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A moment later, you have A in hands the small bit waving from the party in the party in gesture "farewell" still cool small lizard, grinning, bolts from you. Neither time, nor money, eternally hungry, so still in addition someone that scattered a rake on all the district. I think, many felt similar in 19 years. Of course, it is possible to tell that at this age I still didn't smell life. Slightly I burned, and at once I begin to shout as everything is bad. No I don't say that everything is bad, I only want to tell that the world behind a window turned out not such hospitable as I thought. That, it is time to throw out pink points and studies on the mistakes. No you don't notice a damned rake, won't be hit a shank on a forehead yet! The trust was my main problem. My parents never lied to me and each other. There were moments, but that there was a lie in rescue. It is optional to child to know that mother is dissatisfied that the father came drunk. It is more best to tell — "Everything well, we will understand". So as it is optional to mother to know that ee the son got involved in a fight because of upholding of the principles or in his life not so everything is good how he speaks by phone. Of course, I knew that most of people lies for the sake of the benefit, but continued to trust mankind. "The flexible schedule and a worthy wage payment", "combination of study and work", "at our university great experts", "you can speak, I will tell nobody", "skin, natural skin" — this list can be continued infinitely. No the main thing because of what I started this fuss — "European-quality repair, a small rent, silent neighbors, a payment by the month". I went by the bus on other end of the city. It is already the fourth apartment in two months. It appears, in an order of things will be to the lodger in a week after his settling and to demand a payment in three months ahead, an after refusal, to change locks while anybody there is no house. Though things gave thanks. So, quite normally to accuse the new neighbor of harassment to the granddaughter, then to terrorize an all entrance (Once, having returned from work, I found the broken glass and a brick in the apartment. Two employees, from bodies of law and order told me that the granny that trifle which went as also a big part of this house. They are frequent guests here, and it is more best to tear to me claws until everything not so far came, nobody will believe that I am ee the granddaughter even to time saw. No the faith in people was slightly restored when the hostess didn't even give a hint o the broken glass). And because of what I move down from the last apartment. It is possible to come and tell that you swore with the wife and you can't see this bitch any more ("I won't prevent you, I will only call couple of friends, and we will thump all night, don't forget to put away garbage in the morning, and I, by the way, will return through couple of days"). Why I didn't make contract o accommodation? It long, is a lot of pieces of paper and trouble, live so, and I promise, everything will be normal. And I, with noodles on ears, rushed off skipping in the party of a decline. If and on the new apartment that will go not so, forgive me a rabbit. I will force you to gobble up chetyrekhlistny a clover and I will tear off to you a paw. I went to watch not all apartment, an only the room in a two-room flat. Yes, I am mad so that I after everything, am ready to live with the hostess under one roof if only to clean up from "Yes I for this creature everything, a she ". The woman who answered by phone was straightforward. I sounded the price and conditions of accommodation. Words o good-natured neighbors and a fine tiled tile that very much pleased me. I watched in a window on by the passing cars and thought where it is possible to get a rabbit. — I will go down now. Excuse, I forgot to warn, I have no intercom tube. I don't trust in signs. Though, I and didn't trust in amulets. — Hello, you Alexander? — Hello, yes. — A I Tatiana.Predo me appeared the ample bodied woman of low growth with a short hairstyle. Na the type of 45 years, can slightly more. Gesture of a hand, she invited me to proceed behind her. We waited for the elevator in full silence. Two only that the got acquainted people remained alone in the closed space. Him not o than to talk, yes and that is no need in the general, but the situation as that is heated at once. It becomes a little awkward. You feel how air is electrified. You begin to foot tap a sock, or nervously you thumb through the menu on phone. I threw a view of Tatyana and saw full self-control. She quietly looked at doors of the closed elevator and didn't even try to undertake attempt to start talking. I deeply inhaled — exhaled as it is possible more quietly and stared at iron doors in expectation of the elevator. The apartment turned out very cozy and clean that a lot of things told o to the hostess of this room. My room was small, but rather spacious. In it the bed, an empty computer table and a big case perfectly found room. Na to a wall, over a table, the plasma TV froze up. Big kitchen and separate bathroom. — Questions are? — Yes, in the announcement it was written — the guy, it is desirable, without harmful habits. Why guy? Usually, settle the girl. — there Lived at me two girls. One was careless and scattered the things where not popadya. In ee to the room there was always a mess, an in the bathroom accumulated mountains of dirty linen. Dirty ware in a sink, well and so further. So the second separate history. Or it considered itself the skillful liar, or me the full silly woman. From the first day I ee warned — any guys. And once, she acquainted me so the brother. I waved a hand on suspicious dissimilarity and didn't begin to be secured. To lie though and it isn't good, but I think, all right, I will concede while me there is no house, let are squeezed. No that was only the beginning. Once in the evening when I was in kitchen, it opened a door and is very indicative said goodbye so "brother". Then I came on kitchen, I wished me quiet night, I took two glasses and I went to myself to the room. I didn't begin to roll up scandal and allowed her to live in the apartment till the end of the paid month. Na this time, I decided to settle the guy. I hope, last stories won't repeat? — she stared at me in expectation of the answer. — No. I promise. A into the account of harmful habits? I spoke by phone. — you Can come to a ladder cage, there all is equal everything neighbors gather. Well or in a toilet, there is an extract, is only not frequent! — Well. — To is, everything arranges? — Yes. — I slightly smiled, an in soul, even behind things didn't want to go if only not to return to the old apartment. — A when it will be possible to be installed? — Directly now, but I need your passport data, number of phone and a contact face through which I can contact you? It for contract o accommodation. Run a rabbit, you are free. There passed two months, since that time as I was installed. Everything was so good that I till this time didn't trust in it. Any scandals, charges, threats. There was one "but" Though, on the big account, me was into it to spit. I worked in night shift, a Tatyana in day. We were crossed or early in the morning, or in the evening when I woke up, a she came from work. On evenings, Tatyana all time that I erased that, hands, with an open door. The washing car worked excellently, and I didn't understand in what the reason. I as that thought, can be, that girl wasn't a dirty creature, just someone-to is too mad about purity. No then I understood, washing of ee calms. Quite strange, but someone I am such that to judge ee. Steam of evenings, before entry into work, me had to wait until the bathtub is released. Through couple of days, Tatyana told me — if in the bathroom someone that is, but the door is open, then it is possible quietly to come to clean teeth or to wash. Well or to ask to be removed on kakoe that time. And every evening, before entry into work, I divided a bathtub so the hostess. At first it was awkward, but then I got used. To find room together in such close space, it was necessary to me stoyatchut more to the right of a sink that allowed me to see Tatyana through reflection in a mirror. I didn't give to this fact of special value until to me the lifted-up dressing gown rushed to ee eyes. I brushed teeth and watched ee movements. To my attention full legs and the big bottom covered with dressing gown fabric opened. Tatyana was engaged in affairs and didn't notice the nakedness. She continued to erase, and ee a bum slightly rocked from the party in the party. Tatyana turned on the left and bent down to take linen from a basin. The dressing gown was lifted up even more and I saw ee black panties. Having stared in a sink, I tried to restore breath. Long lack of sex, desire to possess the mature woman and a juicy situation. All it forced my hands to shiver. The dick terribly itched and wanted to escape from trousers. I quickly finished water procedures and directed to the room. During one instant I put on and literally I ran out from the apartment. All working night before my eyes the full bum fitted by black fabric of panties flashed. It seems, anything such. Well I saw ee linen, big business. No now, I began to look at Tatyana as on the woman whom I want to possess. I looked forward evenings to observe her. What to conceal, yes, several time I masturbated thinking o to her. I was nasty to myself, but couldn't do anything with it. Of course, it was possible to try to tempt with ee. No as the youth can tempt the adult woman? The fear to be misunderstood, a still in addition to lose the apartment forced me to sit on the place. My water procedures slightly dragged on, I began to brush teeth more carefully. And in one of such evenings, everything went not so as usually. I watched Tatyana and presented to ee naked. Big, hanging down under the weight, a breast. The large, sticking-out nipples. Roundish tummy and full legs. She lays down on a back and parts legs in the parties. Licks two fingers, carries out by them on sexual sponges and stops on a clitoris. Does couple of rotary movements, an immerses them then in itself. It publishes groan, takes out fingers from a vagina and attracts them to itself. I take the dick on sexual lips. From a clitoris and to an entrance to ee a bosom. Back and again down. Ee of allocation remain on my head. Slightly I press and I fail to the ocean of pleasure! — You absolutely okhrinel? — these words were pronounced with a certain rage as also all the subsequent. A dream there were only I looking in a mirror at reflection of Tatyana who stood in full growth now. Well, here and all. Early or late it had to happen. — would Feel ashamed a little. The adult guy, an of mind isn't present. All brains not in the head, an in a head. I stood and couldn't move. I was lectured. I only needed to listen to charges, to collect things and, having drawn in a tail, to leave these possession. — So still all right I would be young, so I am more senior than you in two with a half of time. Na pulled old women? Pervert! Wanted to look at a fleshy ass? What, was never seen by such? Yes on, look! — Tatyana was developed ko to me by a back, bent down and lifted up a dressing gown two hands. — Akh yes, you probably without pants wanted to see me! — and here I see reflection of a huge, naked bum. — It isn't enough? Well look here! — Tatyana grabbed buttocks and moved apart them. Sexual lips too slightly dispersed. Hair. I so also didn't move. Tatyana became straight, pulled pants back and straightened a dressing gown. I turned, I stepped ko to me and terribly I looked in reflection of my eyes. — Ko to me turn, I talk to you! Reflexes worked quicker, than a brain. I was developed, looked at her and during too moment stared in a floor. I felt myself the little, played mean tricks puppy. — Yes remove you a brush! — I obediently executed ee the instruction and again the look in a floor directed. — Look at me. — and again reflexes — Are what to tell in justification? I so also thought, more your dick speaks to those for you! I lowered a look down and saw obviously sticking out hillock. Your mother! — It is sure, you represented how I touch him! Do you want that I to you jerked off? Pervert! — Tatyana pulled together with one breakthrough from me trousers with pants. The dick took off, having felt freedom, and directed up. Tatyana licked a big finger, the dick clasped with the right hand and bared a head. I carried out from below by a wet finger and I began to move a hand. — It is pleasant? Can be, still what-nibud you want? Or your imaginations were limited drochkoy? Isn't present? Can be, you represented how I at you suck away? — Tatyana kneeled before me, strong holding my dick. I bared a head and I licked ee. I looked to me in eyes and the dick to herself shipped in a mouth. I leaned the elbows on a sink and strong seized it hands. Tatyana put the hands to me on hips and began to move furiously the head, thus looking me in eyes. Lip Ee densely clasped a dick. She paid all attention to a head. I felt roughness of ee of language. — did You, probably, and in a mouth to me want to terminate? Ne take in head! — Couple more of movements and I tried to be discharged back. I was disturbed by a sink. Tatyana, having caught this moment, I stopped, but I continued to work with language. I never tested such bright orgasm! Forgive, Len. I seized a sink even more strong, my legs began to tremble, a Tatyana continued to work with language. When I ceased to pour out the seed to her in a mouth, she was discharged, trying to exhaust from me all remains of a cum. I got up, I pushed away me from a sink and I spitted out. — Well and what you did? I told, don't take in head to terminate to me in a mouth! Now several days I won't be able to get rid of taste of your cum. What do you watch? Ne I am happy that whether? Or you haven't enough? Yes at you already I began to fall down. Do you want that I brought you? — Tatyana began to plow up a dressing gown. — Only what was sucked away, a to him isn't enough. Na, admire, you wanted to see them? — without taking off a brassiere, she literally threw out the big breast which was given under weight of the weight. The sticking-out nipples looked slightly in the different parties. — Can, and you want to touch still? Yes touch what there, you me only that in a mouth I fucked why boobs not polapat! — she seized me by a hand and put to herself on a breast. — Two! The first time that whether? — she did that with my second hand. I all still arrived in an unclear state, but everything could squeeze hands on breast ee. — I squeezed that as, look don't tear off! Can, and you want to taste? Nipples that at me large, attract likely? — she put the hand to me on a nape and attracted my head to the breast. It is ready to swear, I went to ee to a nipple with an open mouth. — What, right isn't pleasant, only left you will suck? — she moved my head to other nipple. — Will be enough, good gradually, you and so already grew insolent. Ha, so at him still also costs. Whether A you took in head not to fuck me? Do you want to thrust the friend into me? To terminate in a mouth is one, absolutely another — to have me! — Tatyana threw off a dressing gown. — And how I did it in your imaginations? Lay on a back, having widely stretched legs, and shouted what you are a beautiful lover? No, it is too simple for you! Was from above and jumped on you as on a wild stallion? — she bent and pulled together pants, having rejected them in the party. — So, yes? Or stood dog-fashion, having moved apart an ass? No, at you the imagination won't be enough for it. — Tatyana bent over the bathroom and moved apart buttocks. — I said how the jaw drooped. What do you watch, to time didn't see that at the woman between legs? So I to you only that showed! Or you don't know how so the friend to address? — I was seized by terrible rage. I approached it behind and thrust one move. The dick slipped without any resistance, and plunged on the balls. The vagina was damp and a little spacious inside. All feelings remained though I was not the first here. I understood it already then, a then to me was not before! Tatyana rested hands against a wall, in that time as I furiously held ee by a waist and tried to pierce through. The bathroom lit up with slaps and champing. I put all force in each push that at me I was. — You there devstvennitsutrakhayesh? — she told through heavy breath. Slaps almost muffled ee, but I caught everything. — You are afraid to me there that to tear that? I assure you, that train left long ago. Or there aren't enough forces to move quicker? — I tried to accelerate and squeeze out of myself everything that I can. Hair were blotted from sweat, bodies shone. We were wet from legs to the head. — Everything, will be enough, bothered! — I continued a mad rhythm, having passed words by ears. — I told, will be enough! — Tatyana wagged a bottom back and dumped from herself my hands. By miracle without having lost balance, I jumped aside and neponimayushche stared at her. — Will be enough on today, you and so too received much. Still you will terminate in me. What do you watch? It isn't enough what whether? You forced me to jerk off to you, then to suck away, a still and dog-fashion bent then. What still it is necessary for you? — Tatyana blinked eyes, having stared at me. — Akh you are a pervert! So here why you looked at my ass. Absolutely grew stupid? What so the front didn't please you with that you strive to set in an ass. No not to happen to it! — Tatyana left the bathroom and slapped a door. The shock, bewilderment, rage, lust is higher than a roof. It, your mother what it was?! I stared down. No, it didn't seem. Na to a floor the dressing gown and pants rolls. Reddened it is also proud the dick which is sticking out up and gloss from allocations on him, added a picture. The resistant smell of sex and sweat reached my perception. For what here proizosh — you Wait means, I didn't leave. — Tatyana entered a bathtub, having left a door slightly opened, ee tone was replaced. — The whole evening you scoff at the woman, so still it isn't enough! The conscience won't torture? — on her all still there was a brassiere, but his purpose wasn't clear, so as the breast was naked. She that-to squeezed out to itself in a hand and, having grasped me by a dick, began it that-to on it to smear. Pleasant feelings returned. — Maybe I will jerk off to you still time? Or I will suck away. — ee tone was quiet, even, slightly plaintive. — Isn't present? — Tatyana heaved a deep sigh, squeezed out on a hand still lubricants and got ee for a back. — Only strongly it isn't necessary, all right? — Tatyana accepted everything tuzhe a pose, having moved apart buttocks. I, your mother, will arrange to you not strongly! I slightly helped myself a hand. The head should have got only into ee an anus as Tatyana squeezed my dick from within. Resistance? Her to you! I grasped ee by a waist and pressed. The dick got into her to the basis. Cotton. One more. Still.