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The young brunette, beautiful, low, thin, he is a little timid potolklas near an entrance and modestly I approached my table. — Hello, I on reception. — quickly and quietly she uttered indistinctly to herself under a nose. — Hello and to you, give a card here, undress there and you sit down. — I pointed to a gynecologic chair. — Completely to undress? — uncertainly she asked. — you never nebyli on gynecologic survey? How, on yours, will I examine you in clothes? — I looked at her with clear surprise. — I Was. — she whispered. — Yes I was. Just I was always examined by the woman. — already a little more loudly. — we Will bring a variety in your life. Ne be afraid. There is nothing terrible in it, I examine hundreds of girls and women, so that don't worry. Undress. Let's not detain the friend's friend. You the last in turn? — Yes. After me was nobody. — Remarkably. — I bent over her medical card, to look whether were in the past what or records on which it is necessary to turn attention. I found nothing. I noted to myself that call her Alyn. Askance glancing as she slowly and uncertainly takes off from herself clothes: a blouse, shorts, then a brassiere and having a little hesitated for a time — panties. Then it got from a bag and laid a towel on a chair after what there lyagla, having thrown legs on supports. To me the remarkable picture opened, between legs at it I revealed beautiful, gentle and young rozovenky a flower. Shaved absolutely. How many I already saw these intimate places, but such darlings come across not often. It is pleasant to me. I think it is possible and to try. A a chair at me a little unusual. Some turn on this attention, but she, probably, was afraid to ask. All right, it is solved. I approached, threw special fastening through an anklebone on her right leg and latched the mechanism, then approached her left leg and did most too. I looked at her, her look was frightened-umolyayushchim. No if it is honest, not too. Happen also such that at once begin to lift noise and to be torn by all forces. A she just scaredly sits: — You what you do? — quietly she asked by such voice, bud-to now she will begin a crying attack. Probably she was cleverer, than at once seemed to me and at once began to guess that occurs. — Alina, you on reception at the gynecologist. Ne worry. The doctor knows as it is necessary. I checked your card and, is similar what you to time had no check on seksoprigodnost? — firmly and almost indifferently I asked. — Nnet. Vva, that?. Nnnebyvayet such about checks. What are you tell (whimper) it is possible I more best ppoydu? — she stretched to a leg but couldn't understand how to undo the mechanism. And she began to cry, trying to be released. Well here still. All right, but doesn't shout. I approached and inconsiderately, without putting on a glove, touched by a hand of her pussy. She looked at me is frightened and tried to discharge hands my hand. I quite angrily and terribly looked at her, and she weakened a grasp. Probably to her and the truth it was terrible. I pushed a finger to her in a hole, just therefore that it turned out at once. There it was slightly wet as it strange wouldn't sound. It is similar that not all with her is lost. plevy wasn't virgin. And that is good. I massaged it a finger a little inside, entering and removing it through her weak, but constant resistance. Other hand I tried to take away her hands, but it isn't so-to simple to cope with both. It was heard only her whimpers. Probably from a fright she didn't try to publish other sounds yet. stories about sex That time I felt her small sexual lips which are a little sticking out outside. I groped a small knob — a clitoris, and fairly, gentle, soft and slow massaging, I try to make horney him. In several minutes I noticed that nesmotrya on whimpers, the girl has a snack a lower lip and fairly her face reddened. Time she stopped breath from time. A fright a fright, an excitement always a beret top at these lewd young bitches. I tinkered a few, various movements making horney her sexual body, from her hole already obviously began to flow.I sat down on knees and touched her erogenous zone by a uvula. It grabbed at once, trying to push away, for my head the not especially strong handles. Na second her it worked well, but then I took her hands the and continued. Smelled pleasantly, probably, the girl prepared that her pussy will get on the doctor's review. She looked at me the begging scared eyes. No begging — everything-eshchyo is similar I wanted to leave more, than to continue. The not less, I acted further. I began to drive the wet relaxed uvula up and down on external side of small sexual lips when didn't notice the special answer, I got over a uvula on the internal party, language I felt at once fair amount of lubricant which some amount, by means of licking, I got into my mouth. I carried out up and easily concerned a clitoris and heard her very erotic, silent, high-frequency "Akh". After it she slammed a mouth. I cried already not so heart-rendingly that pleased. When I drove a uvula up down on a clitoris she so-zhe frostily sat. No when began to drive on a circle, I began easily "popikivat". To that it is necessary. So I also continued some time until she began to lose the modestly-perepugannuyu restraint, and even ceased to cry. I released hands. She just put them to me on the head, but didn't try to push away any more. Probably, I reconciled to uselessness of the attempts. I departed and looked at it a little. It watched me. I looked waiting. Na her eyes I began to undress. When took off pants and she saw my standing dick to me it was interesting whether she will begin to cry again. No she didn't begin. I approached, was attached between her legs, and gradually began to implant into her the penis. At first a head, then is deeper, it slightly held me with hands, but, probably, not for that to push away, a that didn't enter too sharply. Though problems so an entrance weren't, a was smooth, very much mokrenko and warmly. The pleasant, a little pulling together feelings gradually enveloped my dick. I breathed already quite deeply. When entered completely, itself gasped with pleasure as I like to pull such young fragile babies. I began to fuck slowly her, gradually accelerating speed. I took for a waist hands, a she touched my body. Excitement quickly overflowed me. I wanted to get from her pleasure and satisfaction only now. No vdrugrazdalsya knock one more also came into a door which opened at once young (before it I examined all studentskuyu group) ryzhenkaya the girl. She led round a look an office and looked, suddenly rounded eyes at us. We looked at her precisely also. She reddened and stood so seconds 15 as it seemed to me after what I blurted out: — Hi Aline I it, was late. — and she hasty left. It is possible to tell, I fell out of an office. — It is my classmate Nika — Alina told looking at me. The dick at me fell already a little, all still being in her. No excitement didn't get to anywhere. Yes lines with her, this Nika, the fact that my dick all still was in Alina even a little more me made horney, so that I continued. The body quickly rose and again got a number of those fine feelings as when you enter the girl the first time. I continued to pull to Alyn also felt that here here I will begin to cum. No I didn't pull out him. It is always pleasant to me to cum inside, so that I began to cum being in her soft, gentle pussy. In the depth of her hole. As I groaned, growled, roughly clasped her with hands, terminated in her everything that was. Also the dick pulled out. I caught her scared look, then on the cum following from her young pussy: — Ne worry, I as the doctor, I will give you a tablet kakraz on such case now if there is a small chance of such "accidental" conception. It is good that we, doctors, can keep this expensive pleasure in some quantity for free of charge, for the account of hospital. I can congratulate you, on your sexuality all in a full order. — I told, undoing her legs and letting out her on will. It was wiped by a napkin which I got from a handbag, then we together put on, standing nearby, not speaking words. While she brought herself into an order, I went, and got from a table a box with the promised tablets, took a small bottle in with water and put near myself on a table. I sat down to make couple of records in her card, in parallel thinking o to a new problem — red Nika. Alina approached and drank a tablet. I stretched her card: — There I wrote the number, just in case, you can call, but only in working time. — she nodded, took a card and uncertainly went to a door, so and without having told anything. I left. Ne I was in time and to come especially to myself as in a minute the door opened again. I came ryzhenkaya. — Hello. I am Nika. — she told. And surely I went, at once to undress. — Yes, hello. A card? — having a little been struck dumb I asked.