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Low growth, hair up to shoulders, I am slightly plump, but I am devilishly sexy. My breast will definitely not go in in your palm as actually and buttocks. Already drew an image in the head? Perfectly, keep him, he is useful to you. Yes, present to yourself, dear reader, I conduct active sexual life, beginning from 32 years. I am 53 years old, but I am ready to argue that for last year I had much more sex, than at you. Nobody knows about it, all my few friends are sure that I am unfortunate precisely so as also they and if they know that I till this time move apart the legs, by that more before young guys, would consider me potaskukhoy. Probably, I her also am, but it is more best to fuck the young fellow, than to sit with a sour mine and to say that all men goats. I don't need excess rumors, in appearance I the lonely, but wealthy woman, and I try to support this image. I left in marriage enough early, I then was only 20 years old. Now women don't hurry anywhere, build the career, a think already then o of family life, or just fuck to the right and on the left, and by 35 years, with the smashed front, look for to themselves the odd fellow who will be reconciled with their whoring, or try to settle down. I was not such at all. Though, time was absolutely another. Women protected the innocence prior to a wedding, dreaming o the strong man who will carry them on hands. I was one of such silly fellows. My husband became my first man. Though, his man it was difficult to call. I fell in love with him, now I don't even know a that attracted me. The average alcoholic who considers the wife by the property, time from time getting drunk to unconsciousness and pokolachivaya to the spouse. When we got acquainted, he absolutely it wasn't, an after the wedding showed a true face. I suffered, long suffered. I was too modest, and was afraid of him to give a hint o a divorce. Thanks to the highest forces, we had no children. Then I was sorry about it, I very much wanted the child, but now, looking back back, I wouldn't want it. Our vain attempts when the husband leaned on me among night, to steam of times I twitched, a filled up then with a nose to a wall — didn't crown success. In a year, I decided to address the doctor. The husband told that with him everything is normal and if there is what-to problem, then it in me. Offensively, but he appeared the rights — I was infertile. My husband, having learned about it, it was enraged. He already didn't miss the moment to water me with dirt, a received to it justification now. It came so far that I began to feel myself guilty, and suffered, suffered, suffered. We lived together 11 years. I got used to a thought that deserved such life, a then, my husband fell in drunk waste from the bridge to the river. I felt improbable simplification with which it became a shame to me. No it was then, now I am glad that my life developed exactly so. Somewhere in a year, I got acquainted with the nice guy. He was such careful and gallant that I thawed. Ne I know how so it turned out, but I spat on the principles, and we appeared in a bed the next day after acquaintance. I very much lacked heat and caress, and it gave them to me. To that I felt this evening — not to describe words. I couldn't even present that sex can bring to the woman so much pleasure. I precisely remember that I went to it for the sake of him. Always it seemed to me that pleasure from sex is derived only by the man, but as I was mistaken. He opened for me the new world of pleasures which I was deprived all these long years. No, that guy was the ordinary ladies' man. He evaporated the next day. I at first worried, began to feel myself a cheap stuff, but then understood that he opened for me eyes. I began to look at different men, but not for the sake of creation of family, a for the sake of sex. Vo to me wakened that-to uncontrolled, and the second man in a bed was dragged already by me. I wanted to repeat those feelings, but the guy was almost inexperienced, and terminated, having hardly managed to enter. Since this moment, I began to be eager for mad sex and turned into the chippy. Different men, different feelings, and sea of pleasure. Kto-to I was skilled, but I vanished from radars at once, a someone-to was almost able to do nothing, a pursued then. So time, I learned to calculate kobelkov. I knew that it is sex on one time, but so I knew that he was worth it. Practically all ladies' men know that it is necessary for the woman and as they wouldn't be watered with dirt, they are able to fuck. So, almost everything kobelki such gallant gentlemen that sometimes it becomes ridiculous. Literally lick from legs to the head that in today's night to get to you into pants and otymet. A as time it was also necessary for me. No, I wasn't given them with ease. They had to achieve it. I understood that men are awfully made horney by deserved trophies. I knew that I will move apart before them legs, but it had to be the award for efforts. And I played the touchy person, seeing as their eyes burn and as they are horney when try to obtain the purpose. No, with age problems come. I now about men. After 40, they lose the hardness, an I only began to enter taste. Several misfires, and I began to be lost in contemplation of guys pomolozhe. I wasn't interested in green youths, I needed young and strong men with experience, about 