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His hands walked under my T-shirt, and having groped a brassiere shoulder-strap, it quickly unfastened it. Then, he dexterously cast away a brassiere on the earth, lifted up a t-shirt, and bared my tits directly on the street. Time was around 21:00 and a lot more someone, returned from work, and could see me. But was not to stop Stas. As always his determination wasn't a limit. It began to squeeze to me boobs, and my nipples instantly hardened. Together with them also Stas's dick hardened, I distinctly felt as to me his giant began to rest against a leg. The following action, he began to lower me down until I appeared on a lap before his fly. His dick strong pulled the place near a lightning джинс, and having been the person closely, I already began to be made horney. My hands stretched him to undress, and the dick escaped outside. And further, as usual, got to my throat. Absolutely without brakes, my mouth was fucked, and in it the first portion of a cum flew. Never was enough for Stas to terminate once therefore he forced me to suck again. And when his dick, hardened as a stone, he bended over me and decided to take off floutingly from me pants. For this purpose, when I appeared on all fours, he lowered pants a hand only a little, and then just stepped on them a leg, pressing to the earth, and forced me to grabble forward until pants completely got down from me. He always liked to look at my shaking buttocks, here and now observed how I creep wagging the back. It is necessary to recognize, I was brought from his tricks too. Now also, creeping naked down the street, near the house, I was made horney more and stronger, and the pussy already in all shone. Afterwards, Stas podshagnut to me, and at once the dick deeply tired out. With huge power, he violently began to fuck me. I moaned, directly under windows of one of houses. Later half of minute, already I squealed as the bitch! Also I kept saying, still! Even more rigidly! And Stas in the style, hollowed and hollowed me until I departed in a wild orgasm! And everything is good, but it turned out that that evening, Sasha came to me too, and saw as me, tore up as the whore, and I called: still! Probably many just would leave after it, but at me everything wasn't so simple. Every other day, after this evening, I was called by Sasha and invited to himself. I was aware yet not that he saw me on the street with Stas. And without having suspected anything, I gathered as usual. I went to him, and once again represented how he will grind to me a garrison cap the moist uvula! At last I reached, Sasha opened for me a door, and let inside. As usual, from the street, I visited the bathroom at once, and having rolled up only in a towel, entered to it the room. Here I! With fun in a voice, I approached closer. Sasha told that he wants a variety and to try something new, for sharpness of feelings. Also I showed me the acquired set for binding. The first, it chose to connect me on the sofa. I agreed with interest, assuming that it is a new sexual game. And as soon as, my legs and hands were connected on sofa corners, Sasha stared towards a corridor, and loudly told "you come". Entered two guys unknown to me. What does all this mean? I asked, and I understood nothing. I to you, will explain everything the whore now! Sasha shouted in my address, and pulled off from me a towel. Afterwards he told that he saw me fucking in the middle of the street, and told that today I am waited by punishment for my act. If in brief, then we punish three together that it didn't seem a little, you all the same, with the guy to fuck or with any other?! I think, though in all cracks fuck you, already everything is developed, huh?! I was silent, at this moment it was very awkward, but instead of fear, after Sasha's words, I only got up nipples on boobs, and the easy shiver passed on a body. My God, I began to be made horney from a thought what at once three can fuck me now, really I am such whore? All three began to undress, and Sasha the first, having passed on a sofa, sat down to me on the person, and ordered to lick balls. Lick the whore! And here, instead of an otliz of my pussy, I lick as a result. Sasha impudently seated over my person and jerked off the dick, and I actively worked a uvula licking his balls. At this time, two others began to touch me, move apart a pussy, delay, caress boobs, squeeze, and I began to flow instantly. Sasha has a dick already as a bludgeon, increased and hardened, and he drove to me into a mouth. The feeling was that it is very evil on me, from first seconds, it began to fuck rigidly my throat at once. I understood that I am guilty, and was ready to suffer everything, and with surprise found, despite roughness, the longer Sasha fucked my mouth, the more I became damp below. Two others already managed in my holes, they literally fucked me fingers, driving them into a pussy and buttocks. Sasha too, drove to me into a mouth on the balls, his dick was inflated, and he powerfully terminated. All my mouth in Concha, the person all in saliva, probably so looks his sweet revenge for treason. Hardly I swallowed a cum as those two undertook me. Again drove a dick into a mouth, in a pussy thrust too. And simply, began to fuck me rigidly. I squelched in 5 seconds, from a mouth saliva flows, I felt as a wet bast on which slowly press, forcing all the time to exude. From me constantly flowed, and then still, the guy fucking me in a pizda replaced a hole and passed to hollow me in a bum, here and covered me. The body began to shake, I understand, from me splashes, and there is a wish to close legs. And in practice that, it is connected, I lie with the placed legs and the fountain I am filled in in the middle of a sofa. What the bitch, didn't fuck you so yet? The stranger said, and on new the dick to me drove into the back. He just impudently stretched to me an anal hole, wagging to the left, to the right, and at this time, the guy fucking me in a mouth took me for the head and against the stop pulled over the dick, his balls were pressed in my chin, and he didn't hurry to release me. From such depth, the natural reflex worked, from eyes teardrops and when a minute later he released me appeared, there was an unusual feeling of a high. I greedy swallowed of air, and the stranger directed to finger the dick before my person. The second stranger, too at last ceased to hollow my back, and adjoined my mouth. And then splashes, all person in a cum, a look as at the whore departed, it is a little a shame. And itself I think, not the worst punishment, I hope on the person it isn't visible that was cool. I tried to make the belittling look to look that I am already punished and very much I regret. Boys release me, please! But Sasha read me through. Did you what a blyadina, you think not considerably as you trudge? So far, we only warmed you, but by the end of day, we to you, so will smash all cracks that you won't even want to think of sex! Go to the bathroom, wash away the happy face! Under these words Sasha began to untie me, and then went together with me. We came into the bathroom, I was glad to wash, and here I afterwards took a full-fledged shower clean again! I tried to apologize, forgive me Sasha. The answer was cold, punishment will be full. And well I became cancer! Vividly! I obeyed, Sasha opened a hinged locker and got something, in couple of seconds he buttoned at me on a neck a collar, and ordered that I as a sobachyonka went on a lead now. He told that dogs are leashed and completely control that there were no excess pairings and other, and with me leaves it is necessary also. One thing is clear, that he didn't forgive me yet and is very angry. I regretted that I deceived Sasha and came on ill-fated birthday, validly it became very a shame to me. But also so I didn't want to be humiliated, turned again to ask Sasha. It isn't necessary, I already don't resist, to you that it is a little simple to fuck me? Sasha instead of words, bitingly slapped me edge of a lead in a bum, went! I didn't want to obey and remained on the place. Itself thrust, I will arrange to you the bitch! And Sasha began to hlystat me on a bum, at the left, on the right. The ass in a moment began to redden, and I feel that between legs slowly I become wet, and I only after a shower. I went! And again a slap on an ass. And I spread. He told that he will slap me until I lift him dicks again. To the room, I already crept with the shining pussy and a krasnyuchy ass! There was an improbable feeling of excitement, and I literally snatched on dicks of strangers and began to suck greedy. I swallowed more deeply if only quicker to lift them, then already just began to be stuck by a mouth on dicks, on one, on another, and dicks hardened as a stone. All this time Sasha gave to me slaps, and I below all flowed, already itself very much wanted a firm dick there. I turned the head on Sasha, at him the dick got up even without my mouth. We continue, give a chair he asked one of strangers. In the center of the room put a stool on which the place isn't enough. Sasha on a lead brought me, and took an honourable detour bending around a stool, I was already made horney from the fact that just I creep naked. I don't know how to tell, but feeling of the power over me that I on a leash, I was wildly brought, I was ready to do anything. Also the instruction followed, with knees to climb up a chair. I as the trained kitty, accommodated on a chair, and began! I was surrounded, and just around protykivat my holes. Then I was clasped in front for the head, and behind for hips, and began to be fucked synchronously from two parties. In front fucked to a drink to saliva, and behind everywhere exhausted a dick, slapping balls. On a stool quickly flowed legs as if I stand month in a letter зю, and me only and do that is infinitely hollowed. The pussy began to squelch, and the first