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So we established an accurate framework: not to climb each other in life, not to do the tragedy because of cancellation of a meeting and not to "punch" brains. Once Galina asked me to help to bring on giving a chair. I, actually, knew that she definitely has no problems with delivery, not financial not physical and realized that put that not in transportation and unloading. I told Galina Petrovna that delivery should be "fulfilled" on what received immediate consent. All agreed in what day to her to bring. I lent at the acquaintance "Harry Porter's Car" of South Korean production, stopped by in the evening at shop where to me shipped chairs, a since the morning, almost at night, went to the dacha to Galina. To Na Street there was a late September, there was the depth of woman's summer, there were even 18 — 20 degrees at night, a stood the real heat in the afternoon. Giving was located in 70 kilometers from Moscow therefore having left polpyatogo mornings, at the beginning of the seventh I was already at site gate. Sites were old, with board continuous intakes and big quantity of trees, practically lodges in the forest. I called on cellular that not bibikat since early morning, and Galina opened for me gate. Having driven the car into the yard, I opened a window and asked so oddish accent: — Where do the goods to lay down, the hostess? — Oh yes beds somewhere. Though on a verandah — having cunning blinked the eyes, Galina Petrovna accompanied me. To pull out four easy chairs from the car didn't take me a lot of time. After it organized me a small excursion on the site and the house. The palace Ne of course, but quite nice lodge so all conveniences and the well-groomed site with paths, sheds and an arbor. After acquaintance with the area we drank coffee, I looked for hours and understood that it is time to start payment, so as by a lunch I needed to be in the city. — Okh, thanks the hostess! Kofy overseas, cookies nazhoristye — again were passed to a foolish dialect by me. — A as you think to pay off for rabotushku my powerful? — How, how? To top srakoy — the lady didn't begin to pull time. — We will start? Eyes at the woman began to shine, breath became frequent. — we Will start. I will go to an arbor, a you change clothes as agreed and approach there — I got up because of a table and came to the street. Galina wasn't several minutes. I for this time pulled out a wattled chair from an arbor and put him on paved a tile the platform. I was arranged poudobnee and as time Galina Petrovna approached. Moe by an external look she performed a task for hundred percent. Na sneaker legs. Na a body the sports topic, is couple sizes less than that which suits it, because of it the breast practically fell out of him. Sports black bridges on which the piece on the most interesting place is cut out are lower, under bridges there is nothing. Under a mouse a sports rug. It suited ko to me got up on knees and kissed back side of a palm. We agreed not to play "the worn-out plate", to read meetings in such way. — Remarkable morning for sports exercises? Whether Ne so? — Yes — having looked down a look, Galina agreed. — Put a rug and you lay down on it on a back, ko to me legs — I ordered. The woman settled. — bend Legs in knees. Na we move apart the account of times of a leg, into the account we shift two. Exercise "preparation for work" — was instructed by me. — Do time. In a section on bridges to my look the promising type of a clean-shaven vagina opened. I held a pause, enjoying a landscape. — Do two — Get up on all fours. poshire place legs — having practiced several minutes, I decided to replace a pose. — Na account of times otklyachivayem ass. Na the account two in initial. Began. Time! I approached the bulged Galina Petrovna's bum and clapped on a buttock: — What stanochek notable. Two — she became straight. — Time! — I carried out by a finger around an anus. — How flue? It is ready to smoke? — It is always ready — having given in lady still answered back. — having admired Dvavdovol sports attempts in otklyachivanii asses, I decided to pass to other exercises: