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Really feels nothing and doesn't understand that his lewd look is open and desires lie on a surface? So time you get used ko to everything, here and I got used to it glyadelkam. Though sometimes so also such observer wanted to approach and give slap in the face. A here sometimes when the person to me was pleasant, appeared desire to encourage looking. To approach to caress, probably, even to answer with what-to similar. When there was an opportunity I so and arrived. Here and now, I stood in the bathroom under a stream of water and soaped gel the body. Ne to tell that for me there was surprise this enthusiastically-voskhishchenny a look. Skoree the place from where it appeared surprised. A looked at me because of leaky covered door. There was a recognition. I knew someone so looks at me. Mechanically I shifted legs and I raised a hand, covering slightly given boobies with instantly bulked up nipples. Business is that at us "the hostel opened" I so call cases when in the apartment spends the night someone-to foreign. The stranger was a friend of the son and appeared here in quality of the witness at his wedding. A wedding tomorrow. The son spends the night with future wife in the apartment which he rented, a here his friend who arrived to a wedding remained for the night with us. Time was two hours of night. Already later to twelve I laid to it in the room of the son. The husband also went nighty-night, an I as if unruly continued to complete any not suffering delays of case on preparation for a wedding. It only so the parties, seems that everything is ready, a where look the tails demanding my participation everywhere. Having picked up the last from obvious "tails" and having decided what on will be enough today, I went to the bathroom to wash away labor sweat before a dream. Owing to the habit which developed already, the son lived in the city in the hostel, I forgot to be closed on a latch. And here now I felt a look. Such what all day I caught on myself so Alexey's parties. A delighted look of the friend of my son which, hid in corridor darkness, watching me through a crack. Even in the morning when he appeared at us, I felt on myself this look feeling and wishing me. It wasn't a look of a lewd male, but all the Difference at age and the fact that he was the best friend Olezhki, irritated a little. All day I caught on myself the exciting and so flattering my vanity look in love. I even caught myself on a thought that under other circumstances doesn't mind pokuvyrkatsya with him to steam of watch in a matrimonial bed or somewhere still. No — Okh it — but! — I thought — the prominent guy and it! — To sink down on me old — though that I also didn't consider myself — the friend D's mother he suits me for sons — I calmed myself phrases on duty Though heart thus is knocked as mad. And now such nonsense He costs in a corridor, greedy catching each my movement, and considers me bared washing in the bathroom under a shower. On the idea I should straighten out it and to shame, but I was made horney by his curiosity, and his desire is simple to look and admire. Of course, he had a desire element but as an unrealizable dream, and not more Takoe infrequently occurs. Usually looking at me wishes the most primitive — sex and only sex. The heavy obscene look not easy undresses, a still and soils soul with the dark thoughts, but now was in a different way. His look gave rise in me to the forgotten feeling long ago to be desired and that only which is idolized and on which pray. I, of course, love the husband, and we lived together nearly twenty years No He ceased to look so at me long ago. And I felt myself young full of forces and ambitions again and if he opened a door now and entered the bathroom, then I don't even know how I would arrive Unexpectedly the look was gone, went out, was dissolved in darkness And I skoree felt, than heard as there behind a door the languid sigh was distributed and silent steps returned to the room. Having collected water drops by hands and vytershis dry a towel, I got out of a bathtub. The dirty dressing gown in which I passed all day didn't want to be put on. Yes and the night shirt remained in the room under a pillow, a clean panties so and remained to lie in a case, so as I the last time laid down to sleep without them. Having read in one clever book that without clothes with elastic bands the body has more better a rest at night, yes and it is slept stronger. Therefore, without philosophizing crafty, just I wrapped up around myself a towel on manners of a toga and I left in a corridor. Having quietly stood near the room of the son struggling with desire to come and, quickly I went to the bedroom. Having put on a shirt, I laid down with the husband nearby and, having stuck him under a side, I closed eyes. No excitement and desire to feel this look still though time — didn't allow to fall asleep. Povorochavshis, minutes fifteen quietly I got up and, without putting on a slipper that their flop not to rouse all directly so I went to kitchen where the started cognac bottle was hidden. Ne including light, gropingly I got a glass, a bottle and I poured to myself to