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According to his offer we passed to correspondence — (a pier so we and will accumulate experience and in money we won't suffer), we also agreed, what will be so more best, that more that when our wives told us recently that there is almost absolute chance to receive apartments in the new house. He suggested us to work with him in crew on the case site. In those times for positions of the senior engineer I received 165 rubles, a my neighbor, working in this crew as the operator of the line — all 365! A difference — the huge size as somebody said often Sobakevich. It is necessary to save a money to obtaining the warrant! Then it is necessary to spend them much for the new apartment! And here, once we happened to work with him in night shift — on April 30. There were we from the enterprise in the early morning already on a holiday. Around banners on buildings fly, all hoot, rustle, all festively dressed and absolutely drunk. Vitya also joked: — In our city only two persons go hungry, and sober are sad we with you. Went more better to distant — a cargo checkpoint of the plant, so and closer to our house to pass and we won't flash in festive crowd. All cheerful, full and drunk We with you superfluous on this holiday zhiznino as it appeared, not only we were sober and superfluous. Nearby from a distant checkpoint there was KamAZ with the Donetsk numbers. The driver by already hopeless voice swore at the guard on a factory checkpoint. Having approached closer, we learned his cherished secrets. The driver brought freight from Donetsk, but on the next plant "Sokol", he was mistaken at night and came around on our "Elektromash" — checkpoints at the plants are made same. We went beyond a checkpoint, but I returned — it is necessary and it is possible to help this overdriven man. Matter that tomorrow on the plant our general director will be personally on duty. And if in usual day to him it is impossible to break through, then tomorrow — it is easy. And he will write out to the poor fellow the admission and the driver will go on the Sokol, there already precisely wait for him. The guard tried to interfere with our communication, yes we advised her to shut up, Vityok in general called her "Kurva a uterus" (he is Pole), the happy driver handed us a flat small bottle of cognac. With A we to it respectively — two excellent fat taranki — it was very happy, even rubbed hands, the big fan of beer. When we went to a stop, Vitka laughed — for us this oddball - the guard in the not less strange scarf on half of face ran. Obviously wants dorugatsya. as Vitya joked. We made a look that were frightened and left to the left — for high bushes of a lilac. When it the woman caught up with us, (we actually also didn't run away), Vityok suddenly strong embraced-zazhal her, a told me to put her in a mouth this small bottle to cognac and let will drink. Then, that and it is natural, she won't complain of us — itself drunk! I clamped a nose of this "kurve" as Vitya announced her, she respectively opened a mouth (sponges at her are so beautifully outlined!) and I put a bottle neck between these lips. Having made three drinks, she moved and started talking: — Yes you and so here hardly I cost that, guys, I already drank, a you still to me in a mouth — here it was confused ambiguities told, a Vitya was in the repertoire: — Well then we to you what-nibud poluchshe in a mouth we will put, it agrees? — No, guys, only not in a mouth, me at once badly also feels sick — here this foolish scarf slipped her on shoulders and I gasped. She hinted us that whether — Vitya, yes she is absolutely young woman — her and there are no thirty, yes such nice! Here to fuck her, I with pleasure. — How you are called, lovely creation? A what breast at her cool! Vityok with might and main rumpled her a breast. a that is silent. We both were strongly made horney — nearby the drunk young woman, yes such appetizing! And very pretty! More that we with Vitya had a forced abstention — at his wife monthly, washing a with that I went to the mummy — that was unwell a little. And Vitya decided — in a second this Tick. as she was presented, there was "crustacean", a Vitya, having lifted up her a skirt and having lowered a little pants, was dexterously attached to her. Type of her milky-white large buttocks and dashingly Vitya sighing from pleasure — all it strongly made horney me, but I thought — put in a hand to Vitka a tube "Cream - balm after shaving". He understood, not the fool — began to grease a dark spot between buttocks, she sighed, but didn't escape. Soon Vitya with silent we howl I terminated her in buttocks and he was replaced here by me on it "a fighting post". Soon she terminated too, having got nervous and having loudly-sladko moaned, a behind her and I, having put and having terminated in buttocks which after Vitya wonderfully accepted me. The girl rose and began to pull the pants, highly lifting up the skirt. Having lowered the head, she with such feeling thanked us — a pier, the husband already in hard drinking and often thrashes her month (bruise under her left eye cast magnificent nacre). A she very much suffers from abstention, so, that she not indulged, a just strongly "yearned". When she left, we with Vitkom cast on bushes and it gave out, loudly and accurately, precisely as the announcer of television: — Companions men! In due time and well execute the matrimonial debt! Then your wife won't stand "crustacean" behind our checkpoint and to get pleasure from two nice leaders of production. When we already went, heard: — Children! Men! You wait minute! To us a fast step the second guard from this checkpoint flew. What it is charm — such cool figure! In a short skirt, legs cool, yes and pretty what — at Vitka even moustaches began to move A at me at once with might and main mine began to move "the old friend" — Children, you excuse, but today a holiday all. Let's drink a little! Here I have great pies — I baked. And still We poured cognac in the glasses brought by the girl and with pleasure drank — "During a holiday!" She was confused a little, but all decided. — Children, can you still you want? A that so happy Daw, even zavidki berutno unless it is possible to refuse to the lovely lady yes in such day? erotic stories We drank up three together very quite good cognac under wonderful pies which after night shift seemed to us just such divinely tasty and went for lilac bushes again. A this girl was more practical — took with itself a small cover. She spread a cover on the earth, then took off the pants, highly lifting up the skirt and too obviously with pleasure settled on this cover in that pose that and absolutely recently the Daw. Now our frictions were much longer, a were cumed by us in a skillful mouth of this beauty. Especially she pribaldela when Vitkin the dick luxuriated between her sponges, an I with might and main had her in enough still a hard vagina. Having received two orgasms, she gave smacking kiss to us in cheeks and departed on the working place, all she shone the white teeth smile, having forgotten both a cover and pants. Here her name we so also didn't learn A But what it was dovolnayakogda we with Vitkom got into the bus, both quietly began to laugh, having remembered events of this just unusual morning — it there was a full humour, but how many we derived pleasure! Yes and these girls will be on duty absolutely with other mood now! Having come to a stop earlier, we with Vitya decided to pass through our enormous city forest belt — sat down in time of Lenin community work days. A here to us towards two very nice girls approximately — laugh loudly our years with might and main and that-to is sung. Probably already accepted several what-to glasses of noble drink. And here they at once to us, having unexpectedly kissed also showered with questions: — Why such nice men go some. Went with us. Akh, you from night shift and not in state No to drink with us five grams you in a state? Well then we will drink and again we will pour — one of girls sang the song of Simonova. It is good that girls have a cognac small bottle again — we didn't want to disturb different drinks, it is always fraught. And a small thermos with coffee — it is just excellent! A here to have a snack we have nothing all, but girls so extraordinary offered us: — You, artful men, accustomed to drinking us, so that we will wash down this cognac here with such great drink — coffee so cream.And both seductresses flexibly fell by knees and soon we with Vitkom so with pleasure groaned — girls just perfectly did blowjob. I terminated the first and here Vitya caught up with me. Having kissed each other on a path, girls thanked us — day at them so wonderfully began. Now and we went home with it laughing and singing. In total on May 1 is just wonderful holiday!