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I undressed and went to the bathing room, having taken a shower and having wound with a towel, I entered the hall where on a table there was a food and candles from which the pleasant aroma proceeded. — What for an occasion? — even it was felt wrong here, really I forgot what-to memorable date. — Unless the occasion is necessary to have supper with the beloved husband by candlelight? — she presented me with a charming smile. — I won't remember Chto-to that just had so supper by candlelight? — I all still touched dates in the head. — Sit down at a table, a that all will cool down. I sat down and the wife didn't force itself to wait long, here only too when she sat down, she very strongly bent, so that her breasts delayed floors of a dressing gown under the weight and it became perfectly visible to me that there is no brassiere on her. Having fallen by a chair, she still time to me smiled and undertook table devices. I poured wine on glasses and we were accepted to food. Vo dinner time I felt the excitement growing in me and more and more often threw views of the wife, into features on her depression in the ground between boobies. The towel began to be bulged slowly on a measure of increase in the dick. — Chto-to not so? — the wife lifted on me an interrogative look, thus corners of her fine lips stretched in a smile. — Everything is normal, here is only a little quite stuffy, probably, because of a candle. — Yes, probably, a candle search. — she bent forward, her lips were extended in a tubule and she blew into a candle flame. In the head the picture as these lips flashed touch a head of the dick, being gradually moved apart, passing a head in a mouth cavity, having densely clasped a trunk, a back slide then further, leaving for themselves a damp trace from saliva. — not tasty Food? — the wife from the world of imaginations returned me. — Yes, no. Everything is very tasty. Thanks, darling. — Then, can be, a dessert? — she undertook floors of a dressing gown and began to part them in the parties. I presented how she will throw off now a dressing gown under which there is no linen, will lay down on a table and having moved apart legs, will begin to apply the shaken-up cream on sexual sponges. No she only made a cut more, so that auras of nipples became visible, got up and carried away ware on kitchen. She returned with two glasses of an ice cream. When she put ice cream on a table, I noticed her look which fell to my towel which already rose not on a joke. All further occurred as if in a sweet erotic dream. The wife took a spoon of ice cream in a mouth and having bent ko to me, kissed me on lips. Language she began to push through to me in a mouth this piece of ice cream, from heat of our languages it quickly thawed, leaving after itself(himself) inexpressible feeling, mix of heat and cold. Her hands laid down to me on a breast and began to fall down, reached a towel and opened it, releasing the member from this unnecessary thing. I was removed on a chair from a table that she could enjoy hands my dick. She squeezed him, slid on him a hand and again squeezed. I felt as her breath became frequent, giving her extent of excitement. I began to caress her breast at first through fabric of a dressing gown, a started then a hand under a dressing gown. Her nipples bulked up and hardened, under a dressing gown was hot, it seemed, this heat proceeds from a subsoil of her excited vagina. I wanted to check it and I started a hand from below under a dressing gown, having touched internal side of a hip, I began to raise a hand above, I already felt heat from her bosom and suddenly, the wife was slightly removed and having fallen by knees adjoined lips the dick. Warm, gentle, moist lips touched sensitive skin of a head of the dick, she clasped with hands a trunk and having swallowed a head, began to drive on her language. Then she released a head from a mouth, but not for a long time, only putting one more spoon of ice cream in a mouth and again swallowed a head. Now she language pressed a piece of ice cream pressed and drove around a head. Because of sensitive skin, it seemed that ice cream obzhigayushche cold, a her language hot. Ice cream gradually thawed and filtering between lips flew down on a trunk. When it completely thawed, the wife swallowed ice cream and began to pinch him so a trunk as if from an eskimo stick. Having finished, she got up and threw off a dressing gown on a floor, under him nothing is valid nebylo. Having approached a table, she removed ware and sat down on an edge, having defiantly moved apart legs. Her sexual lips already moist from lubricant, zazyvno were slightly opened, showing an entrance to a vagina full of love nectar. I drew near poblizhe and involved a nose this great aroma of the horney woman, I carried out by a language tip between sexual lips, collecting nectar. She put the hand to me on the head, pressing my person to a perineum and giving an opportunity to my language it is deeper to get into the wife's vagina. Then she deviated back, one hand she leaned the elbows on a table, an another lowered my head below so that my nose plunged into a vagina, a language buried in an anus ringlet. Darling was thrilled with my caress and bringing her pleasure, I was made horney even stronger. Under a pressure of my language, the ringlet of an anus parted and let in him buttocks. Having enjoyed caress, it tore off my head from a perineum and put to me in a mouth an ice cream spoon, anything is explained by her pressed