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The club has to be in the top half of the table and everything and though you burst. A that with such structure it isn't real, grudges for an on strengthening money - it is Ivan's problem. In a fuse he told everything that o such tasks in general and o a management in a particular thinks and here two months looked for work. Here he didn't think that it is so heavy — to find work. With his-to experience! With his club before last there was good relationship and there remembers it as competent expert, but they already had a trainer and they weren't going to change him. Several other options seeming in the beginning perspective also disappeared. At last one friend reported that he found the place where want to see him. No initial joy was replaced by disappointment. Ivan was ready for transition to league below, but junior team a when it became clear that women's team There was a wish to tell the friend all that he told a management of Caspian Sea, but in two months a lot of things can be considered. In the end of the ends one season can be fulfilled, nobody died of it yet. Finished that "Swallow" in the end of the table, but the expert it in the end of the ends or someone finished? During the competent work it is possible to bring them and in the three of leaders. No nobody demands it from him, the sixth place — and a management will be enough. Ivan decided to work one season. Chto-to it is necessary to eat until more decent option is found. vbabe.mobii here it went for the first working day. So low for the trainer's career he didn't fall yet, even at the beginning. The player of course I began with the bottoms, but so that when was! A then the annoying trauma crossed out game career, and here Ivan in 27 years worked as the trainer. It now he is even happy that so left, a then wanted to hang itself. And here these little girls, eighteen years. The trainer already studied their file, all are very attractive, here that was remembered. And it is the worst, he has to teach them, not to examine a! — Ivan, hello, is glad you again to see. You pass, accept reins of board, the girl already in the hall. — Hello, Igor. Go, we will look of course, is already not suffered to get acquainted. There was a wish not to get acquainted of course, a to go ko to all devils from here, but it is necessary to observe a certain politeness. Yes and to adjust itself on a business harmony. — Girls, approach, get acquainted, this is your new trainer. Ivan, accept command, an I will go, at me put up to a throat too. — Hello. I am glad to get acquainted with you, it is sure that we will work well together. I am called Ivan Anatolyevich. I know that in last season you occupied the ninth place from twelve, result we will directly tell not high. The management considers that you should raise results, I consider also. The purpose for a season — at least the sixth place. It is convinced that this purpose is achievable. A at due persistence it is possible to aim above. I won't tolerate laziness and willfulness. I hope all it understood. A now all run a march, ten circles on the platform. After end to be built in that order — it seems well I told and at once I puzzled all with a task. While run — let will think. Girls ran, an Ivan admired their slender young bodies. Suntanned legs, elastic buttocks, already created breast — to work with female team there was not such and the bad idea. It is a pity only that it is only possible to look at all this magnificence — here it was minus. Girls are already full age, but here it wasn't necessary to spoil a working relationship. All right, will understand. It is necessary to be with them postrozhe. At once to construct the correct relationship — then it isn't necessary to change anything. — Quicker. Ne we are lazy. Someone will lag behind — two more circles will run. Girls put pressure and having executed a task were constructed. All sweaty, appetizing. Ivan tried not to think of it. — Means so, I will demand from each of you on ability. If someone-to can't play at the high level and enter into starting structure, then it is useless to demand from her. No here if I see that someone-to is lazy — it I won't suffer. — And what you will make? — cheerfully one of girls asked and all began to laugh, as according to team. — You personally I will tear ears. — A what you still to it will tear? — the loud laughter rose more than former. — So, you both are a step forward — girls executed. — The buffoonery can here and I can it is similar to the clown? — A can and are similar. Here Ivan didn't restrain, approached and cut on a bum. During the next instant he came round and was even frightened. Now it is necessary to leave this situation somehow. Just nerves handed over at a look acting up soplyushki. What now to do-to? — Forgive, Ivan Anatolyevich — the girl probably too was frightened — I the truth didn't want. — I Wanted, I didn't want Ne to dare to undermine to me discipline here! To get up in a system! — A in my opinion she didn't realize yet — and again an amicable loud laughter. They scoff? It is such check to the new trainer? A what-to normal they couldn't think up? — Now you at me realize, here approached — and after performance Ivan cut on a bum, on this time more prudently again. Time it so amuses them also time they can't but act up — Now too ridiculously? — No, excuse. — I returned To a system. To turn all a back. Means so if it so amuses you, then everyone will be hit on a bum now — girls moved, started, but nobody failed. Ivan went along the line brought up the priest and distributed all slaps. He didn't know, will dismiss him, will put or parents will just beat, but now everything was somehow equal. He couldn't stop any more. Yes and everything is silly was equal to stop on the middle. Having finished the last bottom he ordered: