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Sometimes they were very immodest and concerning! Na days the mother's girlfriend the aunt Lena with which they went to have a rest on the South about five years ago dreamed him. In the first day she put on a new yellow bathing suit which presented to the woman a surprise. When she left the sea, the become wet new thing fabric, distinctly showed the big wrinkled auras of female nipples. At that moment from surprise and what-to concerning eroticism of this scene Sasha suddenly felt the sharp feeling adjoining on an orgasm! Nothing not suspecting woman, was cheerful and natural in the almost naked beauty to which the rough imagination of the teenager finished drawing everything missing here-zhe. Lifting hands fountains of splashes and carefree laughing, beautiful to thirty with small years, she left water personifying all look happiness. Water drops, shone on her slender shoulders and abrupt hips. No long to admire an unexpected striptease there was not a destiny! It having noticed mother fixed attention of the son to boobies of the girlfriend, I tried to correct situation quickly: — Lenka! Your boobs appear through! Vot mine Sashka stared at you — O My God! Katenka Vot rascals! Vot to you and a new thing for a holiday in the South! The woman covered shame with a hand here and in didn't put on the "branded" bathing suit which on business appeared the fake made in what-to underground shop any more. No the trigger hook was pressed! Sasha for the first time in a full measure felt how pleasant feelings own dick can bring him. Late evening, whether listening mother with whom they as ordinary Soviet vacationers, divided the small rental room sleeps, he was engaged in new pleasant business. Trying that rhythmical rustle was as it is possible more quietly, the boy felt the increasing feeling of pleasant inevitability, a then for the first time tested sweet moments orgasticheskogo flight. The little dick squeezed out from himself couple of drops of transparent liquid. The head was turned. He felt feeling of depression that made something forbidden and at the same time delight from to that unknown sharp pleasure! No onanism in those times was considered as occupation shameful and through couple of days Sasha, having lost vigilance got to mother behind this occupation. Already approaching the sweet final, he suddenly heard a strict voice in darkness: — You in what are engaged there?! Well as immediately stop A! Sleep immediately! Having stood having pretended to be sleeping, feeling fear and shame, Sasha swore not to be engaged in a masturbation any more. He had enough will force then for a week. Like most of teenagers of that time, he so also lived with that time with feeling that time from time does shameful business. A when it periodically allowed itself an oath not to frig any more, it dreamed the indecent dreams leaving o to themselves a reminder gray spots on sheets. Having matured he began to be ashamed less. No the inspired feeling of the fact that he is engaged in what-to indecent everything equally always remained on boondocks of consciousness. Today nothing such dreamed the young man and in the head spontaneous thoughts climbed. At last he gave legs from a bed and got up, feeling as barefoot legs long pile of a carpet. Sasha, without having noticed that, absolutely I got used to the new Japanese house which gradually became for him native. I got used even to this checkered flannel pajamas which didn't irritate him any more. When Akira - a dignity solemnly I handed him two sleeping suits, he tried to protest, but felt on himself discontent of the father! It appears, in Japan it is accepted to sleep in a pajamas and for Akira - the dignity will be shock if he does it as in pants or stark naked earlier. Well what-zhe you will do? In each monastery the ustavpotikhonku having gone down on a wooden ladder on the first floor, the young man heard female voices at once. The aunt Mizuka — he guessed. Akira - a dignity and Mizuki-san, each Saturday morning went to the market, then stirred a, retelling each other news and sharing secrets of maintaining economy. The husband Mizuki-san died several years ago, and probably lonely relative was ready to visit their house every day. However in Japan in guests go only by the invitation, even if it concerns close relatives. The aunt wholly used an opportunity to communicate, chattering without umolku. Having approached poblizhe he listened to a conversation. Knowledge Japanese already allowed him to understand almost all o what women speak. "So also is! Again stir about economy" — the young man thought, being already going to go further. It isn't good to overhear generally! And he already wanted to open the presence, having wished to the stepmother and her sister of kind morning. No suddenly the tone of a conversation sharply changed and it forced the young man to remain in the shelter. Probably Mizuki-san at last decided to set a question which tormented her long ago: — Tell A to me the darling Akira - a dignity on a secret you me the sister! — the aunt with a conspiratorial look bent to Sasha's stepmother. — What you want to recognize Mizuki? — watchfully that asked. — A the truth say that the European men have their bodies, they are big? Two times more long than at ours?.— Mizuki-san! You are just tactlessness top! — having made the indignant person I exclaimed Akira - a dignity, having discharged of the sister and having theatrically grabbed palms cheeks. However here having changed affected anger with favor, such conspiratorial tone I said: — They far more sister than you can present! The old man of Washita, hardly tickled me the pod of haricot when we to be engaged with him in love. The new husband completely fills with A me! — At him such-zhe big as here that carrot from our market? — with emotion the aunt asked, indicating the bag with purchases standing in a corner. — At him such, as here that corn! — doing big eyes I said Akira - a dignity, pointing to yellow ears of average are long, lying on a kitchen table. The aunt Mizuki's pupils with amazement extended. — What you happy Akira - a dignity! Your new husband treats you so kindly. And he has for your flower the whole ear of corn! — Everything well Mizuki-san No my husband so would work hard and is tired! To a regret my gentle flower can