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What am I threaten by glory on all university, a to professor — dismissal? Svetka is absent — too gentle soul to know about all it. To that at her now the head is stuffed to others — love to Mishka, and she nothing (and nobody) notices another around. After couples there was a concert rehearsal on final. It is a pity, not ours, we so far only on the third course. I there leader. Lenka as if specially, I span around Vova, the operator of the local laptop with whom all broadcastings on the big screen of the assembly hall were conducted. Constantly it seemed to me that just about she will persuade Vova to put one video familiar to me in the general presentation. Or itself will replace. I was angry, lost enthusiasm and concentration. Me constantly governed and asked to take themselves in hand — and at these moments I snatched out vindictive look Lenki from the hall. Bitch! I left the assembly hall angry and upset, and not at once I noticed that I am met requirements by the man. — Hello, Nast! — Hello, Denis Aleksandrovich — I got up, not at once having understood that he costs and smiles to me. — I was asked you to bring — he reminded me ours with Sergey Borisovichem the arrangement. — to Akh yes, forgive. Heavy day, absolutely I forgot that you will give a ride to me. — Nothing, I understand — when he smiled, he seemed my age-mate, a brown eyes attentively looked and, it seems, noticed everything. I was even frightened a little that he knows about me and professor. — Went? — Aha — uncertainly I nodded. He held up me an elbow and, having a little been surprised to this movement, I everything picked up him under a hand. — How a concert? It will be cheerful? — he so communicated as if we are old acquaintances. It bribed. — I Think, yes — I already too smiled to him. — Is precisely more cheerful, than the previous final. You were last year at a concert? — Only give on "you" though when we not in walls of the university. I the boy still sovsemya attentively looked at him: his eyes laughed. — the Boy Deniska?.— Well if you want, let so! I laughed, all bad thoughts somehow were dissolved at once. The man looked at me too and laughed. — Only not Deniska - a radish, ok? And in any case — "willy", it will lower my self-assessment. I already laughed loudly, having hung on his elbow, an it, it seems, admired the made effect. — it is fine, all right, Denis. So you were at a concert last year? We already got into his car. — you Know, I not very much remember if it is honest. To me "Day of the first-year student" when you, the first-year student, acted in a cheerful stsenkeya was only well remembered I stood with surprise. — do you Remember?! Эээ you remember? — Well yes, then I notably laughed. — you surprise me, Denis Aleksandrovich — I told with affected severity. — Whether Ne you that secret admirer that that day I was sent by a bouquet of flowers?. He smiled and, having winked at me, the view of the road directed again. — Everything can be. If it also was not I, then I had to make it! — Thanks, Denis, very pleasantly. Truth. We for some time plunged into the thoughts, but to steam of times I felt on myself his look. — A you for a long time to Sergey Borisovichu? — suddenly I asked. I suddenly became puzzled what to answer. — Just thought, can, you to wait and to bring home? — Thanks, Denis, but doesn't cost. Sergey Borisovich promised me to cause taksion looked fixedly, having slightly shifted eyebrows. I with work raised on it eyes: for some reason it was a shame to me if he guesses o the purposes of my visit to professor. — Aa, all right. — A what, Denis, you wanted to appoint to me an appointment? — I decided to joke, having discharged that a situation. No he long didn't answer, stubborn looking before himself. — Yes why is also not present? — he quickly turned the head, threw falsely-veseluyu a smile. — You are pleasant to me, Nastslovno a thunder among the clear sky long ago. To, pancake, one young person, at once a little, and a couple from teaching structure. Arrived! — I-I-I I don't know what to tell. Unexpectedly. — Also it isn't necessary — he shook shoulders. — do You know why you carry me to professor? — I decided to ask everything after minute silence. — I Guess — Then why?! He kept silent again, reflecting, to say to me that-to he or isn't present. — I am obliged to professor. Much. No give, we won't be about it. — All right — I shook shoulders, still time having been surprised that I at all know nothing o Sergey Borisoviche. — Yes I also can't solve for you Though I won't leave hope to be pleasant to you — he again playfully smiled. — A you are pleasant to me — I smiled to it though mine it "are pleasant" was a little another than which he wanted. Denis was pleasant to me. — it is pleasant to hear. He, really, nice young person. Expressive dark eyes, a pleasant smile, firm muscles are noticeable under clothes. Young, radiating with health, held apart by testosterone, the guy. He could be pleasant very much to me if the feeling which isn't squeezing heart — I am already in love. In the man, is much more senior than me. a porn stories I don't belong to myself when he is near — I am him. I just love him. Nesmotrya on the age, wrinkles which are turning gray hair, not such elastic skin All it is such trifles if already gives the works to you from one his look. Yes that look — a word. Yes SMS is simple! If she from it — heart rushes at a gallop, the smile leaves for ears. As it is necessary to us for happiness a little! I didn't notice that I sat, smiling, looking in a window. A Denis glanced at me, with hope.