30 years. No, not at this age women for 40 therefore, it was necessary to go to approach are interesting to all. The skirt pokoroche, a cut on a breast is more, stockings or tights, and a fighting coloring. What men wouldn't tell, but each of them gets shlyukhovaty an image. I spent couple of evenings a week in bars to pick up there sexually anxious fellow. No, it lasted not long. Later about half a year, I opened for myself a new niche. It turned out that some young guys not exactly breathe to mature and skilled women. To me it was only on a hand. Literally through couple of months, to all my lovers was not more than 25. I saw with what fire in eyes they look at me, and it terribly made horney. To me experience wasn't so important any more, the youthful firmness began to interest me them. When the mature and skilled woman allows them to have herself, they are ready to do it continuously, on several time in an evening. So, the chance will catch what-nibud muck from the young and inexperienced guy is very small and if I saw that the fellow slightly is rather afraid of me, or uncertainly feels, then means, partners at him was absolutely a little, or at all wasn't. An elastic band in the party, ladies and misters, we will fuck so as the nature teaches us to it, without any latex, with the termination inside. So, if I very much liked my skilled, but young lover, I allowed him to get to myself into pants without any products of contraception. Ne I love these elastic bands! I trusted the nice and young lover on a word. Ne looking that to me now 53, I to time in life didn't address the venereologist. Now I even regret a little that I refused condoms only after 40. From other party, the chance to catch a sore from a bar kobelka is much higher, than from the uncertain guy in itself, so that to feel sorry for that in the general and not o than. I remember one boy to whom was years 20. Very much it was pleasant to him when I got up on all fours, and I stuck out before him the buttocks. As he tried! In total oblapayet, will squeeze boobs, will catch a bum and I went. Constantly asks how and what needs to be done, will terminate then, an I lean back on a back and I move apart before it legs. Lips between legs will drop, will begin to work the uvula, and in 5 minutes it is horney again, and drums me into a bed. As only nastupalasubbota, it remained with me for all night, and was gathered experience. He honestly earned the orgasms, bringing me pleasure. At first with my help, an already then and without her. Approximately through couple of weeks, it already so entered taste of our relationship that couldn't but drop lips to that place which reduced him from mind. I saw how strongly he is horney, but he didn't even touch the dick, didn't lick me to an orgasm yet. After such adventures, he had enough only couple of minutes to terminate, and I am sure that these orgasms were the brightest in his life. The most important — the young guy can be arranged under itself. They follow to adult women experience, and are ready to be taken it. Implicitly follow your words, wishing to understand the nature of women. No with it it is necessary to be careful, they quickly become attached. If you allow them absolutely everything, and you tighten with a relationship, they cease to look for the companion of life, thinking that they and so have a ready to help woman. It is impossible to delay with parting. I trained you in everything, my baby bird! Now you are ready to leave my nest, and will go to search of the new beloved. Yes, I caused to these guys pain, but they had so me no future. I chose in this life only sex, without any sentimentality, but at their age they aren't ready to accept such important decision yet. They have to build the families, an I for them only a petty intrigue which presented them with experience, and accustomed to bring to the woman pleasure. Fly a baby bird! Find to yourself a birdie, construct with her family, and make happy ee with experience which you gathered from me. As and in a case with ladies' men, inexperienced guys have to deserve the trophy. If terminated itself, then make so that I terminated, differently — all to you kind. Ne it is ready to work a uvula? That, any to you blowjob. Your dick not such special as you think! Completely satisfied me? You can terminate in me or to me in a mouth — I deserved. Yes, roughly, but without it, differently it will begin to think anywhere that you are his property. For all these years of debauchery, I learned to tempt not only men but and to force them to be so me. In youth, I never thought that I to someone will do blowjob, but having made his couple of times, I was involved. It is pleasant to me, an as it is pleasant to men! Once, I got stuck in the elevator with what-to fellow. I got to this house accidentally, I needed to take away some documents. In the house I would never decide on it, but others territory gives boundless opportunities. The nice guy, on a type of years 25. When the elevator stopped, it contacted the dispatcher at once and called the elevator operator. Knowing as our services work, we had a lot of time, and I decided not to lose it for nothing. He that-to discontentedly I muttered what I answered that though the company good. He didn't expect that, is farther what-to will occur, and just lovely smiled. I began to be interested accurately in his life as lives where works