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Kohl turned and, having taken away phone cam directed to him, shy I smiled. — Yes anything so, is normal hakhanastya, Colin the first great pure love, burst out laughing, brought the heavy fat dick of Max to lips and kissed him. Chto-to in heart Kolyan painfully pricked. — Well and it is excellent, time so. Max turned phone back to Nastinomu to the face which is actively working on his unit. — the Nipple mine. — Mfffmm — you Like to suck? — Mm — You take out a dick from a mouth at first, durilka. Nastya, having stuck out sponges, defiantly slowly I took out the favourite lollipop from a mouth. — Very much I love! — It is good, so as you will suck at me every day. — I and so to you suck every day! — Well here and the clear head, a now back for work. Nastya dropped lips to the dick again and, having published the muffled groan, slowly shipped him to herself in a mouth. Kohl the last sad view of Nastinu threw naked buttocks, I turned back and prodlzhil to play the strategy under a rhythmical hlyupaniye. — Now at all length take a then slowly take out that all it was visible. "He likes to remove the her, tarkovsky pancake", with disappointment thought Kolya. Max really very much loved it, especially if he her thus was obediently sucked by what-nibud lovely girl. No even if the nipple under a hand wasn't, it didn't stop Max: he could photograph for hours himself stark naked in a mirror to shoot video as he grandly and is proud nadrachivayet the tool. He kept the blog where spread something from what turned out. O the blog knew many in University, and thanks to it Max had a circle of the fans who are eager poblizhe to learn the well-known penis from beautiful pictures, than he actively used. Even having guys, many girls looked for a secret meeting with him that though just once to try what it. Max bragged that though time but gave in a mouth to each cow calf from a stream, and several prepodsham too. So it or was heavy to say no, Kolyan preferred to consider that Max strongly exaggerates. About himself Kolya reproached Max with self-admiration and bragging, but perfectly thus gave himself the report that would be at him such penis he with pleasure would conduct himself so. With bitterness and offense at the unfair nature of Kohl looked at with what awe Maksovy nipples serve his handsome. 21 centimeters in length and 19 in a grasp as Max wasn't tired to repeat. Smooth, slightly venisty, everything in this dick was fine, both color, and a form. In the first day of joint accommodation in halls Max warned Kolyan that he often drives girls to himself. — I if you want, can warn that you could leave somewhere. No it is necessary to leave often. Kohl assured the neighbor that him sosvsem won't confuse him potrakhushki. He didn't begin to sound that he is pleased by prospect porazglyadyvat naked girls alive. He of course had Nastya, and he very much loved ee, and the beauty she what to look. No soul asks a variety. Began to meet Nastya Kohl still in 9om a class, a was fallen in love also that longer. He couldn't believe the happiness when she in one wonderful day approached and ee suggested him to become the boyfriend. It was heavy to it to understand that she found in him, but he didn't decide to look in teeth such presented kobylke. The dirty trick was found enough soon. Nastya said to the boyfriend that she isn't going to put dicks in a mouth, so as not such, and too it isn't worth waiting for classics because she is afraid of pregnancy yes and brands davalki, lost virginity neither light nor a dawn. — No koye-to we can try if you want. Kohl it was difficult to present that-to it what he wouldn't agree to. — do You know what is a cunnilingus? Kohl knew. He also heard that this action is considered humiliating for the man if someone learns, the shame will be on all life. On an extreme measure at school and in the yard. No the love is love and such trifles before it mean nothing, therefore Kolenka without excess words got up on knees, put out a uvula and long hours crawled him in generously predostavlenoy to him to a pussy. The first time, of course, didn't appear the last. Nastya quickly entered taste and began to demand oral caress more and more. In the next several years Kolya spent so a lot of time humouring the girl a mouth that could write the whole book about all folds of ee of a vulva, o taste and a smell of ee of allocations and so further. Somehow time, observing as next Maksova the fan, in a suit of the maid and the panties lowered to knees his dick sucked, Kolya thought that his relationship with Nastya is similar to Max's relationship and his nipple. "Here only she instead of Max, an I am nipple ee", he thought. If Max wanted go down to someone in a mouth, these girls came when he tells, put on so as he will tell, got up so as he will tell and sucked to him so much how many he will tell. All that was done also by him for Nastya. She liked to create specific scenarios, sometimes even to give him remarks. "Well, nipple so nipple. ", Kolya thought and shook shoulders. Everything suited him. No at what-to moment there was what he was afraid of: somehow returning with to halls from study he saw the picture which already became to the acquaintance what-to girl on knees before Max. Intrigued, Kolya crept closer. "Someone did he credit now? Kakaya-to new it seems", he thought. And here at him inside everything failed. In ten meters from him Max fucked his favourite girl in a mouth. These chubby sponges which he so liked to kiss were soiled by a cum and slid on a powerful trunk of his neighbor. Kolya quietly disappeared. Kolya was out of himself from a grief, but in him all the hope still glimmered. Can do it only on one time? There was a wish new, I didn't keep. Now it left her and everything will be still? The hope dies the last, but early or late too dies. Nastya came to the room to Kolya and told that they need to talk. After primary explanations Max who tactfully left before them alone joined them. Kolya was vprostratsii and answered on the automatic machine. Yes, of course. No, everything is normal. Of course doesn't mind. Yes, I understand. And so the life consisting in the basic of computer games under groans of his favourite Nastya whom on the mast Max pulls began for his Kolya teperyashnyaya. Or under a rhythmical hlyupaniye when she to it sucks. He began to get used. On an extreme measure he everything still can see sometimes ee a body which he so loves. Ee elastic breast. Ee I pardon a round bottom. Ee a sweet pussy, these sponges which he so often licked, now on-varvarski moved apart Maksovoy huge eldoy. He didn't expect that his life will be changed again. Somehow in the morning when Max left on couples, Kolya remained in the room alone so svezheottrakhannoy Nastya. She luxuriated stark naked on a bed, stroking herself quietly between legs. — Eh, Kolya Kohl — M? — You know to Me so your uvula isn't enough. Kolya was dumbfounded. Whether Ne was heard to him? Really? — You at me were such good. My Lizunchik. Kolya turned to a bed. At him in a throat dried up. — Diligent such. Uvula to me here so here Lek, лэк. She carried out by fingers to herself on a vagina. — As I lack it. When there is such obedient boy. Kolya swallowed. — it was pleasant to You too? — K-konechno — A would like again so? At Kolya hooted in ears.