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In day of point I got up, undressed and began to put on to point. I put on black, tights, I pulled them to a belt and I began to think, whether to put on pants. Everything equally under a dress will be visible nothing. I decided to put on directly so, on a naked body a magnificent dress. Having suffered a few, I could distinguish as it is arranged and as it to put on. No it was the easiest, ahead there was a hairstyle, makiyazhodevshis, I took spare clothes and went to point. The palace Vo was very beautifully and festively. Everywhere fires burned, quiet music played and it is full of food on tables. Fully to the people stood in a circle around the main scene where had to dance waltzes. I learned among guests Twisted, my old friend. We always together went to school and well were on friendly terms. He recognized me too and we got to talking. Spoke so until the leader announced a competition on the queen of point. I foreknew someone will win. So also was. I was announced and I left. At this moment I was in the center of attention of all semicircle of people. People there were likely more than one thousand and all looked on changing o the fact that I am a nymphomaniac often thought. No now even not from it. I just wanted sex. When all look at you — it very much makes horney. And I was made horney. The waltz began. I was invited by Willie, and we danced. He even sweated, so I hungrily looked at him and undressed eyes. Vo dance time I turned to most of people a back and put Willie's hand to myself on a hip so that it was visible to all him from under a magnificent dress. Dance was magic. Then I though distracted from desire. Dance terminated, and we went at tables is. Willie whispered to me on an ear. — You it is simple volshebna! — Do you want to be engaged so in me in love in it? — I asked him also in a whisper. He was obviously shocked, but nodded-soglasilsya. Vo while I ate, I felt food time that ko to me under a dress someone-to climbed. At first I was frightened, but then understood that it is whose-to boy. He climbed and at once wanted to get out, having noticed that it was marked. No I to him didn't give it to make legs. I seized him and he stayed at me there until I ate. Then we went to look for what-nibud free room. When we left, I saw that the boy ran away and cried. It brought me even more. The palace Vo there were no free rooms. No to us pointed to a small lodge in the yard in the party from all. There was nobody. We entered there and included light. It was the small, but smart lodge, with the huge room, with a big sofa on the center, a fireplace, plasma and glass walls and a door. Completely all glass. I took Willie for a hand and dragged on a sofa. — At you sometime was with the princess? Now will be. — coquettishly I spoke, having sat down on a sofa and undoing it trousers. I lowered trousers together with pants. To me in a face the elastic, got-up dick jumped out. The head wasn't opened completely. I took him in a hand, looked at Willie and the dick took in a mouth, having thrust him almost entirely. Lips I pulled a head and the guy breathed heavily. Minute I massaged a dick and licked. Then I released it, laid down poudobnee on a sofa. — Give, go ko to me. Be rubbed off about me. You it for certain still so wanted school. — by a passionate voice I told, a name in a look that I it wanted so school. Shaking a penis, he climbed on me. I slightly moved apart legs, but didn't raise knees. He applied a dick to my perineum and began to drive him there-syuda, to be rubbed off about my dress. We watched both how the trunk creates waves and folds on a blue dress as the sea. It bent below and kissed me on lips, for the first time. Through a dress I felt how he tells fortunes the dick on me. I didn't feel only the unit, but felt as the soft dress stretches under the guy's pressure in a small knob which was rubbed off about my pussy and forced me to get great, gentle pleasure and excitement. Under a dress to legs and a perineum it was very soft. Takoe feelings that I all lie in cotton wool or in down. What A was to it to Enter a soft dress in what very soft and volume. Then Willie came off me, undertook a hand a small piece of my dress and began them to bring himself to eruption. I watched how the cum forces the way from a penis and flows on a dress as if woken up a volcano, fills with the magma all to the district. He leaned back on a sofa. A I brought this place on a dress to lips and pinched a big part of a cum, tastefully swallowing. It likely didn't expect, what will be farther, but I got up, gave smacking kiss it in sponges and began to take off a dress. To remove it appeared easier and quicker, than to dress. Having taken off a dress, I glanced in a bag and got from there replaceable clothes. It was the turquoise leather light jacket with the lightning and such, only a black short skirt. No I didn't get a skirt, a began to put on a jacket which resembled a blouse more. He watched how I change clothes, and his dick got up again. — At what you insatiable, want again. — With the princess, though all life! He got up, suited ko to me and put on a sofa. He towered it is necessary me, holding the friend on levels of my neck. I approached him, undid a jacket so that was that-to like a decollete, and it began to be rubbed off about his groin by a jacket and a breast. I stood up and squatted In the end of the ends, I till the end undid a jacket, put a red dick between the boobies of the second size, so as there was no wish to stand up and squat any more, I just took under a breast and drove top - down them. He didn't want to cum so therefore came off and laid me further on a bed. I, teasing, I buttoned a jacket. — Means, tights close your pussy why you were so not sure of yourself? — Forgive, I didn't know. — No it is possible through them. — the guy smiled and I understood that he wants. I moved apart legs and pulled on hands tights in that part where there was a pussy, having released ee for time. I pulled ee as it is only possible, but that tights didn't tear. Willie dropped ko to me and put a head of the dick in the tense part of tights. Then he slightly pressed and drove a head together with tights to me in a vagina. She inflated. To me it wasn't very sore, but it is pleasant and unusual. It as very thick condom. He tried to press stronger that forced me to shout. Didn't enter further. Only the head and very small part of a trunk got. Suddenly I felt that tights began to be torn. At first the arrow on a leg going from below knee up to one a few higher went. No then in me the small draft opened. Na tights where the head entered, the small hole appeared. Absolutely small that the head all still was