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Of course, it promised some financial difficulties, but what-to two-three years of such barchelor and free life a little to someone brought bad memoirs. A teaching highlight at that faculty was the fact that groups of students in the basic were women's, a means, nearly an every day I was waited by groups of the young people full of life of girls. In the general that to conceal, it was one of fat pluses in delay of an exit in life from educational walls! I received the first two subjects in the schedule in 23 years, then as to my students was for 19 — 20 years. And adults, and all had at themselves. The first couple is as shows. Only not you look at the bride, a "brides" — at you. Kto-to it is indifferent someone-to came for knowledge someone-to shows fleeting interest in the teacher, a someone-to obviously looks narrowly. And believe, the look of the last can be from cocky to frankly lewd. That more that in our-to time nobody forbids to wear very revealing clothes, especially in the summer. Later couple of months the moment of delivery of the first settlement work came. For check of ee I suggested to send works to mail or to Skype. Na that moment I also didn't suspect o what such transition to the informal plane can turn back. One of students showed obvious interest — whether in the mercenary purposes, whether still in what. The first attempt of delivery of work was successful, but in calculations there were obviously deliberate small defects. Naturally, I returned work back, so as saw the potential of the person, and he should be revealed. Etogo-to it was also required to my student — contact. After a number of the correspondence questions it became clear that this way is inconvenient, and we passed into Skype — in the correspondence mode. After full clarification of problems I got gratitude and several smiling smiles in the answer. Study continued, but now I began to notice that Natalya (we will give her such name) began to conduct herself slightly more openly — will set an accidental question, will smile at accidentally meeting in a corridor, will wave with a hand at an entrance to audience. And I answered her with a smile too. As here not ulybnutsyadevushka was average growth, tightened, but without getting thin, with dark hair is slightly lower than shoulders, the issued breast, matchless roundish buttocks and fine-molded fingers on hands. No more everything attracted the person — accurate, without excess cosmetics, slightly chubby sponges and — that attracted to itself — this languid look with a sparkle of young enthusiasm. erotic stories Natalya was very clever, so that the combination in the girl and intelligence, and external beauty intrigued me. No being a teacher, hasty steps can't be done, yes and it was silly to take a situation in the hands — under a pressure of ee of eyes there was a wish to catch this short moment of catalepsy which goes from the playing hormones to blood. This girl surely interfered in my teaching everyday life two-three times a week in reality and to steam of times a week — in a dream. Na the fourth month of teaching Natalya obviously caught my hungry views and received confidence that she goes in the right direction. In the middle of December there came time of delivery of the next intermediate work. Owing to the schedule I suggested students to do ee in the accelerated mode, and marked out several occupations out of the schedule. In one of cool days I put additional occupation behind the basic at once — from a half of the ninth and till ten in the evening. There were not many persons interested, in the basic, successful students who were eager to close somewhat quicker a semester on seminars. Among them, of course, there was also Natalya. This evening she was inclined over papers with obvious enthusiasm, and I understood — home I will leave not before ten. She understood it too, but skoree — planned. It wasn't difficult to guess — in such frost she was in black kapron tights.Closer to ten almost all students successfully handed over works and dispersed, but Natalya persistently continued to consider and set questions. O of the fact that I approached a board reached and began to explain some subtleties of a task. The girl got up too and suited ko to me. From her smelled of what-to lungs and fresh spirits. The dismissed hair, beautiful manicure, an accurate skirt are slightly higher than knees, darkly-bordovaya a jacket and, of course, black tights. Explaining a question, I was forced to return to the table to look at the records. Having turned back, I saw that Natalya looks at me a frank look. — Natalya, doesn't seem to you that for the girl it is dangerous to walk in such dress in a frost? — I decided to go towards to ee to a