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Then there was an aunt, and all got up on the places at once. The sister was laid in a bed. Then she was "fed" with a handful of pills, a finally forced бррр to drink a glass of hot boiled milk with honey. In half an hour Lena fell asleep. — And what you did? — the aunt began to torture me when we met in kitchen. — The whole day bathed? — — puzzly I shook shoulders — she didn't come into water at all, an I plunged to steam of times. And all. — About what between us happened on the beach reasonably I held back. — Well-well — the aunt pulled and, having looked back, got into a case. Soon the cognac bottle was born. Having set up it on a table, it got couple of wine glasses and conspiratorially to me, having winked, said: — Only between us. Lenke what don't tell! — in wine glasses zabulkal fragrant drink, casting saturated it is red-korichnevym in color. — Give — she to me moved a pile. — to have a snack on A? — There in the refrigerator look at chocolate. Sorry, but there is no lemon. I got a chocolate tile, having broken off a wrapper, broke her on segments. — For what we drink? — I took an interest. — Reunion of family — the mother's sister foggy answered. We without clinking glasses, drank. Drink burned a throat, but somehow softly fell a cropper in a stomach. I grabbed a piece of chocolate, the aunt as if laughing it is necessary me, already gurgled on glasses the second portion. I didn't manage to tell still and "meow" how the second liqueur glass was emptied. At me slightly rustled in the head and it became suddenly unexpected well-horosho! Tension of day as if grasped me in a vice disappeared. A the aunt Katya, so and without having a snack, "I already filled" the third glass. And here having grasped a short leg, I raised it up. — we Will be! — the strange toast sounded, and she in an emphasis looked at me. — Already? — chewing the next segment of chocolate, with doubt I gave out. — Can, slightly we will wait? We will have a bite? A that I so from hoofs slechutetya Katya burst out laughing with a move. Here so always: — There is time, a to drink there is nobody to eat with someone to drink, time a — tyu-tyu! — she burst out laughing. — Drink the poor student! You to it on the first course have to be taught. — She it is mild hokhotnula and I swallowed cognac one drink. — — with doubt I looked at the portion. I lifted a glass and I gave out — it is more, I won't eat yet @-@! — also I overturned contents in a mouth. Ne to tell that I zashtormilo, but was slightly led by it precisely. Ne big I the fan to hit in an occasion and without, that more without have a snack on a. Having looked at my reddened person, the aunt offered: — Give so — she as if thought. — I will be engaged in a dinner now, a you will heat a bath. Then we will have supper, and we descend, we will be washed. — All right — I nodded, agreeing and having passed the last words by ears. Then having got up because of a table, вышёл to the yard. All repeated as in day of arrival. Firewood, fire, I is bewitched stared in the furnace. And unexpected "awakening" from a trance into which I fell. The aunt Katya, having come into a locker room, quite inconsiderately I parted forcibly me. As and then it was in a dressing gown the truth where more frank. — It seems, it is called a peignoir — zapoloshno flashed in the head. Translucent synthetic fabric long falls fell to ankles. The thin bodice which fitted boobies allowed to consider the large, intense nipples hidden under it. Na light fabric in the bottom of a stomach the dark triangle of a pubis stood out clearly. In the head of the careful person the call would ring out; at the skilled person — the siren accompanied not with ambiguous prevention began to squeal: "Attention! The drunk woman in a peignoir, nearby with the young person!" A I just goggled at a beautiful drapery trying to make out hidden under as if the little boy I "hanged" examining a smart body. It obviously knew how to attract the man. Why to show all in opened if it is possible to force the partner to include imagination which will fill insignificant gaps and will colourfully ornament prospects. My greedy look obviously didn't escape her. She was drunk, well not before loss in a deposit, but in that stage when "the sea up to a knee". Skoree everything, I finished that bottle which is pulled out from a grist. — What? It is pleasant? — somehow on special she asked, with aspiration having at the same time led a coat hanger, so that the thin fabric fitting her huge breast moved a little in the parties as if showing me what is hidden under her. — — I began to nod, continuing to be silent, considering that the cognac drunk not so long ago wants to play so me a joke. — Yes it is fine to you! — she suited ko to me closely and her soft, but tenacious hand frayed a cheek. — Ne become flustered! The aunt I am sensitive I touched, a you — she looked reproachfully to me in gas — is too similar to the father. — Eyes — at last I managed to squeeze out from myself a word. — A that eyes? — she didn't understand, and her hand having suddenly slipped on my stomach, stroking me a groin in which already frankly huge hillock appeared. — They as at mother — I bleated, without knowing what to do and how to get out of this situation. — Okh this Verka! Arrogant egoist. She always to me broke all as broke also life. You are already big boy! — her hand squeezed my personal belongings delaying an elastic band on trousers. — Do you want me?! — she pulled hard on me the soft breast and I whispered on an ear. — I not such old, can also allow you all that you will want — her eyes were as at Lenki not just brown, a light brown with bright green sparks. They as if brightened poured by desire and voluptuousness. I floated. All it didn't keep within in my poor head. Here so! To anything, a that at once all. — Embrace me darling, and I as the kind magician will open for you secrets mirozdaniyaya as if the robot clumsily clasped her for a waist and on my lips the kiss blossomed. There is no O, it was not just touch. She literally stuck into me, working a soft and sweet uvula. His movements beat out from me spirit, I as if Icarus flew up on wings of desire and strongly pressed her to myself. My hands, leading the life and operated by frank lewd emotions, a then breakthrough, so walked on a back from magnificent buttocks to the head, that fabric cracked, broke her transparent protection from shoulders. The peignoir easily slipped, down having hooked somewhere in the region of elbows, and I with a shiver began to caress her magnificent breasts. Almost instantly their slightly reddish color of skin — turned pale, even it seemed to me that they became firmer. — What I do? It is the native sister of my mother — flashed in the head, and here I was gone crushed punched me lyubostrastnostyyu. — Kiss me the boy, kiss — the aunt Katya whispered, pressing my head to itself and substituting under the looking for bays one, other breast. — A you could be my son — is hardly heard she whispered. I heard the last phrase, but didn't understand its value. In general it became heavy to me to think and analyze the events. All my thoughts concentrated in the head, only there below I squeezed a pliable female body, a she caressed me. Already soon from me as if on magic trousers with pants flew and the t-shirt, the aunt appeared without peignoir. In several moments she jostled me in a bath. I was seated on a bench under that window here. I still thought: "What would it mean?", a my partner having already got up on knees, I nestled the person on a groin, is more true to the shaking body which is sticking out up. And again soft lips turned into approach. Covering with kisses, the shaking dick she at the same time gently squeezed a ball sack and heaved a deep sigh. All the subsequent was as movie freeze frames where I played the main role: having shifted a thin barrier of flesh, she slovnokoshka, reached a small bottle with a valerian, already licks the head of the dick which crept away in the parties and occupied all ee of companies. the shaking hand feverishly jerks off an intense phallus before the person. widely opened mouth convulsively swallows mine eregirovanny the dick, managing thus loudly to smack the lips.the free hand of the aunt nervously squeezes intense and the become heavy boobies which absolutely turned white even on a look. Everything ended instantly. The aunt Katya, having unexpectedly left a dick at rest, I involved in a mouth a ball sack from one slipping there testicles. Softly earned uvula began to send him as if a billiard sphere inside. — O! My God — twisted me from desire, and I, having raised legs, widely I moved apart them in the parties. — it is pleasant to You — for a moment, having released a magic ball from a mouth, prosipela she pulled in the second testicle in a mouth also here. — Yes, my God you mine! — I when she, having slightly squeezed gums, bit her shuddered, at the same time tastefully sucking.