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All external look it showed tranquility and complacency that especially didn't match unexpected rigid slap in the face with which he awarded Mila, quickly peresekya the room. The head of the girl leaned back in a side from blow as at the Chinese bobblehead, she grabbed hands a cheek, with insult and neponimayushche looking at the owner. — Ne dare to look to me in eyes, Милá — the man quietly ordered — you are a slave and you have no right to show disrespect in such way. If, of course, you aren't eager to be punished? In the last phrase the sarcastic threat obviously appeared. Mila quickly rolled up the head, choking with tears, showing what understood. — Now get up as has to — Vincent prompted. The girl became straight, took away hands for a back, having exposed a breast, inclined the head, trying to cover with hair the burning cheek. — Well — Vincent, seemed, was satisfied — so, hi Милá — he as if wasn't only that the occurred ugly scene softly greeted. — Hello, the owner — the girl sobbed in the answer. — did You well spend day? — Yes, thanks, owner. — did You train in blowjob how I ordered? — Yes, the owner — Show me — Vincent demanded. Mila was it was thrown up, trying to read on the person that he has to a look, but here I came round and quickly again I lowered eyes. Then fatefully I spread to the man standing in several steps from her until almost I rested the person to him against a groin. And what now? Most to undress him what whether? She timidly stretched to a fastener. — No, the slave — the owner interrupted feeble effort ee with a slap on hands — not painfully, but is terribly offensive, is still it is necessary to deserve! Na the simulator on which I trained show. Mila, all red from confusion, also on knees, crawled to a wall where all still there was ee of trainings attached later dildo. Having opened a mouth, I tried as it is possible to be strung more qualitatively on it. From yet not till the end of the ceased tears in a throat as if the lump stood, without allowing to relax enough. Not less she continued by that, fearing anger of the owner watching her. — take away Hands for a back where were — he ordered — use body weight, bend stronger — the man methodically noticed mistakes. Then, having clasped behind the head with hands, itself I began to send to ee of the movement, forcing to swallow "exercise machine" even more deeply. Tears also so nearby stood, only constrained by the remains of pride, a from such address in general a hail poured down that at each immersion of the dick the loud squelching sound accompanying a whimper, a saliva was distributed became knitting, flowing down and being smeared on lips and a chin. — Will be enough — Vincent discontentedly summarized, releasing the girl from capture of hands — you try insufficiently. As rubber doll! You have to do it to bring to the owner pleasure, not to force him to fuck a mechanically you in a mouth. It is insufficiently simple not to resist! Mila, listening to his angry rebuff, quietly I swallowed of tears. Also I pound what it was going to obey voluntarily? Everything is equal at it nothing turns out! — You obviously lack motivation — Vincent continued to utter. He for a moment thought. Then what-to having solved, I approached a case with drinks, I filled a glass and I sat down in a chair. Mila continued to stand on knees where he left ee, trying to cope with crying and occasionally convulsively sobbing. — I liked your stories — having given an opportunity to the girl to calm down, at last, Vincent broke silence — your English isn't so bad. No you had to write three, a not two. — Forgive, the owner, I lacked time — Mila swallowed. — I won't begin to punish you for it — the owner took pity — also other faults are enough — he added, having forced the girl to begin to tremble. — No you have to tell this missing story now. More better if it is not from your youth — he warned.— Yes, the owner — the girl nodded, gathering with thoughts and trying to remember what ideas she had for that moment and that could umilostivit him now. Having deeply sighed to appease nervousness, she began: — I was in club, in a disco — the Billeting — Vincent interrupted ee — I don't accept your look. Approach here — he called, pointing to a banquette for legs by a row with his chair. — Lay down the person down as yesterday — he ordered to the crept-up girl. Mila during an instant became covered with paint, but didn't dare to contradict, laid down a stomach on a banquette, is imperceptible thus trying to pull a dress on the lifted-up back. — Move apart knees and cave in — Vincent, it seemed, till the end it wasn't satisfied with the show developed before him — hands move apart buttocks — the tone which isn't suffering objections he added. Left Mila into heat, she tried to settle more conveniently on a narrow banquette, laid down a breast on a floor and the shivering hands stretched to buttocks, moving apart ee as he asked. The hot wave slipped from a face and captured all body — it all burned, shook with shame that he sees ee in such dissolute pose. At the same time with it lit up inside that-to else, filling with languor. "It makes horney me" — with horror the girl stated. Ee got that he, probably, enjoyed a type of ee of the opened perineum, the gleaming stone in a dark hole, even for a second drew near in a chair gently to stroke on chubby shameless sponges, having caused in the girl the next flash whether shame, whether excitement. — Continue the story — he ordered hoarsely, again leaning back. It was terribly inconvenient to speak in such pose, breath escaped with rattles, words were confused. — Yes, the owner. I was in a disco Got acquainted with the guy Simpatichny, well dressed there, filled up me with jokes and compliments. I agreed to go to him home We began to be engaged in love. — Describe his dick — the owner interrupted the story. — At him I was not very long but thick it was heavy to me to take him in a mouth — You did blowjob. A he licked you? — No, the owner in this story — isn't present — Continue. — He long fucked me — in a usual pose and behind. In this time the door was opened and the room was entered by one more guy. He was as two drops it is similar to the first He wanted to join us and I agreed. Then we were engaged in sex three together. They put me dog-fashion and changed, in turn fucking in a mouth, in kiskurasskazyvaya about this imagination, Mila was even more brought. She felt that the clitoris began to shake, an a bosom was humidified. She was afraid that also the owner sees it, but he didn't react to it in any way yet. — So means, imagination of o brothers - twins it is amusing — Vincent stretched, standing up and not hurrying getting fingers into the girl's vagina exuding with juice — yes you are a little insatiable whore — he concluded, continuing slowly potrakhivat ee by fingers — in two stories from three you is more than one have some. One dick to you malomila I caved in to it on a meeting even more and with pleasure I moaned. Ee already concerned his offensive words a little. Let! Only wouldn't stop. — Tell o the guy — he ordered, continuing to caress ee, his fingers slipped out it, easy contact ran on a clitoris, occasionally slightly touched the basis of the stopper inserted into buttocks — as often he fucked you? How? — We more than five years together — I tried to come up from Mila's luxury seizing her — to him at me was nobody. At the beginning we often were engaged in sex, in the last years is more rare, one-dva time a week. — You were a virgin to him. How did it happen? — Yes in any way — Mila admitted — we both were drunk after the party, he thrust to lead me to the hostel, well and it occurred the Neighbour in the room spalana the next bed I remember only what was very sick but, it seems, quickly — You got with him an orgasm in sex time? — Vincent continued to try to find out, without ceasing to torment with ee a perineum, his caress from easy and accurate by this time of steel more rough and persistent. He that and business on a half extended a stopper from what the girl's anus painfully ached, stretching and contracting.— No — fir-trees were exhaled by the girl, enjoying this shocking torture.