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Standing under a water pressure I didn't feel special panic at o thought the fact that I became a tyrant though an unpleasant chill inside, the invariable satellite of any crime gave o to itself the nobility, in prison under such article I didn't want at all. When I already left shower before eyes suddenly there was a face of this of the foolish, but not guilty little girl of anything. A it very much even the darling, wanted to itself probably a wedding beautiful with it soplezhuyem on Chevrolet, marriage night by all rules, an I such all from itself here. So, it that for slobber such, I am a man, the male, wanted to fuck the woman and fucked also nobody for my desires dares to judge me. Having become angry on itself I drank polstakana whisky from mini-бaрa, and was filled up on a bed. Before eyes the little girl's face from the parking continued to loom, but alcohol and tension of evening made the business, and slightly pomayavshis I fell asleep. "Blyayayay, well where this infection gads?" — Andrey who remained in loneliness in hearts slapped a cover cover on the smartphone and put it in a pocket. Few visitors it was already involved in a cinema hall. Looking at the excited guy the severe controller of movie theater thoughtfully looked for hours. Prior to a session there was less than a minute, and using foul language about itself on what light costs, the guy rushed off in McDonald's. Having jumped out on the street, he a fast step jerked through the parking, but suddenly stopped as if flew on an invisible wall, wiped eyes, then quietly hid for the jeep standing nearby, looked out because of him and understood that it is not glitches. sexytalesmarinka, standing in light circle from a street lamp, naked, in some stockings, so the hands tied behind a back on which ee a blouse dangled it is impossible having bent tried to dress panties which reminded a piece izzhevannoy rags now, a nearby with her rolled ee a short skirt. From what was seen Andrey specifically was shocked and at once understood everything. The first rush was to jump up her on the help, to find the bastard who made it and here to go to manage justice, but looking at the girl suddenly in the head other thoughts were got absolutely. He fell in love with her at once as saw, it was in a school disco where he was dragged by the younger brother. He easily got acquainted with her, then carried out ee home and even deserved kiss on a cheek. Then long and beautifully I looked after her, ignoring sneers of friends in a difference occasion at age, I gave flowers and gifts, I remembered all holidays and the main thing was constantly pulled out by ee from scrapes to which she regularly got. Because of her he beat people, because of her people beat him. And when he at last understood that it is destiny and to pull further sense isn't present, admitted the feelings. So cruelly he wasn't mistaken yet. A phrase "Andryushka, well that for nonsense, I don't need a relationship and I very much love you as the brother" became for him a personal funeral march. He agreed to friendship cherishing weak hope so by time to correct a situation and since that time tested all delights frendzony. Absolutely he couldn't tear a relationship therefore that pumped the mass of forces, Marin's a since that time held a distance, favorable to her, and didn't admit too close to itself, thus continuing to twist affairs with the left guys. Andrey terribly raged, silently suffered and didn't represent at all how to break off this vicious circle. And now looking at the girlfriend who in this time didn't avoid problems as it usually happened to her, the guy felt that that-to in him very strongly changed. He left because of the jeep, and strong gait went to the Marine getting phone from a pocket. — Someone here? — scaredly the girl jumped aside, and having sharply straightened accidentally tore panties which plopped down on asphalt. — a, it you. She with relief smiled. In the answer of ee the flash of the cam blinded.— You are absolutely a fool?! — indignantly she exclaimed without expecting such turn of events at all — what you create? — It is called an erotic photoshoot — Andrey was quiet as a boa, and efficiently made couple more of pictures — you couldn't smile still just once? You have very beautiful smile. And boobs. Having gone nuts from such turn of events, Marina even forgot that she costs in the middle of the parking without clothes. She gathered more air to shout at this cretin who dared — that-whether Loony? — the guy clamped her a mouth a palm one moment prior to an angry tirade. — give all city here we will collect on a free striptease, absolutely brains refused? He picked up a short skirt from the earth of ee, unblocked Chevrolet and opened a front door. — Get into the car, there is nothing the appetizing buttocks here to shine. — untie Hands, the moron — she angrily looked at him. Andrey without swing cut her slap in the face from which the head was sharply shaken by ee in the party. — Still me you will offend time and I will leave you here. — Andryushka, well you what — began to whimper the little girl and on ee eyes tears acted — I was raped here by the bastard by car and left, the help is necessary to me. — Went to write the application then — You che, kakoe the statement, me at school zachmyryat, if the city all learns a, a parents, it everything, a trouble. — Then sit down give in the fucking car and shut up. — hand A? And return a skirt. — you Will well conduct yourself, then I will untie. And I will return a skirt. Having sighed the girl sat down on a front seat. The guy slammed a door, having bypassed the car of villages for a wheel and included light in salon. — Andryush why you took a picture of me? — Did you to him suck? — No. What?! The marine indignantly looked at him. — Well.