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I, tobish that what persons will also be conducted narrations, venterianka, it is from our native world, Venterii, I live among trees stretching highly into the sky and is far in a distance, to the greatest sea, from one party and boundless plains, and the disastrous swamp from two others. Nesmotrya that we ventereantsy, live in full harmony with the nature not to find and five the earth where there wouldn't live my people, or guests from other worlds. Now I study as the researcher of boundless spaces, to Unterii (University), the highest educational institution which is located in krone the Great Tree, the highest and big tree, in all to the wood, directly on among a high grove. A I live in the Wood Hostel, at the basis of the Great Tree located in his roots. Together so me in a cell (room) there lives my girlfriend, Dreya, Dreyla Dergis, and she is a thoroughbred girl that in present times an extreme rarity, so as venteriantsy for three thousand cycles (years), almost completely passed from a heterosexual look, into bisexual. I as time enter this majority, me by the way call Nely, Nelis Kreydis, and here one more, I from that sort with which this metamorphosis of all venteriantsev began. And yes here still that, in difference from thoroughbred girls, thoroughbred men already long ago history, they disappeared for several generations, still in most began these metomarfoz. We venteriani in difference from guests of our world, live long, very long, to an example of my parents already five hundred cycles, a to parents of Drei total are more. A to us with the girlfriend was only executed forty cycles, we are still very young and we only enter adult life. And here May history. The head pervayakak-to time sitting at lectures in Unterii, on a neuronet to me messages, from Drei, o that will meet her after study, in cafe on middle branches came. It puzzled me a little therefore that we already agreed will meet there, since morning. Therefore I was a little excited that I didn't know that and to think in this occasion. After study I almost hurried to cafe, a when it appeared there, Drei was visible anywhere not, I had to wait nearly an hour. When my girlfriend after all appeared, she with what-to wasn't concerned or excited, on the contrary shone a smile to ears, still and hopped. It turned out that she left so the lady (The guy, well or skoree the girl), therefore that, and I sent that message to be cried to me, but later couple of hours after it, I got acquainted with another from what shines now. As she to me praised highly her, almost to darkness without peredykha, shining only from the fact that remembered her. Even when we returned to a cell to the hostel, Dreya didn't cease, of course it was pleasant to me that she is happy, but to listen to half of day about foreign lady already became strong to tire. A when we already became lays down to sleep, and I undressed, to a goal, I like to sleep so, Dreya unexpectedly handled ko to me a request. She wanted to look at my penis poblizhe therefore that being too a new already bisexual was its the thoroughbred girl and therefore before its it I interested slightly, and Dreya worried that she will disappoint the new lady. I and most have a lady, and I not strongly sought to change her, but in that the girlfriend will just look at my penis, didn't see what it, that more that we sleep in one cell, and she not for the first time sees me naked. Therefore I gave the consent, and Dreya sat down near me at once, with interest considered my penis, and naturally under such fixed attention he began to accept a fighting state, under enthusiastic a look of the girlfriend. No I interrupted this viewing, being afraid to break firewood, the girlfriend is on the contrary disappointed zaprichitala, but I firmly told that viewing is finished. After what we already laid down to sleep, Dreya fell asleep almost at once if to judge by her puffing, a here I still long turned, suffering from rather strong strut. As a result, I didn't get enough sleep, and since morning was simply broken, an at my group begins exactly today practice at the orbital station Delik. Therefore the first business I brought myself into an order for what I accepted a shower, in process of water procedures there is a little vzdrochnuv, dumping small tension from yesterday's display. After what a breakfast, and in full loneliness, so as Dreya already left, at her practice began too, but in difference from me I am ready earlier. Business is that Dreya studies as the specialist in wood designing, a their work and as the investigations study begins still after dark. It is connected with a cycle of growth of the wood designs which enough are rigidly tied to change of day and night and to the fact that it is necessary to be in time before Díaz's rising and Kalanty, our pair stars, to do some obligatory works. In the general, in an hour I already stood on the platform for geliosov (Shatlov) as also all May the group, and cheerfully stirred with Lira, Liroen Delgadis, my lady. We already to steam of cycles meet, and we want to study dark space (Space) together, studying his most distant corners. Somewhere through half of hour I arrived gelios so stations after what we in the first appeared in dark space, and it was not such and dark. It is red - the blue fog covered almost all space which was visible through a transparent roof geliosa, and on this background Venteriya the blue planet with ashy auras of disks around her looked just perfectly. And the station Delik, the majestic tree which hanged over our world. Yes tree, wood designs fundamentals of our technologies. Ne passed also hour as we already arrived to the station, and in the first turn moving into in cells in the educational case to Delike where we should live in a current of a half of a cycle. I in neighbors had Lira, and it is not accident, we agreed about it in advance, as between ourselves, so and with a management of the educational case. They always went towards to couples, first, for that to avoid unnecessary excesses, a secondly for that to form matrimonial couples which will plow boundless spaces. At once after settling, we should take up service in team of research cruiser Merabit, the group was divided into couples, and the curator was attached to each couple. Naturally we with Lira were together, an our curator became the captain Kera, Kera Kreydis, and yes it from my sort, from the affiliated line, but not less influential and well-known than main. By the way, neither I, nor she arranged it, this decision of educational committee Unterii and a management of the station Delik. When we the first time met, well the first time now, the captain Carey warned at once that neither me, nor Lear indulgences won't be, a we also didn't wait for it. After what the training process already went, in the first turn the captain showed us the cruiser, and our working place. And behind studying of onboard systems there passed the rest of day. When we after all got to the cell, almost at once snatched the friend on the friend, the last time we slept the friend with the friend a week ago, many cases a feather practice were. Plus my appetite was a little urged on by my girlfriend yesterday before a dream. We kissed such passion that we hardly thought to close behind ourselves a door, a not that would be rather strong representations for the audience. Being played by uvulas, we moved to our bed, having in good time replaced two separate beds with one the general and quite big, till a way throwing off everything from itself. At Lear's bed I overturned me directly on it, an itself approached the lighting panel, and lowered brightness in a cell a little, creating more intimate situation. While she made all it, I watched her, beholding her beauty and grace, and believe there was what to look at. High, slender, with smooth modulations of a body, with a big and elastic breast, not less volume and elastic buttocks. Sulfur skin with blue-golubymi modulations on all body, long and direct hair to the middle of a back, black color. With bottomless eyes brightly-sinego the colors shining from within, and an ornament blue svetaidushchy from them, passing on weighty. And main her advantages, as in other and the majority venterian, a long and podgy penis, with weighty couple of balls under him which in the turn hid a beautiful crevice. By the way, I in difference from Lira have more dark skin with is red-oranzhevymi modulations, and ognenno red I will drip curly hair, long necks, and bright red are a little lower than an eye, and that color ornaments. And so appetizing body, as and at her. The lira returned ko to me when finished with manipulations so light, and having smoothly sat down at my legs, at once clung to my penis which was exhausted from desire already long ago. First she just walked the uvula on all length, from balls to a head, and back, having concentrated on my balls. The lira always adored caressing my balls, could be amused for hours with them. Here and now I didn't keep, having taken one of them in the gentle mouth and sucking it, having a little sated I passed ko to the second. After what I raised them and I began to caress my pussycat, being passed by the brisk uvula on her shutters, and having waited when they are opened and will thoroughly become wet, I began to study my depths. And each time as she passed a uvula on walls of my mink rotating it on a circle, there and back, I nearly jumped up, and the groan on itself escaped outside. The lira long worked, humouring my pussycat, her efforts I caught one sweet wave for another from what the penis just was stone, a balls already began to hurt from overflow.