orgasm in such pose came very quickly, the body so shook that I nearly welled up from a stool. I am rigidly fucked further, occasionally changing. I asked, me to keep in one of such changes and not to release that I didn't fall. I don't know whether paid attention to my words, but a mouth at once shut a dick, behind balls began to fight with a bigger force about me, and fuck I proceeded. I was fucked as the last whore, and the body shook again, from below just livanut, and I splashed a floor and a stool. Afterwards I was pulled down from a chair and seated nearby, the head was thrown back on a stool, and in turn began to be approached and jerked off to me on the person. Heavy drops, dripped one behind one, completely filling in a face, I became sticky, but happy. Two orgasms on a damned stool from which legs still hurt outweighed all minuses. Sasha, now I is forgiven? In reply I heard that I deserved a small break rather, and again I can descend in a shower. When I got up and went to the bathroom, I did it on the being afraid legs, and from me laughed. Sasha followed me again. I bathed in front of his eyes, and then he told that if I pass small test for half of hour and I won't start over again flowing, then he will release me. He showed me sex set, with a butt plug, a gag in the form of a ball in a mouth, several small clothespegs, a small plumelet, and pass a lash. Of course it was clear that to sustain half of hour it is almost unreal for me, I began to flow even from simple slaps a lead, but also to tell openly that I am a whore and I won't sustain, it was a shame. Here still Sasha added that he allows one any thing to remove from set, and he won't use it. And I decided to try, first of all surely laid out a lash. We continue children, Sasha told, bringing me to the room. We have game, here our main participant, it is impossible to touch her until she loses or will win. And here a set, than its it is possible to touch. If it becomes damp, then three together at the same time vyeby it in all cracks. If remains dry, then it will be forgiven and will go home when itself wants. I was told to become near a wall, having placed legs at shoulder length. In a mouth jostled a ball and clasped behind. Feeling as though the mouth a dick was shut and not released. On boobs fastened clothespegs, and it seemed they hardly squeeze, but nipples were instantly poured and hardened. These actions were done personally by Sasha, and here the butt plug and a plumelet was handed to the accomplices. And my body began to be studied, probing weak zones. A stopper to me drove between rolls, from an anal hole below and below, even so far the tip didn't touch sexual sponges. And a plumelet ears began to tickle, then drove near lips a little, then near a pussy, and at last drove around tits and around nipples. I felt all this time how the strong heat below collects, the droplet behind a droplet begins to gather inside. As if I cost under the heated sun, and only a matter of time when on a forehead sweat drops appear. Only in we wash a case wet there was not a forehead, and a pussy. I think, it was possible to consider lost me, minute on the tenth, I all got wet, legs spontaneously shivered as if, just about I will terminate from such tortures, but children continued a game with my body. The butt plug was already pushed on everything, a plumelet began to finger actively to me nipples, and the pussy foully began to flow starting up juice a great lot. Every minute seemed eternity, I didn't sustain also twenty minutes, itself became cancer, inviting to finish a game. You look, our whore already herself substitutes the cracks, with a sneer Sasha said. I was burned with shame, but in me the lewd bitch woke up, I was ready to suck it dicks and to be stuck by all holes if only rather my punishment came to the end. And occurred, to me everyone allowed to suck in a mouth, then Sasha laid down on a floor, and ordered to sit down on his dick. As soon as I sat down, into the back thrust a dick too, his accomplice. Having appeared on two dicks at once, I terminated instantly. But it was only the beginning. Also I inserted a dick into a mouth, the second accomplice, and they just had me in all holes. I flowed as the madwoman, already badly understanding the events. I was just hollowed from all directions, the orgasm departed one by one, I cumed as a machine gun. And then me forced to the knees again, I sat down as the last whore, with widely placed mouth, and I was watered in three dicks, splashing a cum from the different parties. In general, was very cool, I took more pleasure, than punishments, but it is hard to admit it. I went then to myself home, all road the smile remembered the event, and on a face. If to choose punishment, then only the best motivation to write laika takoyevash still. Thanks to all someone puts them. If read with interest, be not indifferent, press "class". It is possible to you, and it is pleasant to me, I rejoice.;) Author: