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Plans for evening were inexpressibly interesting. — Christina Andreevna, a you what you will tell? The question from the colleague returned her to reality. — I consider that we need to think over the offer. Let's take time till Monday and we will phone? — I support. In half an hour she left office in small nervousness. She was waited by it. They had strange, but in that time incredibly passionate relationship from which the head was turned. She constantly thought o to work, and her brain couldn't relax even in days off and in a dream. And only with him everything changed. Warm summer evening. The easy breeze frayed accurately laid hair. Strict office suit hid new very expensive lacy linen. She smiled, having presented his person when he sees it. I lit a cigarette, and here I threw out it. Akh, yes. It promised to throw. For the 100-th time. And here she rings his door. Nervousness covered with the head as the first-year student at examination. It opened a door, dressed in a suit. She was surprised. — you now houses in a suit? Or you for me? I adore men in suits. — yes I only so meetings returned. He kissed her on lips, and she was ready to thaw directly here. Suddenly from it was discharged. In her eyes the question appeared. — tyopozdala. — I went on foot therefore that probkimenya it doesn't concern. You know the contract. His beautiful green eyes looked at her a cold look, and only if very well having looked narrowly, it is possible to see a spark. That most for which she fell in love with him. This spark was between them from the most first meeting. T — you know what to do. Vo to a mouth dried up for nervousness. She undid a jacket, under it it seemed new lacy bodi. It stood and silently looked. She threw off a skirt on a floor and remained bodi and stockings. There passed, probably, minute. — and? Remove all unnecessary. She removed and bodi. I faced him in some stockings. He didn't hurry. He looked at her beautiful breast, a stomach, long legs. — the beautiful girl. Even it is a pity for you a little. He took her strong for hair and kissed on lips. She deeply began to breathe, all this situation strongly made horney her. — can, regret you? Though the Contract is the contract. Lay down on the place. Legs refused to obey and shivered. No she went to the specified place. In a corner of the room there was a wooden wide bench. And o to her went the speech. She laid down on a bench on a stomach, having undertaken hands legs and closed eyes. erotic stories It brought ropes and bound her hands and legs. — that didn't twitch, as in last time. She was silent and obediently waited. All situation incredibly made horney it, and she dreamed to receive already the portion of pain. There passed minute, can, two. She felt on herself his hands, he caressed her on a back, buttocks and legs. By her already it wasn't suffered at all. — a beautiful bum. A, main thing, what elastic and patient. To that it is necessary! Gotova? — yes. Blow by a lash. The first blow always easy, as stroking that the body got used to feelings. She presented this lash to it for day of the birth. Together with. It seemed to her it is very lovely and symbolical — to show that she is ready to be given him completely. The second and third blows already stronger, she even moved from surprise a little. The pleasant and burning pain. To that so wasn't enough for it. She smiled. — vselo to you? It isn't enough? Yes, such strong bums should be strapped stronger. His voice and its roughness I excited, and she completely plunged into feelings. Blows poured also on a back, but, in the basic, on buttocks. It is a lot of, monotonously and strongly. Till that time, so far tears didn't rush from eyes. She got off so accounts already long ago. The bum burned with fire, but it concerned it most less. Tears slid on the person, she felt herself the little girl who can just begin to cry, and her problems will be solved. And she was disconnected. From pain and an emotional discharge. This moment could be compared to an orgasm in sex time. In a minute she regained consciousness, already untied, on a sofa, with it nearby. It was undressed. — well as you? — well it is good. — sometimes it seems to me that you specially mess up. You not only were late but and smoked again. Yes? — yes, forgive. — you already expiated the fault. He embraced it, an it at this moment was incredibly happy. She very much wanted to thank him. She kissed him on lips, an of her hand rummaged on his body, going down below, to the treasured purpose. His big dick stood. — I want to suck your dick. She whispered to it in an ear. It took her for hair and roughly told: — well so work, the bitch! She fell by knees before him. He sat and looked her in eyes. — I wait. She licked lips. The dick took in hands. She adored him. Such big, beautiful and strong. He bewitched. She shy took him in a mouth, then began to lick. Extent of excitement both just read off scale. The strong hand pressed on a nape, and his dick completely plunged into a throat. She tried to bring from all forces to him pleasure, and having forgotten about everything on light, except a favourite dick, was stuck by a throat on this staff. Slobbers dripped from a mouth, adding a picture extreme degree of debauchery. — stop. I want to fuck you. His voice returned her to reality. She all still faced it on knees. — get up, I resolve. She got up. He stretched a hand and carried out between legs. — you are wet. What you are a whore. Once you see a dick, you already began to flow. Only now she understood that really on her legs lubricant flows. She dreamed only of one — to appear on this magnificent dick.