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He lifted my skirt and stroked my buttocks. I turned the lock at doors. It lifted me on hands and put on a table. I moved apart legs and nestled on him all body having embraced for hips. I began to kiss his lips enjoying taste of his saliva. Between hips I felt his intense flesh. He took off from me all clothes. I got up and nestled on him all body, through soft thin fabric of his t-shirt I felt as his heart fights. He fell by knees and began to kiss my legs, buttocks. I moved apart my buttocks hands and I began to lick a hole of an anus pressing on it language. I choked. I began to whirl the head. I widely placed legs having pressed calves them to his hips. I bent down and rested hands against a floor. Between legs I could see his divinely beautiful body. He kissed my buttocks and pushed a uvula in my buttocks. I felt his nose at me between buttocks and touch of his eyelashes to my skin. I tried to relax buttocks as is possible more. His language got more and more deeply. He embraced me for hips pressing them to the person more densely. I is noisy I breathed, blood without restraint pulsed in all body. He moved apart folds of my pussy, found a finger the sensitive town and began to stroke him gently. I pushed a finger inside having got moisture again I began to stroke me. His language moved at me in buttocks. My legs began to tremble it tension. Knees began to be turned in, but it strong held me by a hip. It pressed on the sensitive town at me between legs stronger and waves of heat spread on my body. I moaned, knees and elbows were turned in, and I laid down on a floor. He stroked my shoulders and a back. Then I felt again as his moist uvula licks my holes. I turned to it and for a moment my look stopped on his eyes. Black pupils were filled almost by all and they were surrounded by a thin chocolate strip. especially for my look I fell by his flesh. I nestled the person on his stomach. I undid to him shorts and I got his flesh strained to a limit. 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He one stroke-oared me on the head, an another caressed my buttocks. I felt as his finger slipped inside in my anus. Then two fingers. They moved at me circular movements inside bringing improbable pleasures. I felt as my buttocks stretch strongly, it became sick. His fingers all four moved ahead in my buttocks. I began to caress gently the most sensitive town a finger. When bones of his fingers began to enter me, the buttocks were burned by pain. I tore off a mouth from his inflated dick and moaned — Painfully it isn't necessary. He took out fingers and began to move two. I thrust into a mouth his dick to a throat again, inachala to move language pressuring him, began to move quicker. The pussy hurt from tension. I felt a stream of a hot cum at myself in language. I began to swallow of everything that she remained with me inside in megohm a stomach. When convulsions stopped I the dick from a mouth took out and gently I licked it. It continued to move fingers in my buttocks. — Turn over on a back — he whispered. From his gentle voice it became insufferably pleasant. I turned over and raised legs having bent in knees. Having opened for him the holes. He moved fingers at me in buttocks, stroked my sensitive town. — Potrakhay my buttocks — I whispered to him. — I want your cum there. He bent and kissed me on lips. I embraced him hands and legs, pressed to myself. — Now my girl, my good — he kissed my person of an eye cheek, a forehead. I put a leg to him on a shoulder, he kissed it. I felt as his dick rested to me against an anus. It was rubbed by o my pussy having greased the dick a slowly inserted then to me into buttocks. His look was gentle. I choked. He too, I felt his breath at myself on a leg. I touched a leg of his lip he drained in a big finger. His dick slowly moved in my buttocks. — my sweet is stronger. He began to move sharply till the end inserting into my buttocks. His hands hold me by hips. He implanted a finger to me into a pussy and I felt his hand in a groin. Bones of the back side of his palm massed my sensitive town I began to tremble, the wave of tenderness spread on a body, the buttocks began to clench and in this time his dick for pulsed, pouring in cum streams to me is deep in buttocks. I stretched hands and attracted him to myself. We kissed he slowly the dick pulled out. I wiped my holes a napkin and I dressed me. Then I put on. I with a smile watched this handsome man who gives me unearthly pleasure. I combed hair feeling on myself his look he kissed me on a forehead and left. I left slightly later. Nobody suspected anything. He exchanged greetings so all. I approached too and greeted as didn't happen in anything. Nothing seems us gave out.