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I got into the minibus and stared in a window, on the street the small rain drizzled, but it didn't interest me, most I thought o the fact that everything will occur dalsheya went out of the bus and went to the address which the girl gave me. I very quickly found the necessary entrance, rose on the elevator and in minutes two stood opposite to the apartment necessary to me. I stood long, all without deciding to call and even already it seemed to me that I won't be solved No everything at all it was necessary as that to change the life and I hardly directing a hand, pressed everything a call. In a moment the door was opened and before me Lisa dressed in house things was. She so far didn't express yet what emotions, a just looked at me, what that a mysterious look. Our silence lasted not long and I heard ee a pleasant voice again. Well hi that you got up? Pass already, to me a little cool here to stand. Akh yes, sorry — having told I was thrown from the place and came into the apartment and Lisa closed a door on a key. You can leave things here and follow me, feel yourself as at home. After these words the girl went to the room, having left me. I quickly undressed, and having accurately put, went behind her. Having entered the room I was dumbfounded by what was seen, the room was darkened and ee lit a set of candles. Lisa sat on a sofa and having beckoned me a finger began to watch me, all the attention was set by ee to me now. Sit down on a stool and close the eyes — she very gently told and I sat down on a chair. Later time I felt as to me tie by a bandage eyes, and I having a little become nervous, tried to render resistance.Tccc be not nervous, rasslabsya, it is a part of your treatment. Ne be afraid, darling, I won't hurt you revenge so far, I heard quiet laughter of the girl. After some time I was immobilized completely, a hand and a leg were connected and to me it became very awkward, in thoughts only one — what it is going to do that turned? No I all didn't decide to ask ee about it. I didn't understand what occurs, and was similar more to defenseless an animal whom before death the predator that that didn't escape connects. In a moment I felt as in the region of a groin, ko to me that that nestled as there was it there was Lisa's leg, and here here I already began to be nervous much stronger. What do you do? — surely, but so fear I asked. A well become silent, I everything only want to check your sexuality — is strict, but everything was so gently said by her. Having convinced that I was brought, the girl began a discussion. Taaak well I see that you all normal, but at you are a problem, you feel that the girl is higher than you. Tell you to be pleasant when the girl is stronger than you? — quite sexually she asked. Isn't present it is terminated that you — a silent voice spoke I. Ne lie to me, that I will flog a you — with such confidence and rigidity, she told that I even hung. I was connected also without an opportunity to see ee expression of the person and on it I couldn't understand seriously she speaks or isn't present. Well I don't know — as trying to leave from the direct answer, I told. You can contradict, but I see the return — already on full seriousness she uttered and put in me slap in the face. Since this moment I forbid you that or to tell, more that I will make of you the obedient boy though it will be and it is so difficult therefore that you and without that the crybaby, but after it I will make so that you will begin me to serve and you will carry out any my order, otherwise хм differently all will see photos which I made yesterday while you slept at me on a sofa, yes yes, I used your helplessness and took a picture of you absolutely naked, especially your small advantage, the girl it very much amused and she burst out laughing.Now the situation changed very strongly, I didn't see anything because of a bandage, but ee wildly made horney that I couldn't render her resistance and couldn't even tell anything to her. She was above me, I feel the inexplicable force which ennobled ee it is necessary me and she even presented herself the goddess and madly it was pleasant to her. I didn't even represent A to someone got, it was still that sadist, I still should learn all ee of imagination, a whim and desire and I still didn't even guess that got practically to hell. No I really felt before her a certain weakness, I didn't want to submit to her, but it made horney me, can therefore that just there was a wish to be engaged in sex, can from what really I tested, what she told, but everything I decided not to submit to her what she wouldn't make. Wait, you told me And here she put still a number of slaps in the face after what I decided that at this deal I will be silent more better. I forbade you to speak, be silent more better, otherwise you will very strongly regret — she told so gently, but is already more tougher. The kid, listen, I wouldn't like to do to you painfully, so so far that more best to you to obey me and to do everything that I want. I think to play with you today if you amuse me, then I can I will allow you to have a rest to steam of days. After ee of words, I felt myself the clown who entertains the relentless tsar, not more as I wanted to forget all it now and not to remember, but I didn't even represent what waits for me ahead