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Scenarios of such parties not too differ from each other and depend generally on the number of employees and the selected budget. History about which I "kind of unwillingly" was told by my acquaintance occurred just on such action, on the occasion of the international female holiday. Her name is Alina and she is married to my good friend. She was thirty years old not so long ago, she is very beautiful, and her slender long legs and a sports figure don't leave indifferent any man. She to me announced this story as the terrible trouble which happened to her. Overcoming as it seemed to me, a little feigned confusion, she told that it is rather dreadful dream, but not the erotic story. That her literally, nearly zatoshnit for horror and disgust while she understood that she in this situation can make nothing. But how she having taken aside eyes I reddened at this moment, told me a little bit about bigger, than she would like)) *** the Office party was in full swing, and was just in that point of balance when all participants who are already relaxed and cheerful, but also not too drunk. Alina not really loved such such actions but as the director of one of key departments of the company, not to go absolutely — couldn't. Without planning to be present at the final of this "match", in advance I agreed with the husband Andrey that it will approach behind her as soon as she understands that the moment to leave quietly, quite suitable. Having bent along a sofa so strongly forward that her breasts, nearly fell out of a decollete, she, having reached the handbag pulled out from her the mobile phone. Having not so much noticed how many having felt that several pairs of eyes at this moment fixedly examined her, she gracefully stood up straight. Having returned bodice contents into place, she straightened out the risen above decent level, already short dress and slightly drunk gait went to the wardrobe room, far away from noise to call the husband. As soon as he she was answered by her, having hardly managed to begin a conversation heard that someone came next behind the back, and then light indoors unexpectedly went out. I remained to shine, only the dim plate with the inscription "exit". Her lighting was hardly enough to make out that it is two men, but who exactly — it wasn't clear at all. The firm big and everything, it of course doesn't know. It didn't begin to interrupt phone conversation, but tried to curtail it, wishing it is simple to report that in an hour behind her it will already be possible to come, however Andrey was adjusted to talk, on some subject, important for him, at this moment. Nearly having screamed stop short, she felt how someone having surely imposed a hot palm to her on a stomach, embraced her from a back, having softly and strongly pressed to the excited and strong body. Through a dress she felt as, something firm rested between buttocks, and the palm from a stomach slipped below At the same time, having caught some movement before itself, she felt as the second man, having sat down on hunkers at her legs, touched inside of her hip, is slightly higher than a knee and slowly slid the opened palm вверхОцепенев for horror and having hardly suppressed in itself shout, hardly owning voice she continued a conversation, having solved in that began not to give itself. Andrey, though was a moderate jealous man, will hardly believe in the version that it isn't guilty at all, and got into crapes at all not because behaved "on whorish" having drunk superfluous. It is just necessary to gather and finish speaking after telefonuty time, all her body is unceasing caressed and inconsiderately rumpled, not too roughly, but very much nastoychivonakonets telephone conversation was ended and the device is switched off, but she still didn't find in herself will immediately to stop all this. Only now began to reach her that the necessary moment is missed, it just about will begin to flow, and someone's fingers having shifted panties aside gently caress her shaven pubis. Being sufficiently female wisdom and a maturity, it understood that if on calls for help, someone and comes, all the same her reputation will be ruined irrevocably. So this world is arranged. All that in a similar situation is told by the woman, finally is wrapped minds нееВ to almost complete darkness the silence seemed ringing, and the events — to surrealistic troubles. Catalepsy didn't fall down, knees shivered, didn't gasp, heart oglushayushche crashed somewhere in ears, and from the accruing excitement in the bottom of a stomach, something on - foully was delightfully poured and pricked the Moment after she felt that began to flow what occurred further, she already badly понималаТихо vzhiknut a zipper, her weak-willed hands were raised, somewhere up, and a moment late her dress flushed, being carried away somewhere up. Some more moments and shoes, a brassiere, stockings, and then and panties, as if by magic, almost at the same time left her. And through an instant, almost fainting and being filled up back she felt as if she falls in a chasm. Someone's hot palms were at the same time caressed and rumpled her breasts, slightly pinching from time to time for nipples. Two other palms were caressed and rumpled buttocks, and someone's shchetinisty and hot face with a force was pressed into a perineum In convulsive attempt though to undertake something she strongly squeezed between hips, shortly short-haired head, but during this moment, the finger moistened with saliva, dexterously slipped between buttocks, sharply, but having not too deeply screwed in by her in an anus, and Alina is squeezed having squealed, sharply decayed, having powerlessly become soft and very widely having parted knees in the parties. The head was thrown back, and several easy, but hot and damp kisses were scattered on her neck and the person, and then strong and exacting lips stuck into her mouth, getting inside language. Absolutely too most, happened to the kisses licking movements of language, a terebleniye of a clitoris and penetration of language into a vagina below. Her partners were several times interchanged the position, for a minute without stopping caressing it. Each centimeter of her body received the share of caress. Skillful massage of an anus with careful advance all inflamed her desire all stronger deeper and more deeply. From this point she lost touch with reality and wanted, already only to a prodolzheniyavsa floated as in fog. Alina felt an unfamiliar and tart smell of a penis and felt as he is pushed in her lips. She involuntarily picked up heavy balls of their owner in a palm, and having widely opened a mouth greedy accepted him on all possible depth. In the same second she delightfully felt as in the bottom of her vagina it is filled with one more fat, long and strong dick. Dissonant pushing in her, two dicks and from two parties, gradually passed into a synchronous dolbyozh, replacing oncoming traffic with serial and back. Nobody and ever in life so so had her. her twirled as a doll extensively. Even, quite sharp sensation of pain from unexpected penetration of the dick into a bottom, in a moment became a bright highlight of new delightful feelings from double penetration. It seemed, these two males can't be stopped And suddenly, their movements slowed down, became fragmentary and they having in turn taken out from her the dicks and having lowered her on a floor, terminated her in a mouth, having nearly drowned the woman in hot streams, having forced to swallow all to a droplet *** After a while she felt that to her it is chilly, and through some time, suddenly understood that sits in the dark, naked, on a floor in the wardrobe room one. In dim light of the plate with the inscription "exit", she somehow found the things and hasty put on. Having slightly slightly opened a door and having convinced that in a corridor there is nobody, she slipped to the toilet room. Having washed and having a little made toilet, she returned to wardrobe behind a raincoat. Having thrown with it shoulders, Alina hasty came downstairs to an exit where she not far at the sidewalk saw blue Mercedes of Andrey. — Went home, I was so tired. Alina told taking seat on back seat. — By itself Andrey Grinned in moustaches, and having included transfer, slowly drove on night city streets. Not for long to Alina's exit from the building, got out of Andrey's car two strong, a sports constitution of the guy. And in several minutes before, these guys took seat to it in the car. one of them silently stretched him the microuSB stick and the small video camera intended for night shooting, and Andrey handed to each of them on the note of 500 euros. ***