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In eighteen he couldn't brag neither of success at girls, nor the beautiful rolled body, nor respect among peers. Everything was the equal account on the contrary before, than all his life cardinally changed. Summer vacation approached the end. In August to it knocked eighteen and ahead of Evan waited for a final class. In school the guy not too sought. Ne that that he had problems with study, his progress was quite quite good, but the school for him was always the center of the evil and troubles. Behind Fred and Ryan's exception Evan had no friends, yes and how also he, were not the most popular guys at school. Fred was corpulent, eternally gloomy and weak. Local cool guys like George Langley and his gang considered it an ideal target for mockeries. Ryan opposite as also Evan, was thin. He liked to carry out a big part of the time behind computer games and often was ill. Among girls Evan had not the best reputation too. His contemporaries and even little girls pomladshe stared at football players Arnett, or at vainglorious dandies such as Nick Arnett. Yes, on the person Evan was very cute, yes and growth didn't pump up, but in the rest to brag he has nothing. A to someone will be interesting his internal world? Unless that at the beginning of last year I did by Makoto which besides the fact that studied with him lived in the house opposite to him ambiguous hints, but for some reason Evan was afraid then and it frightened off the girl. Evan with his lean body and quiet modest temper attracted other individuals of a female floor a little, a most often and at all served as a reason for haughty views and sneers. The beauty Ember — a subject of adoration of all guys of school from is small to is great — used him when she needed the help in study. Lily and Kate quite often released in his address offensive jokes, a Megane to which Evan long time felt the hidden sympathy, frankly despised him. Evan as also I preferred to see off most of teenagers behind the computer screen, playing a big part of free time in games, listening to music or looking through huge quantity of pornographic content. He maybe had no girl, but hormones stormed be healthy. A in the middle of August happened awful. He, his stepmother, the father and the summary sister Riley came back from a trip to mall when got into terrible accident. The truck which jumped out on a counter strip collided them a forehead in a forehead. Parents were doomed since the beginning. Evan and Riley sat on back seat also were fastened that saved them. Evan regained consciousness in hospital four hours later. The head terribly hooted. On assurances of doctors neither he, nor his sister got serious injuries, having got off with bruises, a fright and small concussions, however insistently advised to spend by him a day more in office. From close relatives they had only uncle Greg that lived in other part of the city and couldn't brag of sufficient security to charge with both nephews the shoulders. Evan understood that now freight of responsibility for family is charged his shoulders. Riley was only two months younger than him. No though externally she matured and ripened very much early, in soul the girl all still remained the naive and vulnerable little girl who isn't adapted for independent life at all. She with her mother became a part of their family already long ago. For long ten years Riley became for Evan on the present native and between them there was quite warm relationship. The next two months were heavier than others. It was hard for Evan to recover after the death of the father and mother, but he had to take himself in hand, so as Riley was necessary. The girl spent a big part of time, having hammered in the room and crying at the nights, an in her behavior happened then changes. Evan's sister began to hang more and more often in the doubtful company, coming late at night and bearing for itself a strong smell of the reek of alcohol. It wasn't pleasant to Evan, but he and without that had many cares. In the end of August he got a job on a side job in local cafe. With study approach it was necessary to it far more difficult. A stress from the endured accident and losses of parents, work, study and difficulties in communication so peers were ready to bring together Evan from mind when in his life there was an event surprising if not to tell fantastic. That night he returned from working change late. Riley already I slept in the room. Hardly moving legs, he reached the bed and wearily failed in it. Evan woke up in the middle of night from terrible cold. With work having opened eyes, he moved and rose on elbows. Directly before him his bed was stood by the female figure which was standing out in a dream clearly near. Evan's look slipped on naked