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She looked magnificently: the dress which is poured, sewed on a figure, above knees, open shoes on high heels, fur, in appearance pestsovaya a sleeveless jacket, a handbag from Louis Vuitton, a saloon make-up, hair are set in it is impossible a high hairstyle. Without greetings, without excess words she, slightly reeling, I passed by the surprised man, having drenched him with aroma of spirits and women's cosmetics. Only one time Timofey Sergeyevich saw this charming senhorita when she sat on passenger sitting of Porsche Kayena. Then the owner of the apartment was driving, Timofey Sergeyevich also agreed with him, paid him for rent money, in that time as excitingly the attractive young person, it seemed, on him even and didn't look. And now she stood in the middle of the apartment, inspecting a situation a foggy look, and, probably, not absolutely thinking where she is. Timofey Sergeyevich closed a door. Having heard noise, the secular panther turned back, and looked at it with the surprised look, having unexpectedly asked: — A you someone? — Timofey Sergeyevich. — A where Roma? — What Roma? — He at me rents apartment. — Excuse, I at you rent apartment. — You?! The hot beauty, as it seemed, even slightly sobered because she stared at the elderly man with undisguised disappointment. Probably, she went here to Roma (can, he removed this apartment earlier), a found not Roma, an of the unfamiliar pensioner in an old house dressing gown at all. — Pancake, precisely. As I could forget. He left — and the magnificent butterfly is bewitching I stood on the place as if absolutely I became puzzled, without knowing what to her next to do. She continued to look at the elderly man, but thoughts already was somewhere far. She was developed and, not strong gait reached a chair, having told: — I will sit down — hard fell by him. — I Was tired for some reason today — she unclear told someone, whether to Timofey Sergeyevich, whether herself. She absent-mindedly began to watch the TV though hardly dialogues of o to fishing could attract her attention. The elderly man didn't know how to conduct himself with the girl who almost in two with a half of time is younger than him. She made horney him, she attracted him; it was infinitely pleasant to be with her nearby, on her to watch, feel its proximity, I began to smell her. The highest manifestation of femininity. The fact that it was pyanenkoy installed shy hope that she, in the end of the ends, to herself will admit it. Having suddenly left a stupor, the nymph radiating with sexual energy took off a fur sleeveless jacket, got in the Louis Vuitton, and got a brandy bottle from there. — Rum, bring, please, glasses — she told, when Timofey Sergeyevich brought a, she with astonishment looked at him — You aren't Roma. Roma left. Even I didn't drink so me on proshchanye. Give though you so me bitterns. How you are called? — Timofey Sergeyevich, but you can name me Roma. — A call me Angela, let's drink. They drank. The girl lit directly here, at a table (she could afford it, she is a hostess of this apartment). She, probably, again departured in intoxicated waste, forgetting where she and with someone she. — As, Roma, I at you wasn't long ago — she told but, having looked through smoke at the man sitting before her, here burst out laughing — I forgot again that you not he. Poor memory. — Anything terrible. — I will sit here a little and I will go home. By the way, at you is what to have a snack? — Sausage and fruit. — Perfectly, bear. It was thrown on kitchen, cut and brought. When returned, I saw that Angela tries to fill a glass, but a bigger part by. It took a bottle from her hands and itself filled glasses (itself(himself) slightly, a to the girl almost full) cut. — Legs on heels terribly were tired — Angela complained. — So you remove them. Give I to you I will help — and he, having obligingly fallen on one knees, I began to undo fasteners on shoes, removing them. Angela had beautiful legs! Smooth faultless skin, ideal ankles, equal fingers, bright pedicure.— O, is so really more best though, it wasn't worth doing it, equally now back to dress all. The young woman took out one more sigarette from a pack, lit. I released a cloud of smoke and suddenly I burst out laughing: — You represent, today Ritka in club climbed on a podium and let's be turned on a pole, an itself in a skirt, to her it is inconvenient. Well she then takes also a skirt such lifts up — actively gesticulating as showing, Angela at the last words lifts up too (from one party) and without that a short hem of the dress, even without noticing it, continues to tell with enthusiasm. The dress so also remains lifted up, having bared a magnificent hip of the girl. Timofey Sergeyevich did a look that doesn't notice so juicy ogolyonnosti, but devours him with edge of an eye, being made horney, and dreams only of one: to reduce a distance, to stretch a hand, to touch a female leg. He even slightly moved closer to Angela, continuing to do a look that with enthusiasm listens. Having terminated the story, divine Angela extinguished a cigarette, took a bag and rose because of a table: — I should go home — with sudden determination (though and the braided language) she told. — A as a shoe?! — Timofey Sergeyevich reminded. Angela looked down and smiled: — I also forgot — sat down back on a chair — give, put