to start up silly jokes in situations, inappropriate for it. Already then I began to catch myself on a thought that all this trip — very silly idea, it was necessary to remain at home. No someone then it in general could concern? Yes and on the burning "M.'s "eyes it was clear that the girl already became impregnated with this invention and wants to distract somewhat quicker from work. * * * Already through couple of hours we reached the necessary town nearby from the city. The father and the brother pottered with tents, an I helped "M. "to cover a glade. Yes and it was simply necessary to unload bags from the car. There was warm spring weather therefore each of us preferred light clothes. Yes we also arrived all here only for one night, having well been completed with the products, necessary for rest. Business approached evening. Tents were ready, an a glade is spread. Having taken seat poblizhe to each other, we began to eat. All it was exactly according to that scenario which I built at myself in the head one week prior to this trip the Father it is expected I poisoned baizes, having fairly gathered alcohol, the brother, all so I tried to assent to him, without releasing a bottle of foam from hands. "M "I tried to accompany this company and on my surprise even I laughed and I giggled from the next and silly joke about Vovochku. When already absolutely darkened and the fire began to die away, we with "M. "went to a tent. "M. "I was under the necessary degree what I was surprised too to. She isn't able to drink, yes and in general does it very seldom. Probably, working everyday life strongly frayed this lovely creation which soon after later threw on me the soft legs and tried to fall asleep. I was chopped off quicker than the girl, a through a dream felt as she having slightly touched my hand somewhere left. Ne having given it values, I continued to sleep. Suddenly she went to celebrate need? * * * Bright light from the screen of my mobile phone blinded my sleepy external look. I accidentally touched the phone and it considered the debt to blind my sleepy neraskryvshiyesya eyes. Having twisted the person, I looked at time and understood that not more than an hour a deep sigh overslept having heaved, I stared in a ceiling of the tent and understood that "M. "are absent so me nearby. No where she? I began to remember how I through a dream felt her leaving. Where could she be? Having listened to noise around itself, my ears were offended by rustle, my tent reaching because of limits. He seems I went from the party where the father left the car. No why the father didn't fall asleep yet? There can be it the brother? In the head some voprosymne it were necessary to get out quietly of the lodging for the night and to go to a source hated to me noise. I hid behind a tent of my father and turned the look on his car near which there were all my satellites. Even it was absolutely visible to me from here all in what they were engaged What was seen forced me to stop and fall into a stupor. My heartbeat amplified and I just couldn't move, a my dick foully got up. "M "I sat on knees directly near the car of my father and very diligently and tremblingly I sucked away dicks of my satellites. It was cool, but "M. "didn't stop it and I absolutely distinctly heard how she smacked the lips. It seemed all they under alcohol and still none of them tried to lay down to sleep. Having got accustomed, I understood that on my girl only one light olympic sweatshirt and kapron tights from under which her brand new narrow thongs with which she teased me since morning were seen. a porn stories the Father with the brother didn't hesitate to load with work her mouth, trying to push more deeply and quicker. I continued to watch events, continuing to hear knock of pulse in the ears. Through kakoye-to "M. "stopped sucking away time and the company moved to the glade covered earlier with us where "M. "having moved apart legs settled on a back. Then I saw how the father pushed aside my brother and having greedy torn tights "M. ", the Brother came into her continued to test a mouth of my girl for durability. My girl almost didn't rustle, an if tried to publish what-to sound, then men closed her a mouth, roughly threatening with punishment. I continued to hear pulsing in the ears and didn't twitch from the place, watching a picture. The dick continued to burn from excitement. It was very pleasant to me and it is at the same time very a shame. I didn't move. Having hung over "M. ", the father very powerfully fucked her, calling the dirty whore, the brother drove the oblong dick with her directly into a throat, having put sweaty balls on her cute face. Then became me absolutely badly, but at that moment, the brother already found the comfortable place under my girl, having laid her on himself and having inserted into an anal. The girl plaintively and pleasantly began to whimper, trying to do it as it is possible more quietly, the man's a roughly drove her in both holes and didn't think of a stop at all. Then reached me that from us with "M. "nobody took any condoms, but there were already late Powerful dicks of males broke off my girl from within, I also didn't notice a how my dick appeared in my hand. Yes, I nadrachival him, looking at all this picture. The father hung over "M. ", having reeled up her soft hair to himself on a hand and continued to fuck, venomously pointing my girl to her place under dicks. The brother just lay on a back directly under "M. ", holding it for a breast and too didn't hesitate in "flatter" words in the address of my girl No what "M. "? I didn't resist "M "at all and submissively I assented to each word of the males. Na my surprise, periodically she also called herself the dirty whore, only humiliating herself in eyes of its owners more. I understood that all it brings her just fantastic pleasure. She feels herself the goddess, and the desired goddess. No to hear and see it for me was too opposite, dirty and nasty, together with it, all it was pleasant to me and got so as didn't get earlier therefore I completely agreed with my satellites. While I did for myself all these conclusions, "M. "already stood dog-fashion in the ripped kapron tights and now the owner of her main hole was my brother who pulled her hair and very rhythmically tapped with balls from the speed gained by him. The father left to the car, a returned later with the cam with which I began to shoot all process. The brother and "M. "didn't hesitate of anything at all any more. Abundance of poses, dirt, lusts and chmora in the address "M. "didn't force long themselves zhdatso all dirty words in the address "M. "absolutely agreed. It seemed that her head was absolutely disconnected. Ne it was necessary to forget also o the fact that all company was in a condition of intoxication. To "M "in turn it was given to my father, my brother. I watched it about twenty more minutes, didn't terminate itself Later yet, I hurried to leave in the tent, having made a look that I saw nothing. In several minutes ko to me also "M. "returned. Out of breath, she fell asleep, having embraced me behind, I made by an a look that I sleep. Became not on itself