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Na these competitions she also sank down on Max of the brawny athlete of handsome behind whom all local girls, in that number and her present girlfriend of the bride who was imposed by future spouse ran. So as she had no girlfriends in America and in general she was a timid honors pupil — zubrilkoy. She spent all free time for trainings and reading. The bride's girlfriend the slender high brunette the daughter of rich Italian emigrants living in the neighbourhood with Max and dreaming to catch to herself brawny handsome. She was a girlfriend of the childhood of Max and represented him future father of the children. Today Natali the captain of university team on tennis. Strong, imperious, created as the strict leader, I planned to receive the prize in a type of the dick maksa and at the same time to revenge this upstart, in a wedding dress, arrived half a year ago from the Czech Republic and destroyed her plans. especially for vbabe.mobinervoznoe the condition of the bride was on Natali's hand, and she began to embody the plan. Helping to tie a corset on a dress and calming Petra, to Natali suggested her to drink a drink of anti-nervous cocktail. Such cocktail, according to her she accepted itself for bravery, and it affected all hundred percent. The young bride agreed and Natali left behind a glass. The avenger added sleeping pill, a small dose of the activator and drug suppressing will force to cocktail, having flashed eyes she decided to add a highlight to cocktail for that that young people at kisses punched a part her and diluted glass contents slightly having peed there. Having received a glass Petra, I was surprised to tart taste, but pushing Natali a bottom, I told that she will help, only if to drink all in a volley for time. Having swallowed mix, in five minutes Petra was disconnected. Having come to itself, I felt slight dizziness and discomfort in buttocks. Having touched itself, it found out that on her were put on, densely fitting panties with a plastic slip on the pussy and a ringlet of an anus properly the metal wire tense to a waist and all this design was locked on the lock. To reality she was returned by Natali's voice and a key flashing before eyes. Listen to me, the bitch you stole from me an opportunity to feel in yourself Max's dick, but today in your first marriage night I will receive it, and you will organize it for me. Petra began to stand up and be indignant, but a push a leg and sharp burning in buttocks and on the pussy returned a body on a floor. Hands reflex stretched to a perineum, but o rigid plastic hit and couldn't remove hated objects from gentle places in any way. Natali sat in a chair, over the victim and defiantly sticking into a face to the bride with the panel, released the button, burning instantly stopped. Petra having translated spirit, I felt to the surprise that she began to be made horney, I raised the head with a question in eyes, I stared at the tormentor. — Ne be surprised the bitch at us not enough time and it is necessary to come to a ceremony soon. Now you will receive the detailed instruction. Today I control you. Your marriage night will pass according to my scenario, probably, you will even deserve the dick of the hubby, be not surprised to the excitement, yours pizda and an ass belong to me now, and through them I will control you. In pizde at you are vibroshariki. Having pressed Natali's panel, I gave a possibility of Pyotre to check their actions why that sighed and delightfully I bit a lip from the accruing excitement. — Before a clitoris it is established mikroigla with the activator, and the sharp sting burned all pussy of the bride from what she howled and tried to break panties from herself but, without having shifted them on millimeter she noticed as pain in the pussy ceased, and it plentifully began to flow. — In your bum, the plug which size I can control is inserted. In Petra's depth pressing on walls of virgin buttocks the rubber dick began to get. Growing from a small barrel of the compressed air which was inserted into an anus and initially I brought inconveniences already with might and main to the current bride, from unexpectedly growing foreign subject in Pyotr's buttocks I curved a back and I jumped, leaning on hands, having appeared on all fours at legs of the nasilnitsy. Natali happy with with a grin continued a lesson. — Na yours pizde are sensors which allow me to know extent of your excitement, abundance of lubricant and when you is close to an orgasm I will be able to affect it. Therefore the bitch you will cum if you deserve and when I want it. And depends only on your behavior when you receive a key from the ass. — A now, at us remains already absolutely not enough time, to check in practice my puppet. — Creep to my pussy a laying. Petra already was in a floor a hypnotic state standing on all fours with wet legs from own juice and hanged, without believing in reality of the events. Glass eyes looked at Natali and only sharp burning from the category in the pussy and an anus forced to move in before the bride. — I told, creep to my butonchiku, rubbish. Happy with herself, Natali observed a smart picture, the very young bride crept to her on all fours in a beautiful wedding dress, white bangs a smart hairstyle. Panting from excitement, the victim stopped between Natali's legs having drenched with hot breath of her leg and a perineum. The girlfriend leaned back on a chair back, raised fitting a red dress and shifted a strip of panties in the party. — Lick the whore, I want to terminate from your dirty language, lick well as you suck my Max's dick. — to Lick I told us you soon to marry, you have 5 minutes that I terminated. Petra having felt a smell of urine and allocations of the pussy Natali I didn't experience disgust, she already entirely was in the power of desires of the body. Having touched sexual sponges of Natali, she zealously began to lick them, sucking sexual sponges, periodically passing to a clitoris though earlier she when I didn't even kiss girls, preferring only men. In a moment, Petra noticed that she approaches an orgasm. At her legs began to shiver, and she earned by language with a mad speed, squelching and champing from what nasilnitsa began to groan and grasped Petra's head, pressing into the vagina. The face of the bride, all was soiled, Natali's allocations, and to that she began to crawl the pussy on Petra's face, yes is so strong that sometimes her nose failed in hot and a moist vagina. Sounds of a squelch and groans in the room were interrupted by a signal of the timer on Natali's phone and she cast away the face of the soiled bride from the perineum. — the Knot you didn't manage to please me, it is time to bring together you on a ceremony. No having recovered the breath it having grinned I told. — You are a whore, well I began and now you at me will terminate that pleased Petra, so as she was already on an explosion side. — No and I will receive koe, kakoe simplification. Natali removed the panties rose in a chair and attracted the face of the bride for ears substituting under the pussy. — I will include vibroshchariki now and you the bitch will terminate and in this time you will please me, having drunk all my urine which I will present those. I have no time to go to a toilet and in your interests not to utter drops what, to soil a dress. Petra didn't believe that it can happen in reality and to her, but pumped up by drug and the activator would only be already ready for all to terminate. She opened poshire a mouth and was inserted into the pussy Natali. Happy Natali included vibroshariki on full power and began to write to a mouth to the victim. From vibrations in the pining Petra's interiors she began to cum, balls fought the friend, touching with o of the friend through a thin wall a trunk of the rubber dick filling a bottom. The powerful and bright orgasm didn't help to swallow of all stream of urine and Natali's streams soiled a white dress, and the decent puddle in a chair was poured. Had a fit of coughing and the become soft bride relaxed by the most powerful orgasm in her life failed on a floor. Standing on a chair, Natali twisted with a look the victim.— Get up a nipple. It forced the bride to exhaust a puddle from a chair, washed, made up the swelled up a little lips, handed a bouquet of flowers which covered yellowish spots on a dress. I ordered. — Forward there is a bitch, to our happiness.