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It was impossible to come to the cousin more often than couple of times a year, still sometimes Roma came on work to Moscow and under a pretext to transfer books from Tolik met me. Every time we long walked, sat in some poorly populated cafes and talked about everything on light. Both wanted another, but a problem of all young couples: There is no place. In the summer I, Tolik and Roma were going to the village to ours with Tolik to the general grandmother, but were late for the last bus from Kazan therefore went to spend the night to the general friend of children Sasha - he lived two steps away from bus station. Hours till three in the night stirred and sang to the guitar, and then started to hurry to sleep. The apartment was one-room, berths just four: double sofa, couch and folding bed. Bony Tolik as the easiest put on a folding bed, full Sasha laid down on a couch, and we with Roma on a sofa. All slept in clothes. I couldn't fall asleep from thoughts that near me Roma who was so concerning me lies, but on resolute actions didn't sodvigatsya because excess people were near. We will leave a group sex for anxious. Here I noticed that Roma doesn't sleep too. "I was - I wasn't", - I thought and went to a balcony. If follows me, then we will have everything today. A couple of minutes we stood on a balcony at arm's length from each other. It was cool and very silent: even any window in the neighboring houses didn't burn. Having noticed that I shiver (more for nervousness), he approached and embraced me, but without any erotic implication exactly as embrace those someone are wanted to be warmed. Romantically to idiocy: some Kazan Kapotnya, the dead of night and two silent morons in an embrace on the ninth floor. - It is possible I you I will kiss? - he whispered, at the same time his lips touched my ear. I dodged and instead of the answer kissed it. It squeezed me more strong and answered a kiss. We kissed long and with enthusiasm. Dinned in the ears, the head was turned, and legs already badly held, but I couldn't come off him. Cold wasn't any more, was rather hot. Somewhere in the bottom of a stomach everything strained, and it was necessary to control very much itself not to settle on a cold tiled floor and not to pull for themselves Romka. Suddenly it was discharged of me. In response to my inquiring look I explained that if we aren't interrupted now, it doesn't warrant for itself(himself). I ran a hand from his neck to a belt of jeans which already puffed up, and told that to warrant and it isn't necessary. - Went to the bathroom, - Romka whispered. Through the room we crept quietly as two Indian hunters unless we nearly dropped Tolik's points from a bedside table, but hurriedly Roma shut the door with a bang the bathroom, and for a second it became terrible that we nevertheless woke children. However, what difference?! My rather big breast stood under a t-shirt upright (I for the night took off a brassiere). Roma dipped hands under a t-shirt and began to caress very skillfully it, at this time licking language my left ear. One my hand caressed his neck and a nape, and another - a breast and a stomach. His firm press without uniform fly was very nice on the touch. He took off from me a t-shirt unnecessary already and dropped to a breast lips. For the first time I understood that it is really pleasant; the previous young man seized a nipple as in a straw through which drink cocktail and it, of course, didn't give any joy: actually, for this reason the young man also became former. I began to undo his belt, but hands "danced", and it was very difficult. When it at last turned out, and his dick appeared before me in all beauty, Roma was discharged and, having pulled together from me jeans together with panties, put on edge of a bathtub. I for a second didn't think that I can fly: from desire brains absolutely grew dim, and there was a wish only that he entered me somewhat quicker. He, apparently, wanted the same. My God, as well! His dick was ideal by the sizes for my pussy, and at each movement I departed to some black hole. I thought only of one: not to fail kind of back, in a bathtub, and just in case I embraced Romka more strong. In a corridor steps were heard, but to us was all the same. Not that was the moment to stop. Especially, steps proceeded on kitchen. I was covered by an orgasm wave. Not to cry from pleasure, I have a snack a lip nearly till it bleeds. Romka didn't stop. He moved slowly and measuredly. Some more movements, and I terminated again. Suddenly he left me and poured over my stomach a hot cum. - And now in a shower! - he started up warm water, and we got into a bathtub. I squeezed out a little shower gel on a sponge and his breast and a stomach began to rub. Romka rested a back against a wall and blissfully smiled. When I passed to shoulders, he didn't sustain and attracted me to himself. In the second minute of a kiss his dick rested to me against a stomach. I kneeled and took a head in a mouth. I had no experience in it, but there was a wish that to it it was good. I monitored reaction and quickly understood what especially is pleasant to him when language concerns a bridle. I at first felt nothing, and then I liked to be pleasant. Soon he, panting, I streamed to me in a mouth. When his hands were carefully soaped and washed away my body, there was a wish that it never came to an end. After a shower we nevertheless put on and laid down. In the morning Sasha and Tolik with huge work parted forcibly us - you understand, to us was from what to be tired. In the village we from Romkaya had a lot more all interesting, maybe, somehow then will tell.