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Business is that since a recent time of some girls of the male teacher began to accuse of excessively revealing clothes, others — in too seductive poses, the teacher of physical culture so and in general a few days ago said that girls "too loudly groan" in blowjob time. Girls, certainly, weren't in debt, pointing already not only to inadmissible touches in time of oral and vaginal sex, but also and on pinches, a tickling and strokings even in time of usual communication of schoolgirls and teachers. All this bacchanalia of mutual reproaches led to the fact that the director issued the local act of o to check of clothes studying as compliance to rules — on length of skirts and heels, on a gleam, the decollete size, quantity of unbuttoned buttons and even on lacy elements. Business is that if sins of teachers fixed the cameras mounted practically in all rooms, then with identification of inadmissible details of clothes of schoolgirls there were difficulties — often according to video it was just impossible to understand what length a skirt at the girl and whether illuminates at her the lower linen through a blouse. With change of duties of persons on duty this problem disappeared. Beginning from last Monday every morning about ten boys with a ruler checked distance from edge of a skirt to a knee at those schoolgirls who seemed to them suspicious. Girls discontentedly screwed up the face as now they often in blowjob time to children on duty had to accept inconvenient poses that partners could carry out necessary measurements. No nothing could be made — the local act of school is adopted not from the bay - barakhty, an in compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of education, the situation demanded such approach and girls had to be reconciled with new rules. Persons on duty were also not in delight from the role, especially considering the fact that now there appointed only boys, so as in submission of the guide of school of the girl - persons on duty could close specially eyes on violations so the parties of other schoolgirls from solidarity. A if to appoint male teachers, then they on the contrary — could see violations even there where and didn't smell of them. So that the Ministry accepted solomonovo the decision in such cases to appoint persons on duty only guys who in the theory shouldn't have become on one of the parties of the conflict. Still time having banished all it in the head, I washed, put on and warmed to myself a breakfast. Na hours blinked figure 6:30. Ksyushenka, my younger little sister, still slept. By her it was executed eighteen just yesterday, she had a rest after rough night with parents. I looked at ee a lovely children's face with chubby cheeks. Vo a dream the sister smiled. At me jammed in a stomach when I presented that already today this young charm will begin to take from me in a mouth. Having had breakfast, I gathered, closed behind myself a door and entered the elevator. So me my contemporary, ryzhenkaya the girl who a vein the floor above together went. I always wildly was confused when I faced her at an entrance, so was thrilled that even to time I didn't ask a name of this long-legged beauty. The girl removed a handbag, delivered to ee on a floor of the elevator and got minetnuyu a pillow in a heart form. It is unclear, why engineers didn't make a floor covering in the elevator soft as on ladder platforms and on benches in parks — so it would be much more convenient to girls, yes and time oral sex would occupy much less — not at each girl the pillow for blowjob lies above a handbag, some should rummage. Ryzhenkaya smiled and, without telling a word, I undid to me a fly. I even choked with pleasure when it concerned the sponges of my intense dick. I feverishly remembered rules — where have to there are my hands in blowjob time that can be done, an of what is impossible. More than a week ago it also wouldn't come to my mind, but now, having undergone instructing for persons on duty, I knew as far as it is important. So and without having remembered anything, I put hands to myself on hips that couldn't be definitely apprehended as sticking. All someone had to be on duty from today's Monday were brought together on Friday after lessons, carried out hour instructing and issued the book "Set of Rules of Sexual Etiquette" — fat volume which hardly went in in a backpack. All Saturday I studied this phenomenal text. From some rules at me hair got up on end at what not only on the head. The first time to me was absolutely unclear from where authors of the book took the bans, but I understood at once that I definitely am not going to allow to read this fat volume schoolmates — complaints to stickings and so flew from all corners, just about not only teachers, but and pupils could begin to appear in them. It already then when in later heads numbers of laws and decrees began to appear, I understood that all bans proceed from the World government and parliament what idiotic they wouldn't seem. Here to an example — I just adored strangling a little bit the girl while she took from me in a mouth. especially for it Turned out that so it is possible to do only in that case if she does blowjob lying, in an extreme case sitting on a chair. No to put a hand to the girl on a throat if she at the moment of a fellation costs on knees, it is impossible in any case — it is treated how violence and can lead to serious problems, up to a call of parents in school or even excommunications from sex at several o'clock, a that and for the whole day.A o such even and girls knew not everything — most of my schoolmates absolutely resignedly agreed in time of deep blowjob to stay a little bit without air while I put a palm him on a neck and squeezed. No one was indignant then though practically each girl at school took in a mouth, standing on knees, a without sitting on a chair at all and that without lying on a sofa any more. Or here one more point — the ban on kisses of girls which at this moment did blowjob to other guy. It would seem — what bad is in lifting up to the girl a skirt and to kiss ee on a bottom while she enjoys the dick of your schoolmate? So not, desire to wait until the partner terminates ee, already then kiss a. At what pinches and strokings at the moment of blowjob are allowed for all, except the guy who, actually, and gets oral pleasure! Pinch, caress, tickle, but only don't kiss. It would be possible to think that authors of rules thought up all it just so, without reasoning in any way and without explaining. No isn't present, the explanation was, but it that more better authors of "The set of rules" would do without him at all. In the book it was written that kisses are deeply intimate thing, and the girl, taking the guy's dick in the mouth, and so, actually, as time kisses him. Therefore, kisses of other boys would distract ee from the partner, creating that conditions for moral discomfort. A here pinches and strokings — how many it is necessary as they, it seems as, intimate aren't. No if the partner begins to caress and be pinched, then it will already be an objectivization of the girl and derivation from the main process that "The arch governed" very strictly forbids. Well and, clear business if the girl doesn't do blowjob, a just goes along a corridor or sits at a school desk, then ee is forbidden to caress, pinch or tickle too if only it not the invitation to sex. "Arch" suggested to distinguish the invitation to sex from idle feeble efforts the next way — the pinch or stroking have to be accented, single and touch either the girl's breasts, or a bottom. Also touches to cheeks of schoolgirls as obviously hinting at blowjob were welcomed. No to pinch or stroke one time, then to continue by a these actions, without having waited for accurate reaction of the girl - it is budetuzhe obvious violation and an objectivization.A in an occasion of a suffocation was accurately specified that in a pose on knees one of the main principles of receiving pleasure by the boy is the subordinated position of the girl. Therefore the suffocation would create, in opinion of authors, the additional experiences connected with violent experience which wouldn't allow both partners to enjoy oral sex in a full measure. All this nonsense in the book was flavored with juicy links to laws, resolutions and decrees of the Government of Earth therefore doubts there couldn't be — all bans were quite official, a not desire of the left heel of a back leg of originators at all. Other business that to a wave of charges of harassment at our school a little someone looked in all these codes, the arches and other documents. No now a situation in a root izmenilasya gradually I shook a basin, being pressed by the dick into a small mouth of the partner. The elevator gradually hooted, lowering us from the twelfth floor on the first. Last week I surely would like to seize the girl by lovely sticking out tails and to stick properly on a penis that she even began to wheeze and I buried a nose in my groin. No now such desire didn't appear and by the way — I too well remembered the pale and tortured teacher of chemistry whom separated from sex for two days for the fact that he put hands on a breast of the schoolgirl who forgot to undo the top button of a blouse in time of blowjob. The top clothes closed on all buttons were treated in "Arch" unambiguously — as unwillingness of the girl to suffer touches of the partner lower than the level of shoulders in blowjob time. So that Konstantina Georgiyevichu imputed "sexual attack". The picture as he conducts a lesson that-to tells about valency was tightly pressed in memory, a his dick literally breaks off trousers while the giggling Tanya Veremieewa on the first school desk caresses herself a pointer. The chemist then all contracted for horror, trying not to terminate, listening to ee deep groans alternately so snickers. If he eyakuliroval, then violation of conditions of departure of punishment, a could impute to him it is fraught with already three-day ban that can put any on a side of nervous failure. The most interesting that and he couldn't expel Tanya from a lesson — then it would get up, dropped that-nibud specially and I bent, having shown to the teacher the accurate white panties that the exhausted member Konstantina Georgievicha would definitely not take out without consequences. Remembering that situation, I held hands at myself while the girl gave me pleasure the sponges and a uvula. The elevator reached, doors opened. In an aperture there were a guy and the girl, they, probably, wanted to come, but didn't know how it is polite to slip in a cabin by my lowing and squelching neighbor. A the girl made that time the last breakthrough — she furiously swallowed a dick so that he appeared deeply in ee a neck and began to groan loudly, creating vibrations which forced me to shiver from pleasure. My dick began to be thrown up, filling the neighbor from above with a cum. She he is grateful I lowed, closing and disconnecting sponges, an I still even didn't touch with a finger her — Umffkh — told ryzhenkaya, with the champing sound removing itself from a penis and rising by legs. The guy and the girl at last could slip in the elevator, a we from it turned out opposite. I stood, reeling after such powerful session of pleasure. — A why you in this time didn't press down me? Earlier was so great! — Well, in this time I decided that it is necessary to give you a little independence! — there were I and smiled. — Aha Well so far! — the neighbor from above was developed and went to the party of a stop. A I so also remained to stand, endeavoring to think up the reason for continuation of a conversation. And here suddenly my look fell ponizhe the girl's backs. Ee the tremendous buttocks bulged a miniskirt, slender naked legs crashed directly into heart — it seems all as usually, but now my memory burdened rules of behavior of girls at school, so that I suddenly understood that the reason for acquaintance all appeared. — Wait for Ee! — I shouted and ran for the neighbor. — Yes? — the girl turned back and playfully smiled. Probably, she thought that I want to be engaged in sex with her still time.— Do you In the general, I the person on duty on school and at you have skirt Length Yes and heels Well — Aaa, you about it? Ne worry! I any more not study at school, an at institute, there over it nobody bothers. We have no persons on duty, all go in what want. — charge A? Harassment and so further — Harassment? Well, at school was to steam of times when girls wrote applications for teachers, they were discharged of sex, but in the answer no charges existed I so in general without panties I went in a final class! — she giggled. — Aaaa Pancake as you were lucky — sighed I. — Well it is fine. It is time for me to go. — Yes, of course. So far! — I waved with her a hand and with disappointment I thought that I didn't ask ee of a name.Ryzhenkaya again rushed off to a stop, an I went to other party — my school was located close, there it is possible to reach for half an hour.