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In the rest, my modest enterprise could be considered the total bankrupt who didn't sustain the competition with "Morgan inc. ", which owner was before me now. Alan Morgan is a brunette with the beautiful person which didn't have uniform defect, so a sports figure which was looked through even from under a suit. I by all means would call him handsome if he isn't the main responsible for my loss. Lawyers and council of directors of his corporation left already as a minute ago. A It imposingly sat in a chair and didn't hurry to leave. He already received the! What else it is necessary for him from me?! His look literally scanned my body as if X-ray. Having found out for itself that-to, o what I then couldn't guess, he got up from a chair and stretched a hand in an internal pocket of a jacket: — Ms. Carrington, I believe, you will need to find work in the next future. If there are problems with it, call me. And I will pick up a vacancy which you are worthy in a full measure — he stretched me the business card and playfully winked. "Scoffs" — I thought. No I decided not to give a sign. After all, nobody cancelled business etiquette. — I Thank you, Mr. Morgan, I will consider your offer — I accurately took the business card and removed it in a handbag. — All kind, Ms. Carrington, good luck to you in work search — Morgan courteous nodded and elegant gait of the gentleman left an office. I should leave him too. Now he belongs "to Morgan inc. ", as also all building entirely. *** search of work took place not so well as I would like that. More precisely, it isn't good at all. A if is honest, then and at all is awful. The bad glory of the foolish girl, nothing not understanding neither in office-work, nor in laws of insurance business, nor in general in what or, extended on the city so light speed. Once I came into an office where there take place interviews as on the face of my hypothetical chief the smile slipped. Easy, fleeting, but noticeable. And absolutely in all cases the interview turned for them into a show under the name "Jane Carrington Tries to Prove that She What-to Costs". And always it came to an end with the most hypocritical and false phrase in the world — "we will call back to you" .cherez couple of weeks of vain search I for the first time got Morgan's business card from a handbag. Name, surname, organization, phone, electronic mail. Only what is necessary. Anything superfluous. Full minimalism. Eh, an I over the business card thought the whole month, on picture what background everything to write it. And where now my firm? Yes, perhaps, I still should learn much. — Ne you will wait! — I told aloud and removed the business card back in a handbag. I remember, at that moment pulled me to tear her and to burn. No what-to force otvadila me from this action. Later I understood what. Useless attempts to settle well though continued somewhere. The hidden sneers it is necessary me developed into outright mockeries. Vo time of one of interviews the chief listened to me completely and even pretended that my story is interesting to him. And in the end he set a question: — Tell, Ms. Kerrington if you become the ordinary employee of our firm, will occur how more slowly her disorder in comparison with your company? From such statement at once distorted me. I began to shake, nearly all body. Probably, it was even visible so the parties. Loudly clinking heels, I a bullet jumped out of an office, without having told in the answer words, and heard after only exclamation: — I thank you for understanding, Ms. Kerrington! The trouble bypassed our company the party again! I arrived home. Ne taking off boots, I fell to a bed. Two hours I lay, looking in a ceiling. Then my hand as if on myself, I stretched to a bag, groped in her the business card. Fingers gathered on touch screen number of phone. — It is scarlet, Mr. Morgan? This is Jane Carrington. You said that Yes, I will be able. Where to approach? *** Doubts gnawed me to the threshold of his mansion. They amplified in that number and the fact that he invited me not in office, a to himself home. It is very strange. And all it was imposed on incredible humiliation. I am Jane Carrington, the owner of "PCL Company" — I go to get a job the ordinary employee in the competing firm — "Morgan inc". Couples months ago it couldn't to me even in the most terrible dream dream. No reality — a stubborn thing. And I am forced to reckon with her. The security guard opened for me a door, and I entered inside. Passing across the yard, halls, corridors and rooms, I not time was surprised that luxury which Morgan could afford. The mansion resembled skoree the palace or the lock in which rooms it was possible to be lost easily. Time was evening, and through the windows coming to the West, beams of the sun got into rooms, being played by reflections on a red tree furniture, tapestries and crystal ware. When I appeared in an office, Morgan already sat at a table. And, of course, at him there was a lawyer. Yes, that most which made out the contract of sale of my firm. Again scoffs. No to me not to get used any more. — Hello, Ms. Kerrington. You as time in time, sit down — Morgan kindly said. Okh this his smile and gestures. The authoritativeness of the order was felt even in the simplest request. Real director. Ne that I. — Kind evening, Mr. Morgan what to me to begin my story o to itself with? — I was already going to say by heart the learned o phrases the skills. — O! Ne it is worth troubling itself, Ms. Kerrington. I know o you enough to accept the decision. And I take you for work if you want that, of course. — Yes?! — I nearly jumped up on a chair for joy — and to what position I settle? — A position of the servant in my house.