whether he has a girl. He answered reluctantly, probably he had no inclination to ladies of my age or my build at all. To steam of compliments that he such beautiful, and without girl, that he is similar to my first love, and here I already inconsiderately touch couple of stories his dick through trousers. The guy of the beginnings will be discharged, but I told that no one young child is able to do that I am able to do, and undid his fly. There was very successful day, in trousers the fellow had a big and beautiful device. I fell by knees, took him in a mouth, a through couple of minutes he filled him with such quantity of a cum that I nearly choked. I got up in full growth, was wiped by back side of a palm, and is indicative swallowed, looking to the guy directly in eyes. While he came to himself, I wrote down the number on a leaflet, and put to him in a pocket. Awkwardness managed to be avoided, the elevator went, I didn't manage to correct a make-up. The guy saw off me a look when I left on the floor, a through couple of days called, probably, having decided to repeat everything. They always call back! He was rather grounded in this business. He very much liked to be engaged in sex in clothes, an I was doesn't mind at all. I specially changed clothes for him and when he came, I lifted up a skirt up, undid a blouse, took out a breast from a brassiere, lowered a little tights and removed panties in the party. Ne looking at what I allowed him to cum in myself, he liked to cum on my clothes. All blouse, a skirt, tights — in a cum, a he kisses me on lips, immerses two fingers and when my orgasm passes in the eager vagina, is attached ko to me behind to enjoy my buttocks. I not very much like anal sex, but I allow some lovers to have me in buttocks. I don't know from where at them this draft undertakes, but time is pleasant — so it is pleasant. To such sex many preparations are required, but I am ready for it to go if mine lyubovnichek is affable. That fellow from the elevator very much loved anal sex. I began to be engaged in him enough long ago, but I am engaged extremely seldom, so that the guy was in indescribable delight, from my almost virgin buttocks. At first will fuck as follows, will force to terminate me and will terminate itself, a then I get up on all fours, an it alternates my vagina and buttocks to pleasure, previously having poured over all my back lubricant. I literally slipped out his hands, but he very much liked a type of my brilliant buttocks. My clothes after such sex looked are rather deplorable. Rumpled, all in a cum and lubricant, but I will tell honestly, I liked all this dirt. Once, it suggested me to go to theater. I don't appear so the lovers on people, but this guy madly was pleasant to me, yes and in theater I one thousand years wasn't. Na to the return road, we of course decided to glance ko to me. The way was not long what-to 10 minutes of walking. It was already dark, on the street almost was nobody, and we came into the empty park through which our road lay. All this evening, the guy conducted themselves as the real gentleman, but in the park gave a weak point, and seized me by buttocks. I already also don't remember how it appeared at that tree, the young fellow in all snoshal me behind so far. I was slightly bent that it was more convenient to him, a he lifted up my skirt, lowered a little tights, removed panties in the party, and entered my bosom. Would have a look someone so the parties — the eyes wouldn't be believed. The young guy puffed behind the adult aunt, a she closed eyes, and makes upward movement to him. That evening, I came home in wet panties. The fellow terminated in me, moved linen on the place, pulled tights, and straightened my skirt. Also you know, dear reader, it awfully brought me. As only behind our backs the door to my apartment slammed, I rejected a bag in the party, and lowered trousers from the guy. His dick instantly strained, he knew what will occur further. Ne I will be ashamed to tell it, but for long years of trainings, I have technology of blowjob almost down to a science. Therefore always called back to me and therefore all my lovers were eager for meetings so me. What is between legs — so you won't entice. Each woman has it. Kto-to is able to use it someone-to doesn't, but technology of seducing can't rest against the natural fact — it is too boring. If you want to attach the man to yourself, exhaust him dry that his knees began to tremble, and he began to ask you to stop these torments. It by the way isn't very difficult — it is necessary not just to move the head, a to monitor reaction of the man, on that or other action. Also don't forget about the uvula. It not only guys can be active. When you bring the man to an orgasm, without touching with lips his dick, working only with language, look to him in eyes. Mentally, he already bought himself a space suit, and goes to space, behind that star. In the rest, I am quite ordinary woman who very much loves sex. Also I will tell you honestly, such there is a lot of us. Just someone-to hesitates of it, a someone-to as also I, don't expose for show. Now to me already 53, but I till this time have lovers who wish to study and who are already not bad trained. I see condemnation in your eyes, but you know — to me to spit. While you have complex in an occasion of the desires and the sexuality, I enjoy the main gift of our life — sex!