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Only 23 persons solved will go to these days off to a city fair, the old bus was designed for much bigger number of people so that nearly a half of seats was empty. The majority seated small groups in front and in an average part of Denise bus I hoped that on a trip nobody will disturb it. In a handbag several love novels lay, and she hoped will enjoy reading. The idea of a trip to a fair proceeded from Denise's parents. It wasn't interesting to her at all. — You need to communicate more so peers. — tutorially mother spoke, addressing Denise before a trip. You all time sit, having buried in the book or you work on the house. It isn't normal for the girl of your age. You have to meet boys to go to appointments, parties. Ne turn into the con you will spoil to yourself life! Denise nodded in the answer. She wasn't going to prove to mother that young men, in novels which she reads look one order more best than those with someone she is forced to communicate at school. What is pleasant to work on the house with it really, an at school parties is insufferably boring for it and it isn't interesting. Boys, in novels which she so loved were the real knights. A in a class with her studied dirty pigs, ill-bred and free which thought only o how to climb to her under a skirt. At o thought that body that dangled at them between legs and completely I ruled over their actions Denise shuddered from loathing. She never said to mother that schoolmates are nasty to her, a sometimes frighten to a shiver. The girl was rather clever for that to present how mother will react to word ee. Simple visits to the psychologist here not otdelayeshsyatak that now she was forced to go to what-to not clear fair in the old bus with teenagers of a half from whom I didn't know a just quietly despised the second. And all it for benefit ee as approved Denise's mother sarcastically grinned. Ee the brother - the twin Tim sat somewhere in a front part of the bus with which he got acquainted with the new friend only several minutes ago. All other teenagers somehow spontaneously seated in couples, girls with girls boys with boys. Only on several sideniyakh the mixed couples sat. Flirting the friend with the friend. Denise suspected that by tomorrow's morning when they reach the place most of children to get acquainted and will be engaged in usual business will be pressed out and squeezed. Brr — And where you are going to take this dog the young lady? — the driver's bass the blocked noise in salon was distributed from a door. Deniz, as also with curiosity I looked at the others forward. The fair-haired girl in the fitting short shorts and a red bathing bra of bikini came into salon. Na a lead she conducted a large black dog. — Labrador. — I marked out Denise about myself. Even so the place she easily defined that it is a male. The girl shook the head and ee magnificent hair were scattered on shoulders to a face and a high small breast similar to two roundish pyramids. — "I have nobody it to leave" — the girl told. I didn't know that it is impossible to take with itself dogs. Really it is forbidden? She coquettishly inflated chubby lips and considerably having been confused rubbed one suntanned leg of o another. — I am forbidden to carry in the bus of animals without muzzle — uncertain the driver of the bus in a gray uniform jacket said. He was very full and strongly sweated. The blonde bent and stroked a dog on the head. At this ee elastic boobies seductively shook, having nearly fallen out of narrow triangles of bikini. — It very kind and quiet you won't even notice that he goes together with us. — Well I don't know — the driver uncertainly muttered, without cramping eyes from a juicy elastic breast of the girl. — Please the sir. I guarantee that with him there will be no what problems.The girl bent to the driver as if being going to kiss him on a cheek and that-to whispered to him on an ear. The driver densely reddened and on his temples large drops of sweat swept. — Well. No you should keep him in a back part of the bus. We won't stop for what he would take a walk. It is clear? — Yes, the sir — the blonde radiantly told having smiled and went along pass. He won't leave you efforts, the sir. Almost all guys as one carried out ee a seminude figure by eloquent views, giving special attention to the elastic breast shaking at each step. Denise began to panic, she wanted to jump out in a window. The girl went directly to her. Denise tensely became straight on rigid sitting feeling strong discomfort when the blonde took seat with her nearby. — the Old pig — quietly murmured the blonde to herself under a nose having looked back to Denise. To sit Romeo — she ordered to a dog, and the Labrador obediently sat down, having thrown out big pink language. The driver pulled the lever, and a front door is noisy was closed. The bus moved and moved on the road, slowly gaining speed. Ne turning to children the person the driver a tongue twister muttered rules which should be followed them on a trip.