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Akh yes, came Sasha yesterday. Yes. I came. Here he lies, sleeps. And what was then? At first we went to cinema in the evening, there were still a cafe, pizza, wine. Then night street, bench, park. There was a rustle of foliage, noise of the city, freshness of night air. There were what-to words, laughter, views disheveled by wind hair. There was a smell of his spirits, warmth of his lips, rays in eyes. There was a feeling of summer, carelessness and an intoxication lung. Intoxication wine and kisses. Intoxication proximity of other person. What then? Akh, yes, then the subway, a rose in hands, views of people around. Then entrance, ladder cage, lips, hands, embraces. Then words: — To you it is possible? — him. — It is possible, we will go skoree! — mine. Then the hall, a jacket on a floor, the scattered boots. Kitchen, wine from one glass, wine from a mouth the friend's friend. Drops on a t-shirt, drops on a floor, lips, red from wine. Then table. I on a table, he predo me. The taken-off t-shirt, a blue brassiere, panties. Hands, his hands. The hands on a back undoing a brassiere. The hands on hips removing panties. Lips, his lips. Lips on the boobies kissing nipples, lips on my lips. Then hands on my bottom. Then my hands on his belt. Belt, fly, pants. Desire, excitement. Moe person, his dick. Dick, drop of lubricant, lip. My lips, my language, taste of lubricant. The dick in a mouth, at me. A tasty dick, a head of the dick in a mouth, hands on the dick. In we wash all dick to a mouth, his hands on my head. A sex smell, taste of the dick, feeling of the dick in a mouth. Lust, desire, sex. Words: — Still! — him. Silence — mine. Again dick, throat, tears. The dick in a throat. There is no air — saliva from a mouth, ink on the person. To be pleasant? Yes! Painfully? Yes! Still? Yes! We will take rest? No! Words: — I want to fuck! — mine. — How you want? — him. A hand in a hand, a corridor, the bedroom. A cover, a blanket, only a sheet. I on a sheet. Legs — are moved apart, sexual lips — damp. Lips, language — him, a perineum, moisture — mine. Language, hole, clitoris. A hickey, a smack, language in a hole. Aaa. Still. I want. So! Legs — are wider, hands — on his head. I press it into myself, into the girl. Language, lips, licks, sucks. I pine, I burn, I depart. I want, I shiver, I cum! Legs the head, I press into myself. Words: — Wait a moment, give so! — mine. — Give! — him. I on knees, hands in a bed, the back towards to him. An entrance, an entrance, an entrance to me till the end. A high, a separation, the first step I departed. The dick — in me, I towards to the dick. Cottons, slaps, squelch inside. The dick in me, I towards. The dick — big, the pussy — isn't present. Forward — towards. Still! Still! So! So! The dick — big, the pussy — isn't enough! sexytales Speed, speed, separation! I cum, I shiver I fall! I terminated! He — isn't present. Change. I below, he above. Legs, twisted a back, his dick — in me. Desire — comes back. Desire — increases. Desire — to fuck. Snova. Still. Stronger! Words: — Fuck so all force! — mine. Actions — him. The dick, till the end. Force — so only. I left, I entered, I left, I entered. Speed — is reproached, force — increases. Sweat, drops. Nails on a back, groan from a mouth, heat in pizde. Groan, shout, mat. Groan, entreaty, words: — Stop! — mine. — Never! — him. Hands, buttocks. pulls — as an animal. Me — on a dick. Me — on a dick. Still and still. The pussy — burns, forces — leave. To stop? No! To suffer? Ne I can! I want more? Yes!!! Aaaa!!! Aaaa!!! Daaa!!! Still!!! Stronger!!! I cum, I cum, I cum!!! He — isn't present. Hollows, thrusts, fucks! Hair — in his hand, ebyot — as a mare. To Creech! Painfully!!! To release? No!!! Words: — I want you there! — him. — You is accurate? — mine. No! — him. Give! — mine. Dick, anus, pain. Pain, again pain, again pain! I suffer — I can't. — doesn't help Creech. I escape — holds. I weaken — enters. The head — entered. Presses — still. There are no feelings —. Pain — one. Sweat, pain, drozhzh. I shiver everything, muscles — are strained. He — doesn't notice. Begins — to fuck. I suffer. Words: — Chilly. — him. — Grease! — mine. Dick, mouth, saliva. My mouth, my saliva. The taste is always on the lips, taste in a mouth. Sosa dick. The dick in a throat. Tears, saliva from a mouth. Saliva — drips from the dick. The dick — in an anus. The head — entered. Pain. All dick inside. — burns down an ass. Lust! Pain! The lust — is stronger! Me — in an ass! Here it — YES! In the head — lust, in thoughts — debauchery! Pain — passed! I want — still! Backwards, forward, backwards, forward! Heat! Orgasm! Still orgasm! Shakes! To Creech! No I don't release! Still, still, stronger, I ASK! Bitch! Whore! Very well! Still! Tear up! Tear! Have! Fuck! Heat — at peak. Speed is mad! The orgasm — bangs! The throat — growls! Pizda — flows! The hand — in a pizda. Fingers — in a crack. I jerk off — myself. Words: