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Most of children from a part did them. But, probably, we with Murat were the most active athletes – karatekas. By the way after our passionate sex took place in a ban more than a month. After that actually every day I was tormented pleasantly by the sweet memoirs and imaginations connected with sex with Murat. Under these memoirs I periodically and with pleasure jerked off. Nevertheless an opportunity to continue our "close acquaintance" wasn't represented in any way. Once after another training on an athletic field I suggested Murat to go to local "self-feed". Namely to sunbathe on a clearing in the nearby forest. Time was suitable, in a part there was only one "prapor". There was as in summer hot weather though there was only an end of April. The fighting friend agreed with pleasure and of course guessed the true purpose of my offer. At the same time, I hesitated to discuss with Murat our previous sex and the more so to do the direct offer …. I want to make a reservation. In a week before I found in the forest, approximately in 2 kilometers from a part, the great place for a privacy. Among landing of young fir-trees and a high grass there is a small hillock and on it the platform. Around everything is looked through – you are seen by nobody. So, we climbed over a fence, and an easy trot ran towards our future "nychka". Approximately in 20 minutes were on the place. The good place – Murat told, throwing off a soldier's blouse and trousers. I spread out a laying. Murat settled on a stomach, rolled up pants. Also I made something like thongs (though then still nobody heard such word). I too slowly began to undress, at the same time enjoying, considering a figure of Murat. What it after all sexual – thought I. Equal shoulders, a slender waist, round and a little pear-shaped, small as at 16 the summer girl, buttocks and direct legs. And still I remembered what dick, wonderful at him, – a straight line, with the cut-off head, with pleasure - salty on taste. From these thoughts I was so strongly made horney that didn't notice as took off a uniform and pants. From excitement I began to whirl the head and lips dried up. The dick was firm as steel. I sat down on knees near Murat and put hands to it on shoulders. Give I you massage I will make – I indecisively offered. Yes: quietly Murat answered - having glanced at me, at the same time having pretended that it noticed nothing special …. Nevertheless, in several seconds after the beginning of massage Murat turned the head in my party and saw me completely naked, from strongly horney eldy which end looked almost vertically up … His hand stretched to my dick, Murat took it and began to jerk off slowly. I rotating hips closer I moved closer to him a little, and itself of one beginnings stroke-oars his elastic buttocks and a perineum, other hand from below ran over a stomach, thrust a hand into pants, groped a dick which began to harden quickly in my hand. The companion raised buttocks a little and spread legs to give me the chance more better to caress his genitals and a hot anus. I grew bolder finally and offered: give a pose 69 we will try (before it I quite often dreamed about sex in this pose ….) Murat turned over on a back and took off pants. I turned over, laid down sideways, Murat accepted the same pose so his head appeared absolutely near my penis. I right there took his dick in a mouth, began to suck. Then I began to caress a head language periodically completely taking a small dick of Murat in a mouth. I felt the pulsing flesh at myself in a mouth … it was pleasant to me when from touch of my language to the bared head, Murat continually shuddered … My partner began to suck away the same at me. To the movements of his mouth I began to move to a step hips kind of fucking the friend in a mouth. Every second I was made horney more and more … .no remembering as кайфово was to cum in an ass of my "brother on weapon" during sex in a ban, I decided to change a pose. Continuing caressing balls and the partner's anus the left hand, I gave the right hand and got from a pocket of trousers a tube with cream. I kept this hand cream in a bedside table and used after sports activities …. In this case it was useful to me absolutely for other purposes. Murat saw cream and probably at once understood what I want. Last time having licked a horney lace curtain of the companion I slightly pushed Murat in buttocks and it laid down on a stomach. I plentifully greased the elda with cream moved closer to the friend's bum. Having a little spread his legs I touched a finger an anus from what Murat shuddered. Then I dripped on a finger cream and the familiar movement began to knead an anus of my partner, training him for "visit" of my rather big brother … to a .posla of what not without effort set him to the back Murat. Having begun rhythmical movements, I noticed as the partner thrust the right hand under a stomach and probably began to jerk off the end. As well as last time at me from excitement darkened in eyes, I almost completely thrust a dick into an ass and then pulled out him so that it was visible a head, so it was especially pleasant … some more frictions and the cum streamed directly in an ass to my friend. I slowly took out the half a soft dick and to recover the breath lay down on elbows. I terminated really violently as the cum continued to flow since the end a thin stream some more seconds. Murat continued to lie a dream a stomach with the placed legs sometimes meanwhile frigging. I noticed that a large amount of this translucent liquid accumulated near his tired-out anus. My friend laid down on a back continuing to jerk off slowly. Suddenly he offered: But you don't want to sit down on him (showing on the strongly horney penis) …. From such the ideas I was confused in the beginning, … but somewhere at heart I even wanted it. Generally, I nodded and gave to Murat cream. He greased to himself a dick. I to myself kneaded an anus and having taken cream greased it. Then I climbed from above on Murat. Being facing him I will spread legs bent a little forward and so that my soft end touched a navel of Murat, having left several drops of a cum on a stomach. Having bulged the back, I a hand began to insert into it an elda of the companion. The dick was quite thin, equal and surprisingly easily came into me. I began to go by it as if on some guide. In the beginning it was a little sore, but then the ass got used, and especially unpleasant feelings weren't. My dick helplessly dangled in a step to trakhatelny movements, sometimes lyapy on a stomach of the companion …