my mouth to a vagina again. A language tip I pressed this piece of ice cream to a clitoris, it thawed and flew down on sexual lips on an anus ringlet. Language I pinched an ice cream which mixed up with your juice. In your hand banana appeared, you removed from it a peel, and began to push through slowly it to yourself in a mouth as as if it is not banana, the dick. Having a little licked him, you set up him to the pussy and superficially entered him into a vagina, slow, forward movements, you began to fuck yourself banana. Then you pulled out him and brought to my mouth, it was plentifully covered with your allocations. — Ne to bite. — with a smile on a face, the wife said. I opened a mouth and absorbed banana, as far as a smog, taste of banana and the female pussy, a magnificent combination of tastes. Having allowed me to lick banana, she inserted it into a vagina again. — Oh. — she said and showed me in a hand a half of banana. The second part of banana failed in depth of a vagina, sexual lips swore when banana finally plunged into a vagina. I pulled a hand to the pussy of the wife and was going to ship in her fingers to pull out a banana piece. — Ne it is necessary, I want that we passed to the bedroom. It got down so a table and went to the bedroom prizyvchivo wagging hips, I followed afterwards for her representing as the piece of banana moves in her when walking. Having come into the bedroom, she laid down on a bed and showed that I lay down nearby, I so also made. I laid down, she climbed on me from above and we began to kiss passionately, my hands caressed her back, squeezed buttocks, one finger I pushed between hemispheres of buttocks and began to stroke an anus ringlet. My dick was clamped between our stomachs, the wife rose slightly povyshe and nestled on him a pubis. In a step to my movements, she began to rub a pubis about a dick. As she rose povyshe, I could kiss her fine gentle neck now, I was made horney by each piece of her body, it began to be curved from my kisses and to pain to nestle a pubis on the dick. stories erotic She rose still povyshe, substituting my uvula the nipples, now the dick rested against damp sexual sponges. "Really she wants to be stuck on a dick, she has a banana inside" the thought flew in my head. Sexual sponges clasped a head of the dick, the wife slightly priopustilas and a head plunged into a vagina and here I felt as she rested against banana. Na it advance of the dick ended, short movements the wife played with a head of the dick, allowing her to get superficially into a vagina as far as banana allowed, and pulled out back. It seemed to me that with each movement, banana potikhonkuprovalivalsya is deeper. Still there is a little poyeloziv on the dick, the wife rose and the head got out of a vagina. At first the wife walked on my person boobies, then held up the tummy and here at last her pussy appeared at my person, she literally sat down on my person, her sexual lips said goodbye to my lips, the clitoris rested against a nose and she began to rub slightly him about a nose tip. I put out tongue to pinch lubricant from sexual lips, I began to push it in a vagina trying to reach banana, but probably it was rather deeply therefore that as I tried at me it didn't turn out to touch him. The wife slightly stood up, so that her sexual lips appeared in centimeters of fifteen from my person, she began to strain vagina muscles, it was perfectly visible to me as anus muscles relax, thus sexual lips dispersed in the party, pass to a vagina contracted, an urethra on the contrary slightly rose and extended. After several such exercises, banana began to leave slowly a vagina when it got out rather well, I grasped him lips and extended the remains from a vagina. The wife fell so me nearby and was stuck by a mouth on banana, so, that our lips adjoined, she bit off it and began to chew, I too with pleasure ate the piece of banana. Having chewed and having swallowed, she strong kissed me on lips, then sat down on me from above, ko to me and at last my dick appeared a back in its hot and damp peshcherke. She began to rise and fall slowly on is mute, then she bent forward and her buttocks appeared to me in all beauty, her sexual lips densely clasped the basis of the dick. It was inconvenient to move in such situation, but probably the wife also wasn't going to do it, the head of the dick densely nestled on a back wall of a vagina. I began to stroke buttocks, without having kept I touched with an index finger a ringlet of an anus and began to stroke skin around him. The wife moved slightly responding to my caress with reciprocity back, probably she was doesn't mind, then I began to act more safely, having moistened a finger with saliva I began to enter slowly it into buttocks, but it entered not deeply as almost at once I rested against a dick. The wife began to move gradually, trying that the finger got into her buttocks poglubzhe, but the dick in a vagina didn't allow to make it. Then the wife got down from me and got up in kolenno an elbow pose, I was attached to her behind and the dick entered into a vagina, an implanted an average finger into buttocks. Through a thin wall of a vagina I felt the finger in the wife's buttocks as if there was no partition. I began to move the dick to a vagina and tried to move at the same time a finger in buttocks, it turned out not very synchronously, but probably the wife had enough also it, her wild groans began to be carried on the bedroom, she began to move a basin to me towards, forcing me deeper to get into her holes. In ecstasy she pushed a hand to herself between legs and began to caress the clitoris, I made the last movement and with a force nestled on the wife, my dick began to pulse in her, filling her vagina with a cum, a second later, afterwards covered the wife with an orgasm, I accurately took a finger from buttocks, the dick left an inside. I to her put hands on a back and waited when the orgasm wave falls down. She slowly got down from the falling-down dick and laid down widely having placed legs. I sat down between her legs and looked as from the slightly opened vagina the cum follows, I collected it by a finger and smeared on sexual lips and a ringlet of an anus, the wife helped me pushing out portions of a cum from a vagina. I lay down with her nearby and embraced her, she turned ko to me and kissed me on lips. She overturned me on a back, climbed on me from above, I felt her hot damp pussy who nestled on my stomach. — If you think that on it everything, then you are mistaken, everything only begins. With these words she began to go down below, she moved apart my legs and villages between them, she took in the hand my sluggish dick and bent to him. Zagoliv a head, it approached him lips, at first it povadila it on lips, a then started it in a mouth, having carefully licked a head, she swallowed him completely. From such show, I felt as blood began to be flowed to the dick and it began to increase, forcing my wife to let out slowly him from a mouth. When the firmness returned to the dick, the wife let out him on will, drew near slightly poblizhe and clamped him between boobies and began slowly podrachivat him. With each movement she touched with lips a head sometimes letting in her a mouth. Having played enough, she rose ko to me and stuck into my lips, the taste of her lubricant alternately so a cum made horney to a limit. Having turned over in a pose "69", she set up me the pussy. I was bewitched by this show, slightly swelled up a little and moist sexual lips slightly opened a pink entrance to a vagina. Having taken the wife for hips, I seated her to myself on the person, having literally buried in her perineum I with greed stuck into her pussy, I was absorbed in her buttocks, a language began to drive on vagina walls, for a while I came off to take a sip air and with a new force began to lick the beloved wife. Even I don't know to someone it was pleasant more, soon the wife herself began to nestle with a force on my person, I knew that to be pleasant to the wife more when you caress a clitoris, an it was left without attention, an I couldn't come off her magnificent vagina, it was selfish from my party therefore it was necessary to me will switch to a clitoris. Now my nose was covered by sexual lips. The wife one hand held a dick, an another massed balls. Then her finger having moved apart my buttocks I nestled on an anus and I stopped in indecision, then I bent one leg in a knee facilitating access to the buttocks. The wife truly interpreted this gesture and having moistened a finger with saliva began to enter him into buttocks. Having taken a dick in a mouth, she observed as her finger enters buttocks, having entered him till the end she began to move him pulling out almost till the end and inserting it back at all length. I began involuntarily began to approach fingers her buttocks, in it to a pose it was extremely inconvenient and at me it didn't turn out to enter a finger in any way, everything that I needed to stroke it gentle, smooth skin of a sphincter. No probably such outcome didn't suit the wife, she pulled out a finger from my buttocks, the dick released and sat down on kortochki, hands she moved apart buttocks and held up my playful uvula the buttocks. I with pleasure carried out by language on soft skin of a sphincter, in the answer he at first slightly contracted, a then relaxed as if inviting me, than I also used. Having squeezed through a hard muscle of an anus which and not especially that resisted, I was at peak of pleasure, to touch with language thin stenochkam of an anus so pleasantly as and vagina walls. Languid sighs of my wife, said o the fact that to her it brings pleasure too. Soon anus muscles completely relaxed and my uvula without work scurried about in the wife's buttocks. Hands I began to warm up her a breast, she moved a buttocks being stuck on my language. Being exhausted from desire, she got down from my face, was developed and having taken my dick in a hand began to sit down on him, the head slipped on sexual lips and rested against buttocks. At first I thought that the wife missed, but when the wife began to fall slowly and the head began to plunge into buttocks, I understood that the wife didn't miss. A head of the dick it is obvious more the my language as anus muscles densely clasped her, the not less head slowly got inside. The wife rested one hand to me against a breast, a second holding a dick pushed through him in herself. Then she took away a hand and completely fell, she laid down on me, anus muscles densely clasped a dick, they were reduced trying to push out this foreign subject. The wife lay on me without moving, too didn't move not to cause her excess pain, yes I and didn't want to move, and it was so very pleasant to me. When spasms died away, the wife began to move slowly, gradually increasing amplitude of movements. In a minute the dick freely moved in buttocks and we with the wife could enjoy process. Her sexual sponges rubbed o my pubis covering it with vaginal allocations. Chutpripodnyavshis the wife began to be stuck stronger on a dick, forcing him to enter more deeply when she completely sat down, I saw her juicy pussy, the dick to the basis plunged into buttocks. I put hands to her on hips and feeling approach of an orgasm as it is possible stronger pressed her to myself, the dick with an inconceivable force pulsed in buttocks being thrown up by a cum. The wife put a hand to herself on the pussy and in several movements itself reached an orgasm, muscles of a vagina, an and an anus began to be reduced at the same time now. The wife fell and kissed me on lips. — A now in a bathtub, it is necessary to bring itself into an order to the next running. — I Am afraid that I for a long time descended from a distance. — Ne worry, I know how to return you to a system. While we stirred my friend decreased in sizes and slipped out buttocks. The wife got down from me and went to the bathroom, I went afterwards. We both got into a bathtub and I drew a curtain, the wife gave me in hands a shower nozzle, an itself bent behind the piece of soap which fell to a bathroom bottom. I saw that the buttocks till the end weren't closed and walls of an anus, a so white liquid in buttocks were visible, I said o the fact that a cum yet not all followed. The wife rose and turned ko to me, her look fell to my friend. — It is necessary to process properly it, I won't let such dirty creature in myself. With these words she stretched me a piece of soap, I wanted to tell her that she included water, but when she put one leg on the region of the bathroom, an of a hand lowered to the pussy, I didn't believe the happiness, my darling wanted to pee on me, let for the beginning though and on a dick, it was already progress. She moved apart sexual sponges in the parties, the first stream got to me on a hip, then hands she corrected the direction and warm liquid poured down on my dick. Having finished писять, the wife took away from me a nozzle and soap, a leg she so and didn't remove. — It was pleasant? — Very much. — did you dream Of it? — Well almost, and on this thanks. — do you Want bigger? — It is possible A? — Well, I think that it is possible. A now your turn to wash me. — It is sure? — Yes. I directed a dick to the pussy and was accepted писять, I tried that the stream got on a clitoris, but the wife began to move a basin, substituting sexual sponges under a stream. — it not so is nasty A as it seemed to me, it is even a little pleasant. It included water and began to soap a perineum, then transferred soap to me. I carefully soaped a dick, zagolil a head, too soaped buttocks. Having rinsed by water we went to the bedroom, before than to lay down on a bed, the wife laid an oilcloth, a then one more sheet, then got from a bedside table butylek, similar to shampoo. — This massage oil. If you want bigger, then prove that you can deliver to me pleasure. She laid down on a stomach, took away so backs and necks hair and having turned the head on a side covered eyes. I opened butylek, at once on the room the pleasant aroma of flowers was carried, having sat down over the wife I squeezed out a little oil to her on a back. One hand I pounded oil on a back, then added a few and put butylek on a bedside table. Two hands I began to rub oil in a back and shoulders, the wife began to publish pleasure sounds, I saw hands from a tailbone to cervical vertebras, then passed to shoulders and back. Having squeezed out a few oil in a hand, I moved below, now I massed hips and buttocks, the wife moved apart legs that I could mass their internal part. When I stretched muscles of hips, watched closely the wife's pussy, sexual lips dispersed in the party, opening an entrance to a vagina, a then were again closed. When I finished so stupnyam, the wife turned over on a back, she so parted legs, I sat down between her legs. I poured oil on a breast and a stomach, from my touches to soft boobies of a nipple bulked up and hardened, gentle movements I pounded oil on a stomach falling below and below. And here I reached a pubis, the wife set a basin towards to my hand, I poured oil directly on sexual lips and began to rub it. The clitoris too slightly bulked up, yes and my dick began to come to life. Breath at the wife became frequent, her body came to the movement from my caress, hands she began to squeeze the breast, the basin began to rise in a step to the movements of my hand. It was possible to pass to active actions, the fingers covered with oil without work got into a vagina, I was active two fingers in the pussy, an a big finger of other hand stroked a clitoris. Groans were added to the speeded-up breath, from her groans I began to be made horney wildly, my dick already completely got stronger. The wife tightened knees to a breast, so my fingers began to get more deeply into her, thus the buttocks rose too. One hand she undertook a dick and sent it to the pussy, from abundance of massage oil the dick easily entered, nesmotrya on the fact that there were my fingers. Having inserted a dick at all length I stood, it was impossible to move both the dick and fingers, then I leaned one hand on a bed, having left fingers in a vagina and slowly began movements with a basin, gradually gaining speed. The wife clasped me with legs for a waist helping me to enter her stronger. Na dive of pleasure, I pulled out fingers from a vagina, seized with two hands the wife by hips and pressed her to myself as it is possible more strong, having tired out a dick to an emphasis, I began to fill her vagina with a cum. Exhausted I lay down with her nearby.