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The cottage was very nice, the big site was with a twig, pines, tropinochka, besedochka on the high coast of the beautiful river. Guests parted, we with Petrovich, so called him friends, took seat at a fireplace, and at us absolutely fantastic conversation took place. Petrovich explained that he prepared all last years for realization of a certain great idea. He decided to catch a crane in the sky, but not to have a titmouse in hands. Now there came the last stage. Even the cottage is constructed for this purpose. One Petrovich the idea was isn't able to realize, he found three more excellent workers. Except need of income, the firm was started for their search. Petrovich needed the good economist, the good programmer and just competent accurate employee. It was necessary to fill a cottage the electronic equipment and to be locked in him for three months. It is necessary to work in extremely intensive mode. There won't be enough all taken credits for bigger time, in case of failure Petrovich became a bum. To me he suggested to become the fifth member of the team, he already found three others. - And I that to you what for? - I was surprised, with Petrovich friends we were from school, but business interests at us were never crossed. - And in order that all other approximately twenty-six-year-old girls. Soul and a body the will demand from them. During the incredible work they should be humoured! - And you? - again I was surprised. Petrovich was always a terrible ladies' man, in comparison with him I was an innocent lamb! - I have done with the youthful follies long ago, and then it will prevent work. Excess conflicts to me to anything. Besides my time won't need to pay attention to them. And girls should be entertained. On operating time the Prohibition, sleeping pill and tranquilizers can't use, it is necessary to be ready to work at any time day and night, the site can't be gone out, here any can go mad. And you are the famous ladies' man, in an arbor you poobnimatsya at a moonlight, you will present florets, you will treat with brochettes. And then you sometimes will have economic duties, it is necessary to communicate with the outside world, occasionally it is necessary to go to the city. - Why isolation, - I asked, - everything is so confidential? - The privacy is, but it not the main thing. Any cold will endanger the project, and on the street and drunk can become attached, it is possible to be run over by a car, some idiot will throw a bottle from a window. There are no replaceable people in our team. Why you? I trust you. Then you from other field of activity, won't be engaged in the project. You won't idle too, you have the work, take the laptop and work though in an arbor. Communication channels at me excellent. Here only you should live in a penthouse, the cottage was small. The last argument was decisive. Then family circumstances developed so that I had no place to live, and Petrovich's penthouse was just the palace in comparison with any rental apartment. At work I had a six-months holiday for writing of the thesis, I was am free and agreed to spend the end of spring and the beginning of summer in the wonderful place, humouring three girls, very young in comparison, with me. I refused to get paid: - Then I will appear the full boy on a call! And so I will be a ladies' man like you. - But you not really be under a delusion, - Petrovich laughed, - a beauty contest not for them at all, I selected maidens according to other qualities. But clever and not so bitchy. Next day I got acquainted with the city participant of our project, it was the nice doctor Oleg, my age-mate. He fast organized full medical examination and trained to work with the medical equipment. I had to fulfill the doctor's duties, remove all possible cardiograms at girls and transfer him telemetry. At parting he laughed: - All girls not virgins also wanted to deliver to spiralki! He looked at me whether with envy, whether with sympathy and wished good luck. I arrived to a cottage in a week after the beginning of the program. So Petrovich wanted. - Girls have to miss you, - he explained, - and then you will bring a variety monotonous life. All three you wait, they told that you are very similar to the famous actor as doctor Watson. I drove up to a lodge only at night. It was necessary to wander on shops, the car was jammed with stuff. The plate "Hung on gate pull a string, a door and will open". It was the joke, Petrovich seriously treated safety. I pulled a string, and the panelka of the supersafe lock opened. In the hall the poster hung: "Don't disturb us, we are busy. Settle down in any room for guests. Petrovich". The addition was lower: "We welcome you the stranger! Ritulya, Tat, Anyuta". I remembered that rooms for guests there were four, and examined them in turn. In three there were large beds, and lingerie was scattered obviously. The fourth room most of all reminded a first-aid post. It became obvious that I should sleep today either with Ritulya or with the Tat or with Anyuta. I lay down in a bathtub, then hardly reached the first bed, she pleasantly smelled of the woman, and instantly fell asleep. The naked woman nestled on me at the very beginning of dawn. To the touch she was pleasant, and at once there was desire. - Hi, my name is Ritulya, - she whispered by a pleasant voice, - we had a terrible day today, but if there is a wish, then повтыкайся. She from me turned away and held up a bottom. Surprisingly easily I plunged into a pleasant vagina. The woman helped me lungs of the movement, we terminated at the same time. Ritulya laughed enough and whispered: - Here also got acquainted. Exhausted Ritulya fell asleep at once. I nestled on a warm body, thought that she was pleasant to me, and again fell asleep. The second time I woke up already late morning. Ritulya discontentedly murmured something in a dream, hardly I was carefully discharged of her. When I left a shower, at once faced other girl. She left the neighboring bathroom. - Hi, - she told, - I am Tat. And you with someone spent the night? We will go to me we will get acquainted? The Tat turned, I followed her afterwards. She was very high, not less than a meter ninety, and very thin. On her there were only pajama panties. In the light room she gave me the chance to consider itself in all its aspects. Short reddish hair framed quite ordinary-looking, but fresh and reddened face. It was necessary to look at it to me from below up. Big gray-green eyes looked at me obviously scaredly. Clavicles considerably acted. Boobies were the smallest at which it is still felt that they are women's. The tummy was strongly hollow. Thin hips and long legs were covered with pajama panties. But nipples stuck out as a fasolinka in huge brown circles. - How I was pleasant to you? - provocatively the Tat asked. Despite leanness, it seemed to me very sexy. I terribly wanted to touch tiny boobies and to pull together panties.