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I opened a case, there was a wish to choose that-to elegant and new to a holiday. The dress or a skirt, but not absolutely resembles for halls. Andrey hinted that he will organize a romantic dinner at restaurant, but in such weather, translated a view of a window. Small snowflakes turned and flew behind wind. White caps of the neighboring houses were seen. I got a light gray jacket, I writhed what-to grimace, on couples will descend, but it is ordinary for a holiday. Let these claret trousers where didn't go, it is possible these dark blue jeans. I applied them to myself and I approached a mirror. I smiled to myself, I corrected dark hair. I turned sideways and I looked at the slender figure, I twisted the bottom fitted by red sports trousers. Deeply I sighed. Vpiska in halls not very much I pleased me. I with pleasure would sit with girlfriends, but guys, their stickings, a there prospect gruppovushki will precisely come. There was a wish to run away the abroad, a for a session and holidays again everything would enter prescription, but twenty years — small anniversary. I pulled a light t-shirt down, through fabric nipples were well looked through. Silent noise of the street reached, the city behind a window led the life. — Ilona! — I heard mother's voice. — Go to have dinner. — Now I go! — I shouted her in the answer and I put clothes on a bed. — Give quicker we with the father wait for you. — Let will cool down, a that is hotter still. I looked for hours, can get out to a market. I will look for a jacket, I will please myself for day the birth. I thought, I glanced at an interior sovey rooms. A bed, a case for books and clothes, a table with the computer. I took seat in the turning chair, I turned so the parties in the party. Videla in the black screen of the monitor. Lovely I smiled, to fingers gently I concerned fabric of a t-shirt and I turned around the bulked-up nipple. The small shiver rushed a body. Janka, our recent pranks in halls was for some reason remembered. The hole was slightly humidified. There was a wish to feel touch of her gentle lips. — Ilona! You where got lost! We wait for you. — mother from kitchen shouted. — I Go — I moved, rose. — It everything is equal even more hotly. I corrected a t-shirt, I noticed an easy flush on cheeks. I went to kitchen. Parents sat at a table and ate borsch, sat down on a stool. I threw a spoon sour cream and carefully I stirred it in a plate. Pampushkas with garlic pleasantly are fresh smelled. The father looked at me and continued to eat. — the Daughter, what you would like for day the birth? — chewing he asked and bit off pampushka. His question found me slightly unawares, exchanged a look with mother. Especially didn't want to ask it. Desire is, but understood that financial opportunities of my parents are limited. In embarrassment I stirred slowly borsch. What to me to ask for them, it is simpler earlier, there was enough doll or a toy, remember how asked mobile. They didn't agree, but I promised well studies. The smile appeared on a face. — Ne I know — I shook shoulders and I began to eat. — You think well, then you will tell a to us. You are already a girl big and superfluous you won't ask. There was a wish to joke that for twenty years could present me the car, but I decided not to heat a situation. Can new mobile ask or that-to from jewelry, I thought and I looked at the cut reddened potatoes in a plate. — will you collect Houses of the friends? — mother took an interest and I brought me out of my reflections. — If you want, we can go for day to the village to the grandmother — she looked at the father. — No that the apartment on was carried! — I added severe tone and the pass a view of me. — I am more best in cafe — with pauses answered her and tried on to swallow quicker. — So more quietly all. It is possible with music and dances, and will disturb nobody, and places more. I thought that mother will begin to object, but to surprise, she kept silent. To organize to A a party as on the 16, a then to clean the apartment after sex with guys at itself the room. To listen to complaints of neighbors to noise and shouts. It is good though told nothing o groans. The shiver rushed a body, deeply sighed. Then I to steam of days was afraid that parents will find packings or the used condoms. The easy flush acted on cheeks. I tried pobystree to eat everything and to run away back to myself into the room. — in the hostel you will celebrate With friends too? — mother put the next question and took away an empty plate from the father. — Yes, skoree everything — I thought and I didn't know what else to tell. — There as it will turn out — I parted with hands in the party. — We will sit in the room with girlfriends, can, still which of guys will glance — writhed what-to grimace, caught on itself slightly strange look of the father. — If it turns out, home I will run away — I smiled. — For time of holidays and vacation it will be forgotten. — Watch that didn't rustle — mother warned me and I rose because of a table. — A that eshcheotets got up and went to watch the TV. Mother became silent and looked at me, for an instant met her a look. Goosebumps ran on a body. She studied too, lived in halls. Though if to listen to them, then everything occurred modestly, girls frankly didn't put on and on guys weren't hung up. Still time I sighed, koe-kak coped so in the portion. Cheeks burned, felt that vpiska, more dissolute will obviously develop into what, but tried to drive them from herself. — Mothers, I now on a market descend — tried to control a timbre of the voice. — I will look to myself that there is a birth, elegant for day. — Give, together we descend — she offered and continued to wash a plate. — I am more best itself — didn't allow her to finish speaking. — It will turn out quicker. I rose and tried pobystree to run away from kitchen. — the Billeting — it stopped me and wiped hands. — Do you have money? You will buy still basts, a have nothing the dishes to wash that. — Na a jacket will be enough — I stiffened in doors. — I will well buy. — Wait, I will give two hundred hryvnias to you — approached closer. — Only don't speak to the father, you know how he reacts to our new things. I smiled and began to nod, it is good that they don't know how I sometimes earn from them. Mother got a purse and stretched me the pink note. — Thanks — I bent and I kissed her on a cheek. Mother spent me by a look. Quickly I disappeared at myself in the room. I writhed to myself what-to grimaces. It is necessary pobystree to run, that she will change the mind a now and will want to walk together so me. I put money in the purse, I approached a window. I poured a small snowball, cars decorated with white spots nespesha went on wet and black asphalt. Rare passersby, bypassing big pools went on the affairs. Can not go anywhere, I made a deep exhalation and on cold glass the big spot of condensate appeared. I drew on I eat a smilie and I giggled. I run after couples though not the fact that weather will become more best. I solved time, I will go today. I undressed to linen, I approached a case. I felt moisture on panties, the thought flashed to play so the hole, but decided not to play pranks. It will return and is possible quietly to be engaged in self-satisfaction. I took warm black trousers, I got darkly-zelennuyu a jacket. I dressed everything on myself, I put an easy make-up. I threw necessary things in a handbag. I tried to leave quietly in a corridor. I heard a TV sound, dialogue of parents reached, but poorly I sorted their words. I put on boots, a brown jacket and such color a cap. Carefully I opened a door, I slipped on the platform. Quickly I went down on the street. I inhaled fresh frosty air. I got black mittens from a pocket. The deserted yard, only a number of the cars which are filled up with a white crumb extended along the road, on wet shops of nobody. From the neighboring house the man in one t-shirt ran out and I tried pobystree to shake out a bag from the vacuum cleaner. I looked at windows of the apartment on the fourth floor. It is good that to a market close. I went on mokromutrotuaru, I estimated an approximate route. Cars, lifting for itself water fog passed on the road. I tried to go closer to houses, there was no wish that they soiled me.People became more, some cars occupied by themselves a big part of the sidewalk, it was necessary to squeeze between them. On multi-colored metal the water droplets powdered with snow of glass and brush beautifully flew down, reminded a peculiar New Year's decor. The people rustled and actively traded. I walked along a long number of slightly rusty gray metal boxes, sellers differently tried to cover the goods from snow. I stopped, I watched goods, I asked the price. There was a wish and measure but and to undress on the street desire didn't arise. I caught on myself the dissatisfied views of sellers passing by the man appraisingly glanced at me. I stopped and examined jackets. I noticed young couple. The guy with a big black package, on him I guessed that adventures on a market of his girl or girlfriend obviously tired. She hid behind the hanging blind and that-to measured, only the light top of her head was seen. Na I am mute darkly-sinya a jacket, a black cap with a white strip, the brown eyes red from a cheek frost, it angrily rocked and twisted a package. I met him a look. Exchanged smiles. The plump shop assistant praised highly a dress and didn't turn on us attention at all. — Mother, well buy! — I heard shout of the girl nearby, she pulled the woman of years 30 a raincoat sleeve. — Mother, buy — hnykaya she repeated. — Diana, you know how the lodge for the princess Tvaylayt costs much — she nervously answered the daughter and dragged her by a hand. — There will arrive for Christmas the father from the Czech Republic, then you will be bought. — I want now! — I shouted red from I got down the little girl. Passersby glanced at them, but didn't interfere with the family drama. They left, was remembered how itself at her age I asked to buy from the lodge for Barbie, I remember that cried, but it seems didn't shout. Children's desires, it is pleasant to receive gifts though at me sometimes came down to one gift, but all holidays, but more expensive. The girl left because of a blind. Probably, the dress didn't suit her, she seized the guy and dragged him by a hand. He obviously became angry, but didn't object. The accurate bottom glanced him in a trace, slender legs. Ne would refuse to spend pleasant evening with them, the shiver swept on a body. Deeply I sighed, steam cloud departed. I presented mine with her caress as together we suck his dick, there was a wish to pinch a cum from her face and to kiss. Pleasant heat spread on a body and concentrated in a tummy bottom. — Ilona, hi! — cheerfully Svetka's voice sounded. — O, hello! — I answered and turned in her party. — What you look for? — she asked and in dense I suited ko to me, examined hanging goods. — I bought jeans to myself — she lifted a small package. — Watch what cool. I glanced the developed package. Videla dark red jeans. I estimated, them on the girlfriend. In them she precisely would look dissolutely. Videla a happy smile on her person. So Sveta we are familiar one and a half years, she is one year more senior than me, studied on the fourth course legal, slender, nice, not high, so light hair to shoulders, with a breast of the third size. Na to her a light green down-padded coat and dark blue jeans, a light cap on the head. — Cool, expensive? — I nodded on purchase. — A I look for a jacket, there is a wish that-to the birth, bright and elegant for day. — For 220 I gave, a dress you don't want a, look at that green — she specified by a finger. — To you goes, all your guys precisely — the girlfriend smiled and stroked on a bottom. — Nobody will resist. — do you Think? — I looked at him and I represented on myself. — I would take, but is cold — rubbed hands. — More better a jacket, is more practical.