not always wait for his caress! — These men are eternally busy with the affairs! And not important Japanese they or Europeans — the aunt Mizuka sadly said. — What to do the sister! Such is our female share No I love the new husband all heart! He so much for us does! And to that is at Jukka now - the dignity is the real father. A I try though how-to to replace to Sasha - a dignity his mother! — A at him such-zhe big ear as at the father? — suddenly the importunate relative asked. — than you tell O to Mizuki? — with horror I splashed hands Akira - a dignity, passing to whisper. — Yes all right Akira - a dignity! Ne build of yourself the touchy person. We on a secret with you stir — nobody learns! — I am not sure the sister No I think that at him too not small. I saw couple of times how it bulks up at it in trousers. Probably there too corn! Both women, suddenly confusedly started giggling holding the friend's friend by hands. — I on your place would learn what he already long ago are long! You remember ancient traditions — That you are a sister! I will never go to it! — Akira - a dignity I waved hands — All these Japanese traditions not for Europeans! He is a beautiful boy Enough that I love him as son! — Well as you know Akira - a dignity As znayeshv eyes of his aunt Mizuki at this moment played what-to vedminskiye spolokhi. And even the voice slightly changed, having become slightly hoarse. — Chto-to we with you became engrossed in talking Mizuki-san! It is time for me to be engaged in economy and to make a breakfast — the stepmother decided to interrupt ticklish conversation Sashina. — I will go too. I hope in sleduyushchuyusubbotu we will go for the market together again, the sister. The aunt Mizuka started to hurry, and already standing near a door as accidentally would speak: — Prior to an appointment Akira - a dignity! A I on your place after all would think — Thanks for flowers Mizuki-san! The door for Mizuki-san slammed.In the middle of the overheard conversation, across Sashinym to balls the pleasant shiver passing into sweet spasms of the lower part of a stomach ran. The sexual dick dozing before reminded o to himself notable pulsations of the blood filling him. "What A are long at me now? Grew or isn't present? Probably I grew up "— he thought and remembering that the dick already measured more than half a year back. Without thinking at all, povinuyas to what-to instinct Sasha on tiptoes departed from the place where overheard a conversation and went upward on a ladder to the room. Having rummaged in a school briefcase, he groped at a bottom that he looked for — seeing types, transparent plastic ruler with two hieroglyphs of the office goods designating firm of the producer. Thrifty Akira - a dignity I took her from a wooden box, together with dozen of ball handles and pencils when brought together Sasha in the Japanese school. He hid a ruler under a pajamas having pressed an elastic band of trousers parallel to a hip and went to the bathroom. The hand which accurately clicked with a latch slightly shivered, an in boobies stiffened what-to special forbidden delight. That, he without realizing I prolonged a prelude, at first slowly took a ruler and put it as if the important tool on the surface of the washing car. A then grandly pulled together from itself pajama trousers together with pants. Men's body, already almost ready to use, rocking as a spring I took off outside. Admiring the unit rising from a shock of the black curling hair, the young man without hurrying I delayed extreme flesh and having made several movements there-syuda, I felt that that at last got steel fortress. Accurately, as if conducting an experiment to laboratories, the young man reached for a ruler. Having put the tool on all length of the measured object, he with satisfaction removed indications — seventeen with a half of centimeters! For half a year — plus centimeter. Here that most European dick, o which the Japanese women pensively spoke is of course not an ear of corn, but very big carrot! Sasha already knew that the sexual body at him is more than at most of peers and in a secret was proud of it. A where to Japanese to his sizes? Say that at them absolutely malenkiyepodoydya to high, in human growth to the mirror which was located opposite to a jacuzzi, the young man having slightly sat down made a basin several oscillatory movements, admiring as his big body moves on an arch imitating the act with the woman. Before his mental look there was a lovely face of Akira again - a dignity. She smiled that most, slightly fawning smile which arose on her person when she saw off him in school, patiently standing in the hall and waiting when he at last ties laces to hand a briefcase. At this moment around her tender black eyes, wrinkles gathered, an in all shape of the woman was felt such love and humility that Sasha each time wanted to embrace her having attracted to itself and to stick the lips into her lips. A when she kissed it on a cheek, he each time felt sweet desires in the dick. No always I suppressed in myself this unworthy lust. It is a wife of his father! It is possible to tell, his new mother. No in this time, after the overheard conversation, he couldn't restrain more. It appears, his new Japanese mother not such chaste as to him seemed earlier. She is too a woman to whom nothing terrestrial is alien! And it is even more — those ancient traditions of o of which were said by Mizuki-san That all it means? At this moment as as if kakoye-to magical delusion to which it not in forces was to resist began to take his mind! Having undertaken a hand a dick, Sasha began to frig with ecstasy, observing all process in a mirror through the sweet luxury increasing in a body. Before eyes there were romantically visions with participation of his attractive stepmother. Her kind, seeming slightly crafty smile. The mature, womanly figure and strong legs fitted by thin dark stockings. The halves of a big bottom which are so frankly dispersing in the parties under kimono fabric when she squats on kortochkakh about an oven. And again her person, at that moment when his father presented her a bouquet of flowers, a she happily laughs, inhaling their aroma. Her warm gentle hands which awoke it each week day getting under a blanket and accurately shook for a shoulder: "Alexander - a dignity! It is time to get up!".