legs, abrupt hips, smooth flowing in a narrow waist, on a big naked breast with chubby nipples and to the beautiful person. Black wavy hair of the stranger were scattered on shoulders, eyes shone in darkness. Her skin was red as blood, an on a face stiffened a predatory smile. Behind a back of the girl the long tail with a small triangular tip, the head her dangled horns crowned. The guy pinched himself and felt pain. However vision wasn't gone. Really he doesn't sleep? — Someone are you? — scaredly Evan exhaled. — A you as think? — the night guest asked him in the answer. Her voice being womanly I sounded surprisingly low and it is rolling, an echo being reflected somewhere in Evan's head. — What it is necessary for you? — Your life of course, silly fellow. — She was inclined over him and her breasts seductively sagged absolutely nearby with his person. — To a regret, there was very unpleasant mistake. In accident that life of your artificial mummy and father carried away, also you, but by what-to ridiculous accident this fate bypassed you the party had to die. Takoe it happens though very seldom. Evan nervously swallowed. — you the demon? — Demonessa — the stranger with insult said. — If you didn't notice, I have a female appearance though it only for this moment. I can address in different forms. — will you kill me? The smile touched her lips again. — Ne be afraid. It isn't sick. I will take away your soul with myself, an a body — demonessa critically examined him from legs to the head. — The body will remain in this transitory world. Tomorrow you just won't wake up. — No I don't want it! — Evan protested. — I can't die now! — From what it? — the guest with astonishment threw up an eyebrow. — Do you so love the pathetic life? — Honestly speaking not very much — the young man sadly uttered. — No my sister. — He has a look at the closed door. — Riley I am absolutely helpless. She won't transfer it. The uncle Greg won't be able to take care o to her. Yes and for her it will be too big blow. I can't leave her one. — As it is touching — grinned demonessa. — Even feels sick from excessive sweetness. No it is so noble and lovely from your party that I and in the truth am struck. — I Ask you — Evan whispered. — I ask about one only chance. For the first time in life the destiny was favorable ko to me, don't take away from me this opportunity. — the Chance isn't given just so. In this life it is necessary to pay for everything. — What I can make? — A is already interesting question. — In eyes of the guest interest sparkled. — So you really want to conclude the transaction? It threw the leg through Evan and suddenly took seat on him from above. Her breasts kolykhnulis directly before his eyes. Fingers with the long pointed nails walked from his breast to the groin. — it is possible A? — he asked. — Watching that you can give me. Fingers hooked rezinkuyego on cowards and the sharp movement delayed it down. Poluvstavshy the dick slipped out outside, and the guest concerned him. Evan shuddered. For the first time in life touched someone-to his body except it and it someone-to was sexy demonessa with a magnificent body. — Mmm. — The hand clasped Evan's penis and slipped up-down. — Ne bad copy. — The guest uttered a verdict. — Though I expected bigger. — Her look addressed scared and in that time to horney eyes of the young guy. His advantage was quickly poured by blood in her palm. When it rose finally, she raised hips, put a violet head ko to an entrance to the bosom and fell by him. Evan quietly moaned and blinked, testing extraordinary sharpness of immersion in a vagina hot and full of moisture. — As it is interesting — I stretched demonessa. — You are a virgin. Small and pathetic loser. — Her basin moved and the dick of the guy began to slide slowly in a female body. — Life full of sufferings and humiliations. I love such broken and unfortunate boys as you. Also you know, at me it seems to eat for you the offer. — K-kakoe? — hardly Evan squeezed out from himself. — Tempting — she teased him. Its speed accelerated also the room more and more loudly and more distinctly filled wet sounds. — Would you like to change the life? To receive the power which o you also didn't dream. — A that in exchange? — It is absolutely a little — I smiled demonessa. — I will allocate you with force. No, I won't turn you in apollona and handsome with impressive muscles, but it also won't be required to you. In eyes of people you and without that will become more beautiful former, a together with that to you will come feeling of boundless power. — Her palms laid down to Evan on a breast. — Would you like to operate people? That they acted on your pointer, listening only to your voice? — D-da! — every second the young man was more and more seduced with seductive promises of the beauty.