surrounded with tights. He burst again. The dick began to shake and began to shoot at tights. No they pressed everything vystrelyannoye closely to a head. Tights stretched stronger, I felt a that-to warm through tights. No in a second a part of a cum began to flow into a hole in tights. He cumed very strongly that in me was poured through a barrier much. He was removed and got up it is necessary me. I looked what was with my pussy. The white cum rolled down black tights, a through them was observed that liquid flowing from a vagina. Willie directed a penis, already quiet, similar to a big hook, to my person. I opened a mouth and began to stroke the breast. Through kakoye-to time from a hole I poured down it is white-zheltaya liquid. Urine at first got on a jacket, giving her a brilliant shade. Then quickly I flew down on her, bypassing a decollete, down to legs and a perineum. Everything was wet. A half from a cum, a half from urine. The stream got to me into a mouth and on the person. A water ran on a face, washing it. I as if was washed. Now and hair became wet. Having stopped writing, he fell istal to lick my jacket. I felt only his teeth. Having fallen below, he began to lick my legs, driving language and lips there-syuda while I lay and enjoyed. — It was pleasant, your Highness? — having stopped licking, he bowed to me. — Still. No it is necessary to lower you to the court clown. — I joked. — That then used so my skull? Isn't present. I laughed. — You were made horney when got up before all, knowing that under a dress there is nothing? — Of course, why I then here. If not public, comes the way nothing of you today. — Akh so? Well it is fine — whimsical and strummed Willie took offense. He seized me by a hand and dragged to a door. I resisted, shouted, but as if became deaf. He opened a door and exposed me on the street. — Hey, the freak! Return though a skirt! — I shouted, knocking on glass. No he didn't hear. A only departed to a sofa, sat down on him and included plasma. I turned back. Light proceeded only from this lodge here, all the rest there was a street. It isn't dark yet, but already darkens. Sky darkly green. I slowly went on a grass. It is good that I didn't take off a shoe. I reached the road. The palace Vo to be returned silly though there still all had fun. Around it is cool. Froze the person, wet from urine. Easy wind pinched those places on legs where it was wet. Especially a pussy on which till this time there was a cum in tights and outside. Na to me there was only a light jacket which covered me from above. No from below at me beige shoes and black tights which were a little torn and, considerably, wet. The jacket is short, so that it didn't get to a bottom. Therefore buttocks and the pussy were open and covered only their tights. Through kakoye-to time was pleasant to me this feeling. It as never made horney. Here o than I thought, facing all in a ball dress under which nothing except tights was. I even thought to return to the palace and to appear there in such look, but didn't decide. Suddenly I saw one guy in a tuxedo. Probably, he was on point too. erotic He looked stories at me very with astonishment. I tried to cover open places with hands. — O, the queen of point. A why in such look. — Ne your business. — Why not my, my. With the princess at me wasn't yet. Somewhere I already heard it. He suited ko to me. I tried to escape, but he seized me by a hand, then by two, for shoulders and pressed to himself, grabbing hands a bottom. I tried to push away him, but chetno. Holding me, he undid trousers and lowered them. Probably he came without pants. He pressed on shoulders and lowered me on knees, substituting eregirovanny a dick. He seized me by wet hair and brought the person to a penis. At first he didn't get into a mouth, but it was pleasant to the guy, and he several more time rubbed off my person o the dick. I was again brought. Then I opened a mouth and the dick took. I began to suck. While I already sucked, he continued to rub off wash person o a groin. The dick was more fat that at Willie and was filled by almost all mouth. Me already almost threw up as he got a dick from a mouth and I lifted me. To collecting the road there were shops. It brought me to one of them and put on her. I didn't resist any more. And most there was a wish to bring to the end. No there were no me trakhatparen put me on a shop and sat down at legs. Then he turned me sidewise a back to himself, took one leg that was from above, and bent a knee. From below he inserted a dick into a knee, undertook a leg one hand, for a waist another also began to drive all me top - down. He just began to jerk off me. The penis was rubbed off by o a leg. He was between one half of a leg to a knee and the second, below a knee, between a hip and a shin. I felt wet, thick, passing, being wiped on a leg the dick. In several minutes he cumed. The cum flowed on a knee and a buttock. From one buttock it ran on all bottom, an on a knee, she ran across to other knee. It released me, hard snuffling. Ne in vain he didn't put on pants. Having recovered the breath, he put on trousers, helped me to get up and as there is nothing happened, went further. A at me appeared a cum on a bottom, on knees and on a few on legs now, without forgetting about the pussy. Until I reached the house me still time raped and killed. And in general I write it from paradise now. Here so me Lermontov and Linkolnshuchu. Only Lincoln. I joke. No so far I reached the house, to me on a meeting there were people. At what, the closer to my house, the more people looked at me. I tried to cover places, but admitted to myself that it to be pleasant to me. No so far I went, understood that all it isn't finished. A fetish — it is very pleasant, but it only strongly makes horney. The field of it there has to be a normal sex. Or similarity of it. I decided that I won't remain hungry today. Approaching the house, I saw one guy. Na a look it seems the student, but very shy also looked at me, as at what very terrible. I ceased to be closed, became straight also beautiful gait as in movies, I went to him, exposing wet tights so a cum. Having approached him, I smiled, took him for a hand and dragged in an entrance and to myself home, opening a door. In the apartment I conducted him to the room. — What you do? — At last he responded. — Ne worry. I will bite off nothing. Though, let's argue if it is pleasant to bite off. — Posmyalas I — In any case today you will be in delight from me. I didn't include light. In the room it wasn't very dark, but all from windows only weak, faded light shone. I sat down on a bed and undid to it trousers. There I found out something very interesting that to me something came to the head at once.