look. — Sergey Nikolaevich, it why? — with some call the girl answered. On ee it was clear to a look, she waited from me for what-to similar. — Ne to you to explain to me, but the maiden organism demands heat and protection in winter months. Especially in the lower part of a body — I looked at tights on ee. No, I almost kissed leg ee the look. — Maiden — can and demands. No I any more not the girl therefore sometimes it is possible to afford it. Truth? — it was the obvious message saying: "The guy, I not devstvenna, and all this masquerade is made for you". — Perhaps — I answered, slightly stretching a word. Ee a look fell on my groin — my dick came to a horney state, and it was visible. I turned away and made a look that I collect the papers. — Na it, Natalya, I suggest on to finish today, send me work to mail, I will look at final result and I will give the answer, will suit you? — Of course — the girl answered and it is somehow sharp, easy and in a pripryzhka ran to the school desk. I involuntarily tracked her. It was the audience with raising of each subsequent row, a Natalya's place was exactly in the middle, so that ee the buttocks were at the level of my eyes. Exactly before the school desk she stopped and deeply bent forward — it were not tights, a stockings on black braces, an is slightly higher — brightly red lacy panties. Even it seemed to me that they were with a cut on a bottom. My dick got up a stake as far as he could make it in jeans — as she bent down, and what I saw — flooded me with lewd desire. My hand involuntarily stretched to correct a dick, and at this moment Natalya turned back — our eyes met. "If not the cam in a distant corner and not fast arrival of the cleaner, I show you that means to wear such pants — would warm up your perineum so that no frost would cool" — she obviously caught my thoughts. Ee the person decorated an easy crimson dye. Leaving, the girl shone — she felt the victory. My look devoured ee. And we both knew that yet not vespers I didn't begin to follow it, on the contrary, waited for minutes fifteen-dvadtsat, the overdue cleaner didn't come yet, I made sure of a due condition of audience and went home. Na hours there was a beginning of the twelfth evening. I turned on the computer at once and entered Skype — she was online. — And often you wear such linen? — to a descent I asked. At once on "you" was appropriate after what was seen. — Only in special cases, a what, was noticeable? — I answered with a derisive smilie. — Still — It was pleasant? — crafty Natalya asked. — It is a pity, it was very fleeting, but what saw — was matchless. — Really excellently? — playfully she scoffed. — Of course, in the world there is a lot of similar — I wanted to parry ee a pressure, but I stopped short — but for me nobody ever arranged such representation, yes and will hardly arrange. So that yes, it was matchless! — — two smiles came to the answer. — Natash — I can call you so? — A unless for you is the bans, Serezh now? — ee the answer admired me. It was the sexuality in a cover of rationality and beauty. In the general, I understood ee the answer very wrongly. — Ne be forgotten, mezhdunami two worlds — here and there. We don't want empty acts? — I was forced to outline borders, so as the severity of an educational institution and a number of precedents forced to take out a personal relationship strictly out of limits of doors of the building. Yes and it wasn't accepted to advertize communications so students.— Everything depends on you — the girl evasively answered, but I understood that she wants to keep everything in a secret too. — At you matchless spirits, this smell brings together me from mind. — they are pleasant to Me too — according to this answer I understood that she me tests as far I can deviate the day restraint. She made the first step, frank, I would even tell with a shred of young lasciviousness, and now waited for reciprocity. It was the player. Young, beautiful, sexual. — I see you among wild camomiles, on the big field which is filled in with the sun — I joined the game. — You playfully run away from me. Na to you short shorts and open blouse. I break several camomiles, I make up for you and I lower the small bouquet between your boobies. Do you feel this smell of freshness and hardly audible bitterness, passionate bitterness? — Yes, I inhale them a full breast. — I bypass around you and the whole your neck. I clasp with palms your breast and gently I squeeze ee. You close eyes, your breath becomes frequent. — I feel your breath, yours I will kiss, your hands. It is very pleasant to me. — I inhale the aroma of your hair filled with your spirits, your freshness. Your heart fights more often, and you put the palms over mine, forcing me to squeeze your breast even more intensively.