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As the muffler this special, and works already began, it was necessary to leave the car at it and again to become the pedestrian. For a while, but not for one day - precisely. Eh... It was necessary to be late... Then it would be precisely more free... The damned school habit didn't release me even at this age. I worked for myself and could begin to work though in the evening, but all the same flew to office, feeling that I am late. Aha, for work where the administration is I and is. Eh... Well some adventure instead of these gray everyday life...-The following station - the Green channel, - I declared a voice in dynamics, in the people I moved. Chyoyoyort... As they pulled hard on me! And this behind in general now will crush me! What will be on following? Oh... I seem I feel something... Now I suddenly understood that this behind nestled on me even stronger, than would follow... Rested I... Chto-to directly against my buttocks. Something oblong and thick as hose. Devil! Same dick! Cool. And what now to do? To shout? I stood and felt as the dick bulks up and more and more persistently lays down between my buttocks. Devil, here and adventure... I stood and through a skirt and panties felt him. The car rocked, people were pushed, and he gradually fidgeted on me... Devil... I am confused... It is necessary to do something so far others didn't notice... But... It seems, it is pleasant to me... Though, I couldn't understand it. On the one hand it felt ill at ease and the fact didn't please. But with another... My heart fought quicker and quicker from understanding that I can't even move, feelings of helplessness that nestled on me, and I stood, feeling this dick... It began to rub more actively... It seems, it understood my state and became more courageous, knowing that I what I won't do... Devil... Why it so is pleasant to me? Interestingly, he in trousers? I would like to see him... Unexpectedly I felt a scratch. I felt, buttocks... And then - unexpectedly hot feeling. Probably he also sticky... Now I precisely knew that he unzipped and now the bared and bulked up dick lay on my skirt. There have to be I reddened, at me the person directly burned. The hot dick rubbed between my buttocks now, and I didn't even try to make what... It was pleasant to me, and I just stood, allowing to do with myself it... I was in full swing pleasures when felt that he put a hand to me on a breast. Well... Caress me gently, it is pleasant to me... As it is pleasant... He as if played with me, rumpled a breast, pinched from time to time it... Still the second... And? I opened eyes and saw that it is not his hand! The horror paralyzed me - I was seen! Now some other pervert decided to touch me! It is necessary to run from here! I tried to move, but couldn't... The devil, I in a trap... Behind there was a dick, ahead - someone's hand... I even couldn't raise the head... It was a shame to me, and I didn't find courage to look someone it... And meanwhile he continued to rumple my breast... He obviously saw that I all am also passive and helpless and didn't stop... Worse than that, this feeling... This helplessness made horney me... I was touched by two perverts, and I just stood and enjoyed it... I stood and moaned in noise of the train and even noticed not at once that I am caressed already by three hands. But I couldn't resist it any more, I could only rock and enjoy it... It was madly pleasant, these hands just demented me. They didn't even caress me, they touched me, felt as if for the first time touch the girl, and, apparently, it gave them not smaller pleasure.The dick behind me finally lifted up my skirt and now was slightly closer to me - rubbed about my panties, and I already felt his lubricant through them. I tried to make upward movement to him, but he also perfectly coped, pulling my panties and burning my skin with the sticky heat. Meanwhile two more hands were engaged in me. There have to be they only noticed that with me did and didn't keep not to join. One of them began to stroke my hips, and another at once was accepted to my pussy... I was already wet therefore he for a moment stood, feeling my hot juice, and then began to investigate me through panties. Probably he didn't expect such reaction from such girl as I and now thought that I am a pervert here, but not all of them... But I what I couldn't do with myself. The shame overflowed me, but my body didn't submit to me, and the pussy became all mokry and mokry. Oh... He tickles my clitoris... Directly through panties, but as it is pleasant... The dick behind almost fucked me, the hand ahead tickled me... Still... Don't stop... It was so good that was almost not trusted... I with all the heart wished one more hand, and it appeared to shift panties and to drown in my juice... So pleasantly I yet was never touched... With my breast did something tremendous. Through clothes I perfectly felt how it was rumpled, stroked and just felt. And not only my breast! They investigated all my body! My blouse was lifted up and I felt these sweet touches of sweaty hands. As it is good... Interestingly, they touch the dicks?. Hardly I thought of dicks, my right hand appeared in someone's sticky hand. I bet that just in it there was a dick! I... What are you going to do? During the next moment I felt it! My hand laid down on something hot, smooth and a little damp! It was the dick, and now the hand caressing him pressed my hand to him! My God, I go crazy... My hand by itself began to slide on him, he didn't even manage to begin her to move! Mmmm... Such pleasant thin skin... There has to be he thought that I absolutely dissolute, and it was so... I tried to guess his thoughts and even it made horney me even more.