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She remembered as was afraid of penises of guys and in feature of the dick of the brother. She also couldn't think that at sex there can be other emotions except pain. It seemed to her that the male penis will just tear ee. However all appeared absolutely not so. She had business already with three and as there was it it was wonderful, magically and surprisingly with pleasure. Even Tim's dick without work went in in her. A when it thrust ee into buttocks she almost didn't feel pain, on the contrary it was o extremely great. Red can I am right about the donkey dick. — Touch him — the girl offered. Feel what he heavy and hot. Denise's heart made several convulsive blows when she indecisively touched smooth grayish color of flesh. She nervously laughed I feel how nervousness covers all ee a body, forces ee to become tipsy from own courage. — Really hot — she smiled, without deciding to lift on the girl of an eye. — whether Ne the truth, very velvety on oshchup — I whispered red having brought closer lips to the ear of Denise. Let's make it even more. Let's suck this dick — she exhaled the last words in Denise's ear, a hot licked him then. Both laughed. Denise's face reddened she already felt below to a stomach an easy shiver and spasms of lust. As if the easy wave swept on bodies both. Probably red it was got from this situation too. They sat on kortochkakh under a round barrel-shaped body of an adult donkey of white color. The animal conducted itself absolutely quietly and only his penis constantly shook and pulsed a little. From a stall nearby I watched another them I settled which dick stood similar to the pointed cudgel too. The animal under whom girls settled down sniffed and crossed hoofs. The hand red softly laid down on Denise's nape and bent down ee the head to animal flesh, black with red spots. Denise resolutely clasped a penis with fingers closer to a root. And both began to lick him. Denise covered eyes feeling language bugryashchiyesya veins and veins twisting all trunk of the dick. Ne having kept she extended a hand further and ee a palm was filled by the heavy large ball sack overgrown with short rigid pile. I settled I sniffed and on his belly I ran a shiver. — it is pleasant to It. — red whispered. Look, it already began to flow. She sat down even more deeply, peremesivshis so that it was completely under a croup of an animal the person to his tail. I squeezed a head two hands as if squeezing out ee and widely I opened a mouth catching language the silvery thick tape of viscous lubricant which slowly fell from an opening of the urethral channel of an animal. — What it on taste? — without having kept I asked Denise licking the lips which dried up for nervousness. — Such, as and at guys — I answered red having swallowed. Only nasyshchennee. She rejected a dick to the left as if suggesting to try Denise. Soft spongy satisfying was stuck into the girl's cheek. Deniz having reddened I cast away the head and I nestled lips on an opening of the urethral channel. Red several time I squeezed a penis head as if squeezed out ee. The large dense drop of liquid hard fell to Denise's language. Having swallowed she felt dizziness. As if preliminary juice of a donkey was the strongest alcohol. It really was very dense slippery and tart. There was burning desire to try still. The girl involved air literally sticking lips to a head and tried to enter a language tip into quite large opening of the urethral channel. I settled uneasily I moved. I published a short roar and I moved forward. The head of the dick unexpectedly easily entered Denise's mouth and buried a throat literally having clogged a mouth into ee. She nearly choked. — My God! — with astonishment and enthusiastically red exclaimed. What did you make? The donkey overdrove a croup and she hardly managed to hold a long penis in hands when he terminated sharply instantly without any visible reason. The head continued to smother Denise. It was constantly inflated, unclenching ee of a jaw and stretching lips. It became the size with ee a fist. Denise tried will be released, but it wasn't real, she became such volume that just I stopped up a mouth as a gag. From widely open eyes of Denise tears began to flow. She it is noisy I breathed a nose. Na the moment to her became terrible, she could do nothing, the donkey really terminated. The cum literally rushed directly into ee a throat, having flooded a gullet with a hot viscous stream. She desperately swallowed, gurgling a throat, choking and hunching a back in nausea attacks. A seed was too much she rushed in a mouth and a respiratory throat. The girl choked from ee of a nose two thick white streams rushed, cheeks were inflated and from mouth corners the seed began to flow too. The sharp smack and aroma of a cum instantly brought ee into what-to condition of narcotic ecstasy. Hardly breathing and continuously publishing muffled sounds Denise reflex beat with a palm a stomach of a donkey trying to pull out a head from a mouth. From a nose and a mouth flowed continuously. White very dense stream covered all ee the chin hanged down from him in numerous locks filling in breasts and a neck. Denise felt that else it is a little and she will just choke. — Kakoe a show! — enthusiastically I exclaimed red as if, without noticing the choking choking sounds which were made by Deniz. Wow! She fitfully bent and began to collect large white drops from boobies and the girl's neck lips language impatiently swallowing, smacking the lips from pleasure. She nestled a mouth on Denise's chin with noise involving in him a seed, then with growl grasped ee by hair and tried to throw back her the head, an itself closed Denise's nose a mouth literally exhausting a cum from ee of nostrils. In Denise's eyes darkened. She inertly tried to push away mad red, but at her nothing turned out. The donkey still time shouted and moved back, the head jumped out of Denise's mouth with loud cotton as a stopper from a bottle. Red here so groan I grabbed it and I sent to a mouth quickly and strongly squeezing palms the pulsing already falling down trunk. A little more mutno white streams were splashed out by her in a mouth. Deniz coughing and otplevyvayas it was tumbled down in hay with a vulture soaking up air in lungs. EE a body was twisted by a rigid spasm. She leaned on hands and hunched a back in the most severe emetic desire, feeling as the body becomes covered sticky then. Red I looked back to her. All right half of ee of the person was covered with the real white cap of a seed which flew down uneven dense lumps down. She published what-to inhuman shriek and hasty bent, turning over on a back so that ee the person appeared directly under Denise's mouth from which ribbons of muddy liquid hanged down. Denise didn't constrain an emetic spasm in a stomach bulknula a throat and ee pulled out with a characteristic sound. The white stream of mix of a cum of a donkey and gastric soka rushed on the person and in widely open mouth of red. It was bent by an arch and hammered on a floor probably instantly having terminated, greedy swallowing of this ugly mix. Denise without forces was tumbled down on a side slipping a nose and convulsively inhaling. Ee the head slowly cleared up. She understood that she nearly choked, but fear didn't feel it it was healthy excited and brought unusual pleasure. A what made red in general went beyond an understanding ee framework, but at this ee the act strange excited imagination of the girl. — What you made to force him to terminate so quickly? — it is interested red asked. She smeared a seed on the person periodically pinching white lumps from fingers. The girl conducted herself so as if there was no what extraordinary.