drink. Already then I heard what-to foreign sounds I, but didn't turn on them attention. Having decanted a glass and having removed crime traces, I went back. Na a bedroom threshold sounds became more heard and they from the room of the son reached. erotic stories having Slightly stood and not having understood their source, on tiptoes I moved to the party of a sound. The door of the bedroom was slightly opened. Light falling from a window appeared enough to make out being created in the room. Alexey, having cast away a blanket in the party, I lay on a back. His cowards darkened, somewhere in the region of knees, an of a hand caressed very much even the big, sticking-out up and curved by banana dick. Here he slowly, somehow even quietly shifted the hand which clasped the risen body, down. And here the thin thin skin covering a head was displaced, having bared the huge head gleaming even in darkness. Ta it was even slightly bent, being flattened out, attracted down and tense as a string by a bridle. Seius attractive to any woman body in filling the room the twilight, became similar to a high, young mushroom. The strong exhalation and suppressed groan filled the room. The drunk glass of cognac struck in the head, at me zanylo between legs, and felt as it began to flow. Having slightly opened a mouth and incessantly licking suddenly the dried-up lips, I watched how the guy vigorously pushed the hand clasping with several fingers a trunk of the dick. He, lay and jerked off. His fist vigorously moved up-down. The moving thin skin also published that squelching sound which brought me here. Judging by everything, the head dried up, and action ceased to bring the expected pleasure And I saw as it, having moistened with saliva the second hand, greased with this homemade cream a head, for a moment having stopped. It was visible how he shuddered thus. Then everything began again. Up-down his hand on an intense trunk of body slid. His legs strained. He began to moan quietly, from time to time his lean buttocks rose as if he was going to do a rack on the head and heels. In several minutes of vigorous work as a hand he hard began to breathe, then clasped with the second hand a head, the Sharp exhalation, the crushed groan and here squeezed a fist, he convulsively got nervous cuming. I saw how a voluptuousness wave zaryabila on his stomach. Judging by everything, the cum which is splashed out by him was stopped by a hand and collected in a fist. I any more not in forces to watch it slightly was bent, having squeezed knees and rubbing hips between itself. When he calmed down, panting and waiting the orgasm twisting it, a body slowly and quietly stepped back in darkness. As it appeared, not so and it is silent. I saw how he slightly turned back, peering into a crack. He as as if saw me though I didn't feel recognition. But domenya the echo of expectation and melancholy reached. He knew and understood that so it is impossible, it was felt also by me, noprizhav a hand ko to a mouth and having bitten teeth a finger, began to depart further and further deep into a corridor, didn't come across a back a wall yet. This weak blow of o a wall finally brought me into feeling, and I, slowly all still squeezing hips, trudged in kitchen. There I sat down on a stool and I stood. To that I saw, shook me. In my head zaroilis questions: — Really the young, beautiful guy can't find the girl? Whether it is worth doing it with itself? I didn't doubt at all that I was a subject of his dream and imagination. I am! Quietly sitting on a stool and without realizing that at all, I moved apart intense legs and the hand which slipped between them began to stroke gently and tremblingly my delights. Before my eyes all still I stuck out eregirovanny Alexey's body. Both not such and small, between other. I lived forty years and navidalos anything that to conceal there Were also "left men", and spontaneous one-time unfaithfulness Ne was only it — adoration and reverence! Itself, without noticing that, I as the snotty little girl was engaged in masturbation. Fingers, having snuggled and having stroked the clitoris which hardened and leaned out of the shelter, moved slightly below. Couple from them failed the current hole and I, having closed eyes, and, at last, having realized that I do, it was given to caress. A dive, turn in the parties, slightly to move apart fingers a slow exit. The movements of a hand all accelerated, and here it already moves with a big speed, bringing pleasure. In several minutes got at me. Having still accelerated, I strained hips, having finally extended legs to an emphasis forward. The back moved, having rested against the region of a table-top back — and here I terminated! The body began to twitch, a me never twirled then as. Muscles of a stomach strained as at the weightlifter and me to pain twisted. This was the delightful pain of an orgasm bringing pleasure. Beating of muscles extended on all body. I felt how in an improbable attack flesh fights: that, contracting to spasms; that relaxing before loss of a form. Obzhigayushche the hot delightful lump which gathered in a stomach fell a cropper down directly between legs — As it is good-to — rushed in the head.