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It was one of weekdays, about is mute they agreed is approximate in a week, already few years they can't the friend without friend, about a year they want it but are afraid … Is unknown what are afraid, but it disturbs them, at everyone the life, the love and the whim. we will pass to history … The call of the on-door speakerphone was distributed quite unexpectedly for him, he waited for it but didn't expect that She will come so unexpectedly … - Hi – she said a little otdyshavshis-Privetik he again involuntarily I admired its beautiful glazamion embraced, he led her to the room and itself left on kitchen. It is a high time to have breakfast) Having begun to fry pork he came into the room and forgot why he came, it lay on a sofa a back to him, her back caved in a little, She with interest looked in the TV.-Tea You will be? - Yes give =) 2 сахараПоколдовав in kitchen he took out 2 cups of the hot, tasty smelling green tea, it still lay and watched TV. Drinking tea and talking on different. The subjects which aren't connected among themselves at all they sat closely to each other, more precisely She sat. He reclined and admired her, she seems such gentle, but he knew, she strong inside. - Lay down, it is a high time to keep promises. She understood all. He for a long time promised her massage, he was able and liked to do it, but somehow her didn't manage to make yet, but promised. She took off a jacket, and his hands slid on a strong back, at once it is visible, She is engaged in swimming. Warm, strong, pliable as plasticine, seemed with her it is possible to do anything. She loves tactile contact, she likes to feel the strong hands kneading it the muscles warming in her desire. - I need your legs, I promised still foot massage and buttocks … - you Undress me little by little? - with a smile she said-pointed, you knew where you go, - also smiling answered an onpoka She fought against a belt and took off jeans, he admired her breast, I obramlennoit in a beautiful bra … Her legs demented, very strong, but at the same time soft as a velvet, having touched them it couldn't think of anything the friend any more except as, her strong buttocks dressed in lacy to a floor shorts spoke of that not to leave them … on each his touch. He worked over her legs hard, trying to remove from it stress. Having finished massage he slightly was discharged and looked at her body, "And nevertheless it is fine" - he thought. Lay down on a stomach - she told, - my turn to rumple You. He laid down on a stomach and felt as She sat down on him from above. Her gentle handles slid on his back, a waist, a neck. Though he also doesn't love massage, her hands gave him true pleasure. Each her movement responded at it in a brain, in trousers... When he was bothered by massage he sharply, to one floor a jump that She wasn't in time get down, I turned over on a back and having slightly risen I kissed her on a mouth, She answered him and he groped her soft, gentle And tender uvula. Having come off Her he gave a hand back to a bra fastener. She tried to object, but he was unshakable. And here the brassiere falls down on a bed, and two of her large, elastic breasts with pink nipples hang over it. Having taken one of nipples in a mouth he heard easy groan, a little him having bitten groan became more accurate and slightly louder. Her nipples harden in the eyes. Having tumbled down her on a back he, lips, begins to investigate her body. Covering with kisses each millimeter of her body he passes from one heap to another, carrying out by a uvula in a depression in the ground between them. Her breath becomes frequent, hands caress his hair and a back. He goes down even below and begins to play with her piercing in a pupochka, he always liked to play with him fingers, but here the chance to make it lips at last dropped out. Having gone down he is lower having raised it for buttocks pulled together from Her panties. Under them a little horney pussy disappeared, her internal sponges were poured by blood and looked very excitingly. He came nearer and carried out by a uvula on them, She shuddered. He began to work a uvula more diligently, paying special attention to her clitoris which was made horney and stuck out a little up. It was swept up on a bed, her groans became louder, sharper, lingering. Having pushed the leg between his legs she began to rub slightly there. Now there was her turn to come. Having put it on a back it began to undo his belt having pulled together from him jeans with pants. Having taken in the handle his dick it bent over him and carried out by a uvula on a horney head, pierced him as if electric shock. having taken his dick in a mouth she began rhythmical movements up down, increasing, reducing speed, was played with his head a uvula, carried out by him on all length of the dick. She did it without hands and that somehow to occupy them began to be played with his balls. It strongly made horney her, she liked to see and hear as he reacts to her actions, but to suffer weren't forces any more. Having risen and having kissed him on a mouth, she took his dick in a hand, and having carried out several times on the pussy, wet from excitement, sent to the bosom and began a mad gallop. She moved very sharply and quickly, sliding on all length of the dick, every time falling by him she published sharp groan. He gently took her to a breast and began to mass slightly nipples, her groans became louder. The charter a little she just sat down on all length of the dick and began to be shaken back and forth, she inclined the head and nestled his breasts dipped hands to him into hair. She sharply stopped and got up: - now your turn - she said, - I want to look as it is done by You. He didn't keep itself waiting long, having pushed a hand under a pillow he got condom and opened him. - it is possible for me, - having a little been confused she asked, - I never did it. it is-pointed possible, everything is possible for You, - having smiled he answered.