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Following the plan to pretend to be Terry Dan's girlfriend I stood up for the slave: "Ne demand from her too much, of course she sees before herself so many guys whether but without uniform contact hardly probably to pass this test". The guys who came to delight from "Scott's idea" grumbled. "I suggest to allow her to help myself to undergo check. Let caresses himself" — here I continued Dan, calming them. "No then it won't get off with damp swimming trunks, by the end of time there has to be wet a sand at ee of legs". "And of course if it doesn't restrain and will terminate, then it will be equated to ee to defeat" — Karl interfered here. "Yourself, you can also believe me she won't manage to hide this fact" — I agreed Dan. To Terry's horror, such solution of all arranged. "A she won't be able and to deceive us here?" — "truth lover" Scott began to worry: "For that to pass this test to her O is enough to urinate "", don't worry, before a shower she already urinated" — escaped at instantly reddened fatty realized that admitted peeping. Terry threw up the head, ready to lay out to him everything that she in this occasion thinks, but Dan was in time the first: "It is good that though someone-to looked for our sportswoman. No Terry practices an insert of a special catheter long ago, speaking stops up the urethral channel, so more simply that it is possible to guarantee that she will be honest" .parni occupied spectator places (the plank beds located a semicircle before Terry, providently put by Dana's assistants) and opened beer. Terry's A was necessary to insert under their derisive views to itself a catheter. After what, having forced the former competitor to move apart legs more than on meter, declared Dan that time went. Grown wise last "pranks" of the hostess Terry I could take myself in hand. She any more not for the first time had to caress herself under the order of the madam, carrying out the order to terminate in circumstances, absolutely improper for it. She knew that she could test an orgasm already through couple of minutes, a quantity of ee of juice was repeatedly mocked This. Now demanded performance of a new trick from her and nesmotrya on a humiliating situation she didn't begin to lose time. No I stood here, having understood the mistake. It not dootsenila operation of the activator drunk earlier and excitement from all these humiliations. Under Dana's guide it became the expert in issues of self-excitation and now managed to mention the most sensitive points, and nearly terminated. Terry stood with one hand on a clitoris, a fingers of the second is deep in a vagina, fighting so the overexcited body. "Akh you are a whore" — I exploded Dan, having felt that ee the plan under threat. "If you take in head to terminate, then so and know, for the second day of a week-end I will bring your husband" — she hissed. All stood, without breathing, being afraid to pass though a moment of this fantastic representation. At last Terry so tears on eyes, after additional motivation from Dana, found control over the treacherous body again. No Dan didn't allow her to have a rest: "You have four more minutes, you not to sunbathe here got up" .terri continued caress, but now is already more careful. Guys enthusiastically hooted, they couldn't even imagine it. Later couple of minutes of ee of effort we were rewarded and the first drops broke from swimming trunks on sand that was commented here by which-to of guys. No Terry didn't manage to realize small "victory" as Dan was dumbfounded by ee: "Ne stop, you already forgot? Only sand near your legs is set off if you are warmed rather up, then by the end of test on your legs have to flow down though not how many drops". Dan dissembled, she saw that Terry's pose left dry ee of a hip. That everything that was allocated at masturbation ee, was absorbed by fabric of swimming trunks here, and naturally drops were formed only on their lower part, for that at once to fall to sand. "Can be to you will help if you move apart legs slightly more widely" — Dana scoffed. Having executed last "council" Terry understood that so not to pass a test. No remained to time enough, and she continued to fight. Now she tried not to allow hits of moisture on swimming trunks, slightly discharging them hands, and time from time wiped o hands skin of hips behind border plavom. Literally in a minute the first drops spread on ee to a leg and soon reached foot. Dana who was silent till this time decided to interfere: "Do you consider Terry it honest? With such success you could wipe o hands sand at the legs. Ne be foolish, we see all your tricks. Scott wipe please results of ee of fraud, let at least one test will take place in the life honestly. Terry take away hands for the head and become straight. Ne worry, I stopped the timer". Scott willingly approached Terry a towel. Having begun from below, he quickly reached ee of inguinal area, but here decided to show special eagerness. Dana didn't stop him, and he, growing bolder with each movement, just began to rub with a hand the girl's perineum, regretting only o the fact that he took such thick towel. His victim shuddered all body from so rough touches, a Scott having groped the most sensitive movements only tried to repeat them with even big effort. The figure of the girl curved on the beginning by a groin forward began to be bent. Na that here the grinning Scott "Specified how many it is possible to be bent? You were told to cave in that it was convenient to me". Having allowed the victim to return to a pose, he continued an execution, having concentrated efforts opposite to the girl's clitoris. And again nesmotrya for all efforts to remain motionless Terry it is forced it was to be discharged. "How many it is possible to make advances?" — delano Dana was indignant. "Scott is also so forced to clean after you, a you still also show off. Scott just hold before it a towel let itself moves. "During the next moments which extended in minutes everything with interest watched Scott's hand a flexible figure of the making friction of o. "Well, will be enough, you it seems had one minute, let's finish this test" — at last I stopped Dan's events. Scott returned on the place. No Terry, understanding hopelessness of a situation, I didn't give that show any more that earlier. Again it was necessary to Dana interfered, under ee the accurate and not ambiguous management setting not only the direction of movements, but both force and frequency, Terry came to be on an orgasm side again. No Dana who was sensitively watching the victim didn't allow that to escape a further execution and stopped test. The failure was full. Nesmotrya on wet swimming trunks and decent amount of moisture on sand of a leg of Terry remained dry. Guys exulted and put forward one enormous idea for another, o that how to treat the swindler. No Dana had the plan and she didn't support guys. "Well that you, be not so severe, in the end of the ends not she chose what aphrodisiac to drink, likely he just doesn't suit her. We of course will nullify the account, a needs just to give her other medicine, and all arrangements remain in force: she comes to your order only if you beat ee". Na this time was required intervention of assistants to Dana to calm excited males. "My assistant as time managed to return with the fact that it is necessary for us" — Dana continued, the assistant stuck in that time as ee what Terry medicine. "The horse activator — was heard by o such? Certainly, it isn't recommended to people, too often accepted him put themselves mutilations not in forces to stop, but today not to do us without it". The offended guys mistrustfully looked at Terry, all also stoyashcheyu opposite to them, without knowing that they expect to see. stories "Yes throw a porn, he not so quickly acts as aphrodisiacs from drugstore. The maximum effect will occur only in about six hours. Though already through couple of hours of his action there has to be enough for continuation of a game. So that I suggest to arrange a break, you can have a rest, bathe. Terry, a you remain please on the platform, yes and hands for the head put, you already nadrochilas are enough, I don't want to watch you all time. "No guys didn't wish to be interrupted at all, zhazhdaya continuations. And again the offer was made by Scott: "Kohl we decided to continue a game, I will remind that has to be hot than usually only it, so that let though with advantage will spend time — blowjob won't prevent us now". "It fine, valid can interrupt your game again" — didn't begin to rest Dan. "No with such expert as Terry it is possible to make these 2 hours even more interestingly" — Scott continued. — "Let's begin a game, at once after that as it will finish. So that Terry all in your hands. If you try, then you will be able to start a game even earlier, an it in your interests now". "No then give also to us though what-to advantages," — Karl gave a voice — "In last time she too dispersed nadrachivaya to us hands. Ne I will be surprised if it turns out that she didn't even take in a mouth from couple of people, on this time let to work as it is necessary, hands for a back and let doesn't dare to uncouple them". "The good idea" — smiled Dan. "It is not all yet" — Karl continued — "It can and I didn't choose the first medicine, but it also didn't tell us that he isn't rather strong, so that wine ee in it everything is. In quality of punishment to increase interest, she can insert the vibrator and to include his each time when she sucks. If she feels that she can't restrain from that not to terminate any more, she has to interrupt blowjob and only after it we will switch off the vibrator for one minute, but in a minute let begins to suck away to already following guy on a circle. So we will a little complicate her the introduction in a game to term". The guy definitely has a potential smiled to such ideas of Dan: "Well, start Terry, all in your hands, oh, not, skoree all in your lips now ". Under an amicable loud laughter, Terry got up on knees again. "Though give and I will bring the offers — let Terry will lay down on a table — on a back, a will give the head with edge, so you will be able to regulate a rhythm and to get full satisfaction that then to play without distracting. "— I developed Karl Dan's idea. Having removed an opportunity to move at Terry, it made additional conditions of Karl already heavy test: of course guys from what was seen became overexcited, but less than an hour ago they already terminated, a with accounting of the vibrator and the ban of an orgasm of Terry should win ten duels now, and time will play against it. Continuation sleduyetbudu I am glad to receive your responses and offers