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Leah started giggling. — Excuse. Well what to do? I in your understanding the cave person. — Lesh. It you forgive me. From for the fact that you very much are pleasant to me I with you communicate as with equal. Forgetting thus that in your time still a lot of things are simply known, an all fantastic and unclear, the fact that in my time it is ordinary and habitual. — All right. Passed. Here look — I showed on the hologram a way from St. Petersburg before giving "our" granny. — Taaak. About 50 km plus on the city of 12 km. You have a weight at 18 with a half of kilograms more. — Leah! You are o what? What communication of my weight and distance? — but she it seems also didn't hear my question. — With accounting of additional weight speed will decrease up to 150 — 160 km / чaс. In about 20 minutes we will be on the place. — Leah! Regain consciousness! We will find so far the minibus (which already likely don't go till the morning) or we will catch the taxi (and I drove will tear off from us a great lot of money) there will pass not 20 minutes, an of hour two. — Lyosha, why to us transport? If I am itself, then just would teleport in the necessary point and time hadn't to spend. No it is necessary to us together. Therefore I use possibilities of a cocoon. And only now I noticed that Leah costs not on the earth, an on what that reminding a board. Only not a simple board, that what an abrupt. One, enough big sizes wheel which is in the middle of a board. A of a leg of Leah stood on edges of this unusual means of movement. No I was struck not by(with) a board, a that as Leah kept on is mute. That to keep balance on what or with one axis requires the movement there — here. No it stood without the slightest movement. — Well, well. You on a board. A I on what? — A you on me — quite seriously answered the girl and I couldn't constrain hysterical laughter. — didn't You accidentally move down from coils? Na this means of movement you should be kept by one with work. A if still and I the weight potseplus on you, then through couple of meters we somersault in road dust. Of course, if you want pokuvyrkatsya so me, then it is more best to make it not on asphalt in dust, an on a lawn, on a grass. A is even more best on a soft bed. No Leah didn't share my fears. — you Are teased? "Pokuvyrkatsya" I with you don't mind, I am only afraid for you. A now our purpose is more than for 60 km. And we should reach to her. Get ko to me on a back and keep pokrepche — Leah sat down on a board, giving me an opportunity as to the little child to get on shoulders to "father" (thus the board didn't even stir). I so laughter leaned a breast against Leah's back. I linked the legs on her stomach, a hands (having passed them at Leah under mice) I seized her "brittle" shoulders. And here I understood that I was gone. I was gone completely and finally. To that on her hulk seized much heavier, she as as if didn't feel and quietly became straight in all growth, even the board didn't stir. No I was discouraged. The clothes were only on me (yes and that thin). A what means to nestle to the guy on the naked girl? And not just to nestle on a back. My elbows didn't touch, a nestled on her dense tits. Only now reached me that on her clothes illusive. — Lyosha!!! Stop to think of it! You distract me! — Leah's indignation sounded in the head. — the Sun I am also glad, but be not able to master itself. — Keep pokrepche! That I hadn't to catch you then. The warning to Leah was not vain. During the next moment I forgot at all that I as a tick seized on a back of the naked and sexy girl. I was seized by fear. Huge, animal fear. As far as I was svedushch in a technique of the movement and dispersal on a board, on it it was required kakoe that time. Yes and the speed of 15 — 20 km / чaс (though probably specialists drove also at big speeds, but I didn't see it). Here I of course felt that the girl under me makes hardly audible movements. No the board, seemed instantly gained the speed to which experienced taxi drivers could envy. And speed was obviously above 100km/chas. I for fear even closed eyes and instinctively even stronger nestled on the girl. No as only my eyes were closed, the feeling of speed, so was gone as the strong counter movement of air wasn't felt, only strong turbulences. As as if ahead I stood what that the cutting board. I opened eyes and involuntarily screamed with fear. The intersection Na there were couple of cars, so as red light of the traffic light burned. I accurately understood what at such speed won't manage to be slowed down any more. Too small distance to cars. To curtail on a roadside, means to hit a board in a border and then nothing knows him where to fly and to land very rigidly, in the best case with various changes. And here in the head zaplyasali multi-colored sparks. Leah laughed. During the next moment Leah slightly sat down and jumped up as as if didn't feel my weight. In meter from the next car we soared up on a board over cars. Having flown by not less than hundred meters, the board softly concerned asphalt and we continued our magnificent way at a mad speed. — Lyosha, you saw inevitable accident proceeding from the opportunities — Leah in this situation communicated telepathic — but didn't consider my opportunities. Except that the cocoon strengthens all movements. He as amplifier of force of muscles. — Like an exoskeleton? — It is quite possible that you so call it. After that flight via machines, I calmed down a little (though a heart kalatalo, as at the caught sparrow). Everything was terrible (so as from speed the road met in one point), but without huge animal fear as in the beginning. I even decided to ask Leah with what speed we rush. — we Rush?! Yes we creep! Only 195 km / чaс. If the road doesn't wind, it would be possible to increase speed to 220 — 230 km. — Pancake, Leah! It is plane speed. Me an air stream from you would tear off — in the answer zaplyasali laughter sparks again. — A what you would tell speed o in 450 — 500 km / чaс? — Would tell what you invent. It not racing race car. — No, Lyosha. All is the truth. From a stream of air we with you are protected by a cocoon. A speed small therefore that the general weight exceeds more than by two times my own, laws of inertia still nobody cancelled a. Means at a speed in 500km/chas I won't cope with management therefore the cocoon doesn't allow to gain such speed. Except all other I activated the invisibility mode. Not to attract the interest of people around. — So it and I am invisible? — Of course. You so me in a cocoon. — Great. Interestingly, an in a mirror we will be reflected? Or how vampires — without reflection? — Ne we will be. Though about vampires you for nothing sneer. They have a knightly behavior. They are very kind. — Ne understood! Do you want to tell that vampires really exist? — Yes, of course. It is the civilization which was more developed, than we. They too in the past repeatedly visited Earth. No fung so the meanness destroyed them. Considering A that they even not from our galaxy and movement costs huge expenses, it is essential influence our development they couldn't. Though we from them gathered many technical novelties. — Climb up. I seized, as the property — Leah joked. I didn't even notice when we managed to reach the settlement. And the girl already stood on the earth, without any board. A I with a force nestled on her naked back. If it is honest, I why that didn't want to uncouple the embraces. No having only touched by earth legs, I fell on knees. Legs were foully turned in, shivered and didn't hold me. A Leah stood as as if there was no this magnificent race. — Anything, Lyosha. Everything is normal — without shadow of a sneer Leah told — I in general after the first time not fell on knees, and sprawled without forces on the earth. — Everything is equal to me doesn't reach. You rush on skeytes such speed or a cocoon? — I, of course. The cocoon can transfer control, but for this purpose it is necessary to put the accurate purpose, yes and most it is more pleasant to operate.— No then explain to me time not competent where air resistance disappears? Even in free flight (for example parachutists) from for this resistance the speed of falling is limited. — At a cocoon in danom a case acts rassekatel (as a nasal part in the ships). And a form of it rassekatelya such that there was smallest resistance. A without cocoon and 100km/is almost unreal to receive hour. No if it is necessary very quickly, then only a teleport. No there the problems. A lot of energy is spent. As you tell A on a board, movement is very economical. — All right. I persuaded. We look for a granny's lodge. Long it wasn't necessary to look for. The description was very eloquent. No, only we entered a gate, without looking at late evening (though it was almost not felt, all white nights) as from the neighboring site the female voice was heard. — Young people! There are no owners the house. — Hello. We know. Pelageya Ivanovna for two weeks handed over us a lodge for rest.