on back. The man fell by one knee again. The girl raised a leg, thus lit the white panties. — Wait — she suddenly told, and again I rose. — I to the ladies' room — also proceeded in the bathroom (the toilet is combined with the bathroom) Timofey Petrovich sat down back at a table. He desperately didn't want that the sexy nymph left him, a were always on the mind pictures of her naked hip and suddenly sparkled panties. Really it is not a dream? Really everything occurs in reality. From a toilet the sound of the water flowing from the crane reached, then he abated. The girl left. Strongly shook her, the last drunk glasses gave o to themselves the nobility. By miracle without having dropped anything, Angela approached the sitting Timofey Sergeyevich and — is unexpected — villages to him on knees. He adequately accepted this sacred gift from heaven. He embraced the girl for a waist and pressed to himself. A the girl stretched to a table and took an orange circle. Having torn a thin skin, she broke off an orange wheel and began to absorb pulp. Timofey Sergeyevich understood that if he wishes to make it — now time. And he put a hand on a knee to Angela. Measurement. Ne having met resistance, slowly I slid a palm on a smooth female leg, moving ahead further, to a hip, climbing under a skirt. The girl suddenly found an impudent palm and indignantly she flung away - It is what it? — Anything! — Ne it is necessary to do so! — Well, Angela, I won't be. And the girl reached for the next orange wheel: — I love oranges — she told. — I too — Timofey Sergeyevich answered, waited time, and again got under a dress to the young beauty. And in that time as she with enthusiasm absorbed orange fragments, the man completely accustomed at her under a hem, feeling a thigh, reached to Anzhelina of a buttock. No the girl as if having come up the next time from intoxicated waste sharply flung away a male palm and promptly rose. And here her strongly downloaded erotic stories. — Opppa! Chto-to began to whirl the head! — she told, having grabbed for balance the man's shoulder. When the storm slightly ceased, Angela opened eyes, inspected the room and saw a bed. — I Will go I will lie down a little — she told, approached a bed. The bed was straightened. The girl laid down on a bed prone, but not absolutely on a stomach, a slightly on one side, thus she bent the right leg in a hip and a little in a knee that it was more convenient to lie. Her dress thus was lifted up, having almost half bared a bottom, and showing a men's look lack of panties. The man didn't believe the eyes. No pants were! White, he saw them! No now they are absent! Also the bulked-up, shameless female pussy is well visible. No when the girl managed to take off pants? Likely, when went to a toilet! Can, I removed and I forgot them to put on back! A can, was made horney so that specially I made it! Timofey Sergeyevich's brain already thought nothing. The dick stood as as if he drank Viagra. Blood raged. Heart without restraint beat. Vo all body there was a militant shiver. He sat down on a bed with the lying young lady nearby, examining her intimate delights. I stretched a hand and completely I lifted up a dress, baring the back of the girl. It was inclined, examining hills and the gorge dividing buttocks which on a narrow isthmus passed into other gorge which darkened from excitement. Here truly, drunk woman vizbe not the hostess. Timofey Sergeyevich stretched a hand and assigned to the soft, bulked-up hot pussy. Fingers failed in a wonderful flower where also happiness was damp! The second it began to stroke-oar Angela's bottom, surveying the concerning hills and the cozy hollow between them. The girl curved a bottom as a cat. Means, he I didn't sleep, and I wasn't going to sleep. She wanted caress, the man couldn't her (yes and to itself) to refuse it. Strokings, squeezings, kisses, caress fingers, caress language — and the girl was developed on a back, moving apart legs, substituting the bud to a happy bumblebee. Having much regaled on her juice, the bumblebee lays down from above and starts inside the sting. The truth at a stage of aiming occurred a small hitch — the long lack of trainings, but, in the end of the ends, even without the women's help affected, everything came true successfully — the target was hit. The butterfly was pinned by a pin, and began to groan and coil, embracing the partner hands, kissing and lifting up lotus stalks up. — O, yes! Rum, Yes! Yes! Weigh absorbed by the procedure of knowledge, Timofey Sergeyevich suddenly thought — that it is even strange: such feeling, as if Angela's husband absolutely her not ёб. Well, nothing, he will correct matrimonial carelessness now. As if the diligent miner he hollowed a female subsoil, receiving a high, delivering a high, filling air with both the and women's happy groans. A then when was tired to be from above, it laid down on one side — and again long aimed; Angela patiently waited, having set up the pussy. Hit! Rhythmical course of the piston. Caress, caress, caress, caress. Magic process of intimate unity. The only question which arose in Timofey Sergeyevich's head: where to cum: inside or outside? And while he over this problem thought — he began to cum. Inside. Time so it turned out — he took from this the maximum pleasure, and didn't leave hospitable pyanenkuyu a vagina till that time, didn't let out the last drop yet.