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In it solved through disorders in the country not to do a concert with a disco, but organized the exhibition dated for a holiday. Though I also not very much wanted, but the deputy dean couldn't refuse and I agreed to become on her a guide. In whole he is a good man, last year I included me in lists on exchange of students, through him also the question with more best place in halls was solved. Though some envious persons also floated a rumor that I am his mistress. Students said that it could invite nice girls for preventively conversations and the best assimilation swore, but ko to me with such offers didn't address. The last couple ended, I collected the notebooks and quickly hurried to an exit. There was a wish to manage to come into the dining room and what-to to have a bite. Today invited a management of University and teaching structure, still what-to guests to an exhibition. In this occasion I put on more elegantly. Black suit, skirt, that color tights, light blouse. Slightly cold in such dress, but it was necessary to suffer for the sake of the benefit of the native university. The noisy crowd of students moved along a dark corridor. — Ilona, Ilona! — I heard Andrey's voice at myself behind a back. — A billeting don't hurry — it caught up with me and grabbed by a hand. — You where now? — You know — I was twisted and didn't reduce speed. — On an exhibition it is necessary for me. — A, can, you won't go — it offered and I smiled. — Went we will take a walk, then ko to me. Small won't be today. Discontentedly I shook the head someone-to ran nearly I brought down me from legs. Carries any idiots here, I glanced at the guy's back in a blue t-shirt. And it isn't cold to him with a short sleeve. — Went, day will do without you. There everything is equal goes nobody — now it moved for me, went down on a ladder on the first floor, glanced at gray clouds behind a window, probably, snow will go, the shiver passed on a body. — You sit only there you miss, a so — it became silent, turned the head and saw a happy smile on his person. — Andrey, I said to you that today there will be a management and teachers — angrily shifted eyebrows. — Ne become angry to you doesn't go. I giggled, I measured the fellow student with a look. Slender, average growth, today his dark hair somehow ridiculously stuck out on the parties. Na it black trousers and checkered it is white - a blue jacket. Easy bewilderment on his lovely face. Even I don't know how to call our relationship. Friendship, love or sympathy, it is certain that-to pulled us to each other. How many passionate nights for this time we spent to beds. I said that I was pleasant to his mother and she would like will get acquainted with my parents. Ne I represent such visit. Left to the spacious hall. The crowd of students stormed clothes. — Give, to tomorrow — I bent and I kissed it on a cheek, I caught on myself several lewd views of guys. — Ne you will change the mind? — I took me for a hand and hope I looked at me. — I lack you. — Andrey! — I frowned and pulled out the palm. — All right, I understood everything — he deeply sighed, sadly glanced at my breast. — So far — he said goodbye and I stroked me on a bottom. I giggled, playfully I smiled to him, I threw a bag on a shoulder and I walked along a corridor to the dining room, I tried to wag seductively hips, heels of black boots quietly knocked on a concrete floor. Interestingly, he looks to me following or isn't present. There was a strong wish to turn back, but I tried to constrain the curiosity, I missed each other with what-to guys. They that-to was discussed, calmed down and glanced at me. The call on new couple rang out. All I didn't restrain and turned, Andrey stood and watched me. I waved with a hand, I answered him with that. I accelerated a step, there was no wish to give it excess hope, a that will still be secured on an exhibition and will climb so the stickings.Aromas of food reached, the mouth was filled with saliva at once, in a stomach began to hum. Thoughts about a relationship and sex were replaced by new requirement at once. The menu in student's eatery didn't differ in a big variety, but to remove hunger for rather acceptable sum it turned out. I pulled a white plastic door and I entered the hall. Was heard what-to noise of the fan, a ware ring. Guys sat at tables in the basic. I caught on myself several views, I pulled a skirt down. I took a tray and I went to distribution. I examined the exposed dishes. — That you are so bent, take that is — the fat cook in conditionally white dressing gown and than-to the unknown on the head addressed ko to me. — Now and it will take away. There was no wish to enter with her a dispute, I took potato puree with cutlet, salad from vegetables and a glass of compote. I paid and looked on the hall and in search of the free place. I noticed a table at a window and I went to him. I removed a simple stool, I put a bag on next. I swallowed several time, but the mouth was quickly filled with saliva. I looked at dirty glass though would wash, I looked askance on the fatty who a big spoon that-to scattered on plates. I began to chew, it became somehow warmer. I noticed the nice guy at one table, light hair and such blue eyes. Ne I met often similar. He that-to discussed with friends. An accurate nose, a flush