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In 16 years I already understood clearly what I want, and waited for that moment when I become whose — a thing whose-to a muse whose-to relaxation flash to Me was knocked by 19 years when parents for the first time made what was pleasant to me — they gave me in marriage for the rich, imperious man. Yes it not to transfer the elite district of the city of Lust by words! Here on each corner are fucked, gryaznota and the passion boils 24 on 7 here. In this area there is a division on main and collateral, mister and a thing, masters and his doll here it is my dream. Here not only money, but and rich nature of the person, the person having over the power not only firms, business or, in the general solves, money, can implicitly have also the power over such as I. Exactly here, that house which dreams to get each bag of our city. Here my dream of Hm That concerns love. I love the master, the dominant, the husband. With him I lived 7 years, I very strongly love him, I forever would remain his thing, but — Aleksandra, you hear, than I tell o to you? Sasha slowly turned away the head from for tinted windows of "Lincoln" — black and one of the most expensive limousines of this brand. Having put hands on knees, she looked in eyes of the husband. Ee the smile slowly, with grace showed all attentiveness and readiness to serve. stories erotic —— Aleksandra — the 28-letny husband insistently asked ee — you are precisely sure that you are ready to it? — Yes, master. I am confident in it. — I can take you with myself, I definitely don't know how long you should live in this nursery Still time think, you can depart so me — expecting the answer, the rich man threw the hand for a back of a leather back seat. Aleksandra it is only dead I smiled. In general at Sasha from 16 years of emotion weren't shown. Parents thought that this threshold will be till the end of life, but as it appeared, Aleksandra quickened when joined the favourite subject. — Darling, I don't joke! This house, concourse of garbage! — in panic he began to shout. — Well if, you so wish if I arrive, then I will take away you from there. Do you understand me? Sasha told nothing. She silently gently began to kiss the husband. Ee slowly crept over a kiss on his unshaven cheek, an as she reached a throat she slowly began to lick to him a neck. — I quite understand, than I tell o, and all my desires which are saved up from the childhood will are carried out exactly there I have to break through there, my Mister. His hands stretched to ee to a neck. — Well that ж. It is your choice. Notice how only you will go out of the car — I am not your Mister. His hands touched a gold pendant - a lock which held a gold metal collar of the heroine. He presented this collar to her after the wedding, in the sign of faithful and long service on their joint happy life at once. No now his hands undid this precious gift, and, having rejected ee black as coal hair, removed as the lock, so and a collar. — I feel myself empty without him — Nothing, you will have other owner soon. — Ne worry, my darling, you are my most favourite Master. His hand slowly slipped on Aleksandra's leg. Touching everyone mikrodyrochku on ee white stockings, he enclosed in the touches at most of tenderness and love. At Sasha eyes were closed, and she began slowly, but loudly to groan. Feeling heat in the car, even the driver of this limousine was very intense, on his person sweat already began to appear. That time, Sashin the husband got it into pants and began to mass it a clitoris from what, at Sasha the wave of groans broke through through lips. — No, so won't go. Remove them! Obeying the order, Aleksandra lifted up the legs and removed white lacy panties, and as it was ordered, put them on a palm to the patron. — Perfectly — he continued — a, now, I will finish begun. His fingers pushed Sashiny panties to it in a mouth, without giving, that most, to it to publish sounds. Already without ceremonies, his fingers went down under a skirt and safely got into Sashinu to Vagin. And that without emotional burning brunette had bright emotions of pleasure. Ee the hand didn't control the actions, Sasha didn't think that the she at first stroke-oared a jacket of the husband, a then and at all grasped him. Sashiny brown eyes rose and began to look in the Gospodin's eyes. This live look showed on what she is ready to terminate in any second, only to hear his order — Khm-khm — the driver interrupted newlyweds — Sir, we arrived. — Thanks, Lev — in embarrassment answered the rich man to the driver. He without hurrying I pulled out panties because of a mouth of the wife. And holding them in a hand I kissed ee in the last time. How to begin the phrase "on farewell", he thrust the wet finger to it into a mouth which Sasha, with pleasure vymola. — Protect yourself. If so to turn out, I will take away you from here, I promise Okh that I bear Be happy!