on cheeks. The wave of excitement passed on a body. — Hi the beauty, at you it is free? — I heard a men's voice, I moved and I raised eyes. — Hello — I giggled and it was twisted, I chewed. — I frightened why so backs you creep. — Sorry — he sighed and nodded on a free chair. — Do you wait for nobody? — Sit down Vas. I wait for nobody — I tried to break off a fork a cutlet piece, but at me it didn't turn out. — How study? — Normally — he sighed and sat down on minding me. We together studied in one class. Now Vasya studied on technical specialty. He is slender, average growth, with short fair-haired hair. Quite nice, only a ridiculous nose, got to it because of it at school. Na him light shirt, gray vest, usual jeans. He put on a table a plate of soup, pasta with what-to similarity of watering, gathered bread the whole five pieces. Quickly I undertook soup. — Now not to her — I bit off a big piece of bread. — A at you that? Where did such elegant gather? I thought you wait for someone-to. — As time our eatery the romantic place — parted with hands on the parties, nodded in the party of distribution. — Especially with such personnel — I smiled and I chewed further. — A so all in norm. Now to go on an exhibition — I sighed and I licked lips. — What for an exhibition? — the guy asked and ate up the first. — Akh — waved a hand with a fork. — Ko to day of the student thought up, today there will be visitors from a management and still what-to guests. — I inhaled and nespesha chewed. — Put more it was necessary to suffer. Vasya undertook pasta, the external look me didn't attract them at all, but he quickly pinned them on a fork, yes still and with bread. I giggled, such fact always surprised. He looked at me, but didn't understand what I laugh quietly at ate further. — often you communicate With Tankoy? — he took an interest and I took the next piece of bread. — Ne very much — sadly I sighed. — We correspond more. Since summer I didn't see her. — Give on New Year's holidays we will meet, we will remember school goals — Vasya looked at me and mysteriously smiled. — We will organize a good party, it is a lot of sex — he looked on the parties, but on us nobody turned attention. — I missed your holes — his leg touched mine, but I was quickly removed. — You what? — Vas, we not some — I nodded on the hall, nearby with trays there passed several guys. — Why to draw attention. And me on an exhibition — I put a hand in a handbag and I looked for damp napkins. The guy sighed, he didn't take away from me a look. The general noise, ware rings, shouts in kitchen. I met with nimvzglyadom. I wiped lips and hands, I took a glass with compote and I made several drinks. Joint watch in the 9 or 10 class which smoothly flowed in closer communication was remembered. The wave of excitement rushed on a body. The hole was humidified, nervously made, a drink. As we weren't caught then, the hand began to tremble. I tried to drive from myself such memoirs, but they climbed in the head again. I put an empty glass on a tray. — All right, I will go. Pleasant appetite! — A billeting — Vasya didn't allow me to continue, quickly I chewed and grabbed by a hand. — Wait, I quickly, remained a little — he pushed the whole piece of bread in a mouth and ridiculously pinned the last pasta on a fork, but they slid and the fork in a disgusting way knocked on a plate. — Minute — with a full mouth he murmured. — What you want? — I took seat back on a chair, I licked lips, I translated a view of the blue-eyed nice guy. — I haven't enough time — I threw a handbag on a shoulder. — I Will spend you, at the same time I will look at your exhibition — he thought and quickly drained the compote. — Seldom I see you, though I will admire you. I giggled, I blinked the eyes and with what-to suspiciousness I looked at the former schoolmate. He a hand roughly wiped lips, collected everything back on a tray. — Let me bring — the guy offered and I rose. — Don't leave only anywhere — sounded by more severe voice. I laughed and nodded in the sign of consent. Slowly I rose, I saw off him a look. It was remembered how at school to him rubbed a chair with water with sugar, and he constantly to him stuck. This sound of the coming unstuck fabric, laughter of a class. The smile appeared on lips. I deviated in the party, by with a tray there passed a guy in points, appraisingly looked at my legs, translated a view of a breast of the second size. — do You leave? — he asked and further I stared at me. — Yes, sit down — I showed him on a chair. Vasya handed over ware and waved to me a hand. I walked between ranks to an exit. It pulled a door and left in a corridor. Unusual silence, he tried to stroke me on a bottom, but I pushed away him a hand. No in a second the palm stroked me again. The knock of heels scattered on the parties. — Vasya! — I pushed him and angrily I shifted eyebrows. — What you as small — I threatened with a fist. — Ne was enough still will see. — Okh what you the touchy person became — distorted what-to mugs. — Wanted to please you, a you? I writhed a surprise grimace. Leaves, he touches me, an I still and is guilty. There was a wish to shout on him, but so steps several guys went down and walked to the dining room. We missed each other, and he pinched me for a bottom again. I giggled, I looked askance in his party. The